Daily debrief June 20th

Stock markets rallying?

An interesting piece in The Guardian – a report claims stock markets are rallying as polls show the Remain campaign clawing back ground ahead of Thursday’s EU referendum vote.

As our leader Nigel Farage says though, Brexit would not be a major shock to the economy as European countries would be keen to strike a trade deal quickly.

So, let’s stay positive – let’s not fall victim to Project Fear! The scaremongering may increase over these final days but we must stand up for what we believe in and vote OUT on Thursday.

Polls swing back towards Remain

Following on from that it appears the polls are stating to swing back towards Remain – The Independent claims YouGov says it has detected a shift in opinion, with more undecided voters backing Remain.

Meanwhile, a Comres poll also showed that the number of people delighted if the UK votes to leave the EU fell from 45 per cent to 38 per cent and the number delighted if we stay rose from 27 per cent to 36 per cent.

The polls are close whichever way you look at, witht he ‘undecided’ able to swing the result either way – let’s not be complacent as every vote is crucial.

Migrants will swim to Britain from Calais

According to The Daily Express increasing numbers of migrants will try to swim or sail from Calais to Britain.

Lieutenant Pierre-Joachim Antona, spokesman for the maritime prefecture which covers Calais, was speaking after the port was closed on Saturday after they jumped into the sea as they tried to board ferries heading for Britain.

He said the migrants tried to get onboard car ferries bound for Dover, by bypassing security checks on the quayside.

All had to be plucked out of the sea by a rescue helicopter, supported by craft including customs and fishing boats.

This comes as ministers revealed the number of ‘clandestine entrants’ who made their way into Britain through Dover and other ports has risen from 1,432 in 2013 to 2,935 in 2015.

More UKIP smears

I was astonished to read in The Guardian a comment piece, So Britain, are you ready to enter the United Kingdom of UKIP?


This piece is a deliberate and scurrilous attempt to link UKIP with a group called Britain First – a far right group, apparently.

I can safely say that in all my years in politics, including the last four years with UKIP, I had never even heard of Britain First until the past few days. To link UKIP with these extreme groups is absolutely disgraceful.



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26 Responses to Daily debrief June 20th


      YES, Ex-expat Colin, but they need all that money, so that at least they think that they are important. We know their not ! DEMOCRACY is a strange item. It is taken for granted right up to the point when it is taken away. It is also an item that requires people to use it properly every day.

  1. Alan Wheatley says:

    Re UKIP Smears

    The first thing the “Poster” reminded me of was the one the Conservatives used in (I can’t remember exactly – perhaps in the run up the the 1979 general election) showing a line of people with the slogan “Labour isn’t working”.

    BBC broadcast criticism is from people who have chosen their own miss-interpretation of the poster message, probably deliberately so as to reflect their bias, and then heaped scorn on the basis of that miss-interpretation. On no occasion has a UKIP representative been allowed the opportunity to reply to criticism, thus accentuating the bias.

    This is, of course, a familiar pattern over many years. But this time it matters so much more.

    • Ken Dickenson says:

      If the people of the UK fall for all that crap, and then vote to stay in the EU, then I can only say they deserve everything coming their way.

      • Yes, but these people include about half who bitterly deplore the background of our UK “membership” and partition would be impractical, though never more justified than in the issues of the antidemocratic EU and that section of the Government, under the spivs Cameron and Osborne.

    • Kevan Chippindall-Higgin says:

      I quite agree. My thoughts too. And like the ’79 poster, it is absolutely fair comment and true. The luvvies choose to insert their heads ever further into the sand until it is too late.

      Still, on the bright side, if we stay, come the next election, UKIP will doubtless end up with a ton of defectors from all parties and an even bigger vote. It will also become the party of the middle ground and common sense. The Tories will be seen as trough addicts while Labour will return to the loony left. Neither will be viewed favourably by the electorate. Our time will come.

      When it does, UKIP will doubtless take special pleasure in tearing the Communities Act into minuscule pieces and sprinkling them on Mr Juncker like confetti. I think all divorces should have confetti.

    • John S Churchill Jnr says:

      I pointed this out on ComHome yeterday. Tories poster “Labour isn’t working”. Our was a mimic. They can’t take irony can they? It’s bigots who willfully mis-interpret matters or ignore inconvenient truths!

    • Labour isn’t Working: Saatchi & Saatchi poster 1979 Tory party propaganda. Campaign Live website says: It only appeared on a handful of sites, was backed by a minuscule budget AND ITS IMAGERY WAS FAKED. http://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/history-advertising-no-90-labour-isnt-working-poster/1281255#2cTkwCkV6PBP4DsE.99 In contrast, the UKIP poster is a genuine representation of recent migration depicting young, healthy, cheerful-looking males making their way across Europe looking for a better life. (And who can blame them? Vile and disgusting? Racist? How?) There is a logical connection between UKIP 2016 and the Tories’ 1979 posters – unmanaged migration will lead to dole queues. Trendy psuedo intellectual pro-EU types prefer to make a connection with nazism. Scurrilous or stupid?

  2. Regarding the UKIP smears, we have had the same from the BBC here: http://tinyurl.com/zm6yhdm

    It made a political statement condemning phrases almost exclusively used by UKIP.
    A thinly veiled attack.

  3. Ken Dickenson says:

    Anyone else notice the lack of women and children in that photograph/poster? It is mainly of young men who could have stayed home to actually fight for their countries and “beliefs”.
    If British young men fled their country in times of such troubles, they would be branded as cowards and traiters by the “elite”.

    • Jane Davies says:

      Yep I noticed hence my comment on yesterday’s blog.
      But all this poster has done is provided the Remainers with ammunition to lob at UKIP

      • John S Churchill Jnr says:

        On reflection we should have reproduced the ’79 poster alongside ours.

      • Jane Davies says:

        Yes indeed John, that would have been better, but I wish the poster had not been trundled out in the first place, best not to give your opponents ammo to throw back at you.

      • Ken Dickenson says:

        Why not launch the photo/poster again on Friday, with the heading;
        “Where’s the wife and kids?”

    • John S Churchill Jnr says:

      Yes, I did! We need to recruit them to the British Foreign Legion.

    • catweazle666 says:

      “It is mainly of young men who could have stayed home to actually fight for their countries and “beliefs”.

      Instead of which, they are coming to Europe to fight for their beliefs – which are utterly incompatible with 21st century socially liberal democratic civilisation.

      This will end badly.


    BRITAIN FIRST AND SIMILAR ; Here in Northampton, my 8’x 4′ placard in my front garden was spray painted, using only four letter words. It is beyond the intelligence level of these knuckle draggers to realise they go against Democracy, so it’s way too far for them to understand logical thinking that makes the point to LEAVE. ….. One more point, that I could do with assistance on. The UKIP placard with the line ‘Breaking Point’ and a string of migrants. Why is this wrong ? Why has this been linked to Enoch Powell’s rivers of blood speech ? I thought that Farage had brought this subject into the light for general debate, but it seems the p.c. people still have a problem in dealing with the subject. Since these retards all have a vote, don’t we have a real problem ? Three days is too short to educate on this matter !

    • Alan Wheatley says:

      When awhile ago I read up on the politics at the time of the so-called “rivers of blood” speech I was reminded of the then Labour Government’s subsequent action. Powell made his speech at a time when the rising number of Commonwealth immigrants was causing concern. As I recall, at that time they had free access to the UK, and shortly afterwards the Labour Government changed the rules to restrict numbers. And the numbers reduced as a consequence.

  5. RODNEY OLLEY says:

    As was shown on the Daily Politics this morning prior to Norway’s 94 referendum all the same scare stories were put out by the Europhiles as we are getting now from ours and none of them came about when the Norwegians defied their government and voted for freedom. Norway’s relation with the EU might not be the one we would want to emulate but it may turn out that the average Norwegian has more good old fashioned bottle than a lot of Brits. I suggest our people watch the Norway item on the Daily Politics, it blows a lot of what the Remainers say out of the water.

  6. Shieldsman says:

    I do not watch the BBC anymore. I have never bought the Guardian. If I look at the Guardian on line, its more to see the views of its readers, are they in tune with the writer.

    Looking at the UKIP poster was it filmed by a BBC cameraman? Last year hardly a news broadcast went by without similar scenes of the migrant hordes on their way to invade Germany.

    Has Labour Remain backed the wrong horse? If we leave then the poorest voter can take some solace in the benefits of restricted immigration that Labour did not want to control despite their promises.
    If Remain wins then they have problems, as we still have uncontrolled migration from the EU.
    The Telegraph Editorial At least Jeremy Corbyn tells the truth: being in the EU means unlimited immigration
    There is no “upper limit” to the number of EU migrants who can come to Britain if it votes to stay in the European Union, Jeremy Corbyn has admitted.
    The Leave campaign seized on the comments by Mr Corbyn after the Labour leader defended the free movement of EU migrants.
    His comments infuriated moderate Labour MPs, who warned that Mr Corbyn could “single-handedly” cost the Remain campaign the referendum.

    Appearing on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, Mr Corbyn was asked directly whether he thought there should be an upper limit on the numbers coming to the UK.
    He said: “I don’t think you can have one while you have the free movement of labour, and the free movement of labour means that you have to balance the economy.
    “So you have to improve living standards and conditions and so that means the EU’s appalling treatment of Greece is a problem.
    “If you deliberately lower living standards and increase poverty in south eastern Europe, then you’re bound to have a flow of people looking for somewhere to go.”

    “Then we have the pot calling the kettle black – One Labour MP said yesterday: “Jeremy doesn’t have a clue about life outside of Islington.”
    “Corbyn could lose us the referendum single handedly because he so out of touch with traditional labour voters.”
    What did Miliband and Cooper say, ‘we have listened and learned. we will control immigration’
    Who is in touch with Labour voters?
    Light the touch paper and retire
    Gisela Stuart, the Labour MP and chairman of Vote Leave, said: “Both Jeremy Corbyn and George Osborne today said that we should accept having no control over free movement of people into the UK from the EU – we disagree.”

  7. Martin Reed says:

    I do wish spokesmen for Leave would always make the point at every opportunity, on every single time they are interviewed, that the EU is NOT a democracy, never was intended to be, never has been, and never will be. In my experience ordinary non-political people just do not appreciate this awful, fundamental fact of EU life, let alone its terrible consequences. Voters do not realise the fact that the EU Parliament is a sham, a fake, that it does not make the laws that govern us and that those laws and regulations emanate from a self-serving cabal who are completed oblivious to the wishes of the citizens of countries in the EU and intent on their own extremist agenda. It does not help that by far the most lucid, rational and effective advocate for leaving the EU has purposely been largely sidelined and prevent from confronting Cameron head on.

  8. Jane Davies says:

    I read that on Question Time the Prime Minister compared his fight to keep Britain in the EU to Winston Churchill’s battle to win World War 2. Churchill, he said, “didn’t quit – he didn’t quit on democracy, he didn’t quit on freedom”. Yes he said the F word…..FREEDOM…. without a hint of irony, we want our freedom back , that very freedom that thousands died for in two world wars and that freedom that is being given away by him and his band of elitist buds to those unelected bureaucrats in Brussels!

    I also see that Nicola Sturgeon is “threatening” to hold another Scottish referendum if Leave wins, since when do public servants think that dishing out threats is acceptable, a reminder of who is the servant and who is the employer is needed for many politicians who are acting above their pay grade.

    • John S Churchill Jnr says:

      If we count the Referendum votes (UK) EU region by EU region and the majority of these regions vote to leave but the total vote is to remain, then according to her logic those wanting to leave should have a second Referendum to leave or declare UDI, with the Remainers’ Regions disenfranchised.

  9. Did Baroness Warsi really believe in “Leave,” or was she a Remainer’s plant, to defect at a critical phase of the campaign?
    If she can fairly be branded as a “double agent,” that needs the widest publicity.

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