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  1. Rowena Julian says:

    One of your best! Enjoy winning! Rowena Julian


  2. tapestory says:

    Thanks for a great email service throughout the EU Referendum campaign. I’ve posted them on The Tap most days. Shane you’re so very wrong about fracking. But on this issue – getting out of the EU, you’re a star.

  3. SueS says:

    Thank you for your wonderful blog posts. It has enabled me to keep up to date with events. No apologies for this but I hope that you are out of your current job on Friday. Fingers crossed. Agree though with Tapestory you are unfortunately wrong on fracking. It’s just too risky.

  4. Geoff Woodfield says:

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your daily briefing on the referendum, and have recommended many of my friends to sign up. Well done and here’s to taking back control!

  5. David Conway says:

    Thank you. Roger, for your daily dose of sanity.

  6. Anyoldiron says:

    Thank you for all you have done Roger. I am old enough to have been in that last World War and yes, we were indeed bombed out living in those days very near the much used Manchester Ship Canal. Rather strange to look across and see great ships sailing along the green fields, so stately and grand. So YES Roger, I will indeed be voting OUT. Best wishes.

    Divided Loyalty.
    How easily fickle man doth embrace
    That flag with twelve stars on blue,
    To dislodge a flag that over time
    Won the loyalty of those that knew
    The brave that fought and paid the price
    To keep their flag flying high.
    That flag of St George for England
    And those that survived know why.

    To prevent a tyrant who would rule the world
    And his swastika from flying above,
    No two flags can have pride of place
    For it is only their own flag they love.
    Yet another flag now wants pride of place
    In our hearts as well as minds,
    But will it become a symbol of hate
    If forced, and in the fullness of time?

    Loyalty and allegiance comes with national flags,
    Those too play an important part,
    We cannot shed either so easily,
    One flag will have to depart.
    Is there a choice, a chance to decide
    Twixt Country, or the State of EU?
    For WE will never embrace that flag
    What YOU do, is up to you.

    • Francis says:

      Very nice words indeed. Please God we are out by this time tomorrow.

      • Jane Davies says:

        Unfortunately it will take a couple of years to be released from all the shackles….but I know what you mean. Let us hope the ball starts rolling tomorrow with a Leave victory.

        Rule Britannia!

    • mike5262015 says:

      Nice one Anyoldiron. I have to admit to having trouble sleeping. This is all too much for my mind to shut down for sleep. I must be a very simple fellow, because I just am unable to figure out why any Briton would vote to stay in this disgusting circus. All I can do tomorrow is VOTE LEAVE……. and then waite ! Almighty God, please help us !

  7. rfhmep says:

    Thanks to everyone for the many kind comments I have received on my Daily Debriefs. I’ve just finished today’s. It should up soon.

  8. nickysunworship says:

    Good Luck for Freedom Day tomorrow Roger…..we will be watching wall to wall coverage here in Western Australia. Expect all the team deserve a well earned rest. You have been a fantastic & consistent voice of reason. Thank you.

  9. Alan Piper says:

    Just to say a big thank you Roger. And to Nigel.
    God knows what tomorrow brings, but tonight, thank you for all and everything you’ve done to push the case.

    Alan Piper
    UKIP conservative in a solid Ukip labour branch.

  10. Marion Kirby says:

    Thank you so much for your Daily Debriefs. It was so good to hear your voice of sanity among the chaos of the past few weeks. I have waited 40 years to have the chance to leave the EU and am very greatful to Nigel Farage and the rest of you for all your hard work and dedication. God grant we will be successful.

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