Daily Debrief June 23rd


One chance in a lifetime for freedom!  Vote Leave.

Today’s the day!

This pretty much sums up what most of the papers have to say.  The i: “On your marks; get set; VOTE”. Telegraph “The time has come”.   The Daily Star: “Your Country. Your future. Grab the future by the ballots”. Indy: “The Day of Reckoning”  Morning Star: “Decision Time”.   Mail: “Too close to call”.

The Telegraph adds “Allister Heath: Vote Leave today, and in a hundred years’ time, historians will celebrate”.  And a piece by David Twiston Davies: “Young Europhiles need to stop patronising their elders: we know the EU far better than you”.

Others make no secret of their stance.  The Express: “Your Country Needs You: VOTE LEAVE TODAY”.  (I like that one).  The Mirror: “Don’t take a leap in the Dark”.  Guardian “Last-Ditch push to stay in Europe” (they mean “in the EU”).   They could equally have said “Last ditch push for Brexit”. And the Sun: “Independence Day. Britain’s resurgence.  You can free UK from the clutches of the EU today”.  It includes its campaign slogan “BeLEAVE in Britain”.

But the Daily Mail has perhaps the most interesting front page.  Under a banner headline “NAILED: FOUR EU LIES”, it announces (1) Talks with Turkey WILL start in days; (2) Brexit WON’T start a trade war, say the Germans; (3) Brussels will NOT reform open borders; (4) Deportation of jobless EU migrants a MYTH.

The FT offers “Tension mounts in the City ahead of historic vote”  with stories of Forex counters under pressure.  The Times Business section leads with “City banks tell clients to prepare for Brexit chaos,” managing to combine a last gasp of Project Fear with reasonable advice in the face of possible volatility.

“Scotland holds the key”: In an arguably hubristic headline, the Scottish Daily Mail leads with “Scotland hold the key to Brexit”, adding “As polls open in historic referendum, result of a knife-edge contest could hinge on votes cast here”.  Of course the Scottish result is of particular interest, given the SNP’s position, but a Scottish voter has exactly the same weight as every other voter in Britain.  In the least surprising story of the day, the BBC offers “Welsh voters go to the polls” h

Brexit dominates social media

The Express reports both Twitter and Google saying that interest in Brexit is running around double that of Remain.  This tends to support the view that enthusiasm and differential turn-out may win it for Leave.  Let’s build on that and get the vote out today.

German Business leader says no post-Brexit trade barriers

A leading German businessman Marcus Kerber, head of Germany’s BDI (like our CBI) has said that the EU must not impose trade sanctions against the UK after Brexit – “It would be a very foolish thing to do”.  As I have repeatedly said, if the European Commission delays a free trade deal with the UK, it will find the CEOs of major German companies kicking its door down.

Meantime, French economists and a major German newspaper, Die Welt, have taken a very relaxed view of Brexit and do not expect it to cause economic damage.

And even the IMF joins in: The IMF has grudgingly admitted that Brexit “may not even cause a recession”.  Well thanks guys.  We appreciate you starting to tip-toe towards reality.  Pity you didn’t mention it earlier.

Wolfgang Schaeuble, the powerful German Finance Minister, in an angry broadside at Brussels, has said he sympathises with British voters who want to leave the European Union.  The EU’s leadership has become “self-regarding”, has gone “too far” and lost touch with voters across the continent.  “The Britons who’ve expressed scepticism in the European Union have also to a certain extent expressed our concerns,” Mr Schaeuble told a conference in Berlin.  This strikes a much more emollient tone than his previous comments, when he insisted that the UK could not access the Single Market after Brexit – “Out means Out” – and added that there could be “no way back” (that’s a relief).

PM offering contracts & gongs to secure Remain support from bosses

Several papers and LBC report Boris Johnson’s claim that the PM is leaning on businesses, and offering contracts and honours, to ensure support for Remain.  If true, this marks a new low in British politics.

Sturgeon: “Scotland could drop the Pound and adopt the €uro”

Nicola Sturgeon says that if Britain votes to leave the EU (and she’s assuming Scotland votes Remain) she could ditch the Pound and adopt the €uro.  She seems to think that this is a credible threat.  Personally I have more respect for the common sense of the Scots than to believe for a moment that they would regard the €uro as a policy to vote for.  Try selling that one in Sauchiehall Street, Nicola.

Patel: “Schools will need 260,000 new places and £1bn by 2030”

The Telegraph reports Employment Minister Priti Patel saying that schools will need 260,000 new places by 2030 at a cost of £1bn a year for children arriving from the EU if we vote to Remain.  The Sun ups the ante to 570,000 children, a figure also quoted by the Mail.  The discrepancy arises because the higher figure assumes that the current five accession states all join.  But the lower figure is scary enough.

EU citizens rush for UK passports

The Express and Mail report a 29% surge in applications for UK passports by EU citizens in a year. The papers attribute the rise in demand to concerns about Brexit.

In Calais, migrants rush for UK-bound lorries

The Mail is the only paper I’ve noticed reporting the running battles in Calais where police are battling migrants intent on stowing away on British-bound lorries.   Again, fears of Brexit are blamed for the latest rush.

Are the polls right?

Polling guru Peter Kellner in the Guardian asks whether pollsters have called the referendum right.  But as the polls are close to a dead heat, they are more or less right either way.

The big question:

When you wake up tomorrow, will you be living in a free, independent, democratic global trading nation?  Or in an offshore province in a country called Europe?  Your call.


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53 Responses to Daily Debrief June 23rd

  1. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Lest you forgot?

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Those in favour of remain:
      Brain dead celebrities

      Choose wisely…..and OUT it is!

    • mike5262015 says:

      I do hope this ignorant molly, along with all her stupid mates, are given a well deserved kick up the backside from us, the British people !


    Thank you Roger. Your dedication to our country has been awesome. You deserve to make history today.

  3. davidbuckingham says:

    Yes thank you Roger – it’s been invaluable. This has been the go-to forum for daily headsups… not sure how to deal with the next 14-15 hours tho… sleep?

  4. Flyinthesky says:

    Thank you for all your efforts Roger, fingers crossed.

    • mike5262015 says:

      A big Thank you, to you Roger, for the excellent way you have kept us all advised over such a long period. We must surely win ! ROGER AND OUT !

  5. Shieldsman says:

    I liked the piece by David Twiston Davies, how true.

    This EU referendum is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end by Harry de Quetteville
    And as the end of the ordeal approaches, I catch myself thinking “I just can’t wait until this over.” “Aha,” respond old hands with wearingly predictability, “This is just the beginning.”
    They are right. Much as you may want never to hear of the EU ever again (and that’s just Remainers), you are going to hear an awful lot more from the fallout of this vote. That’s not just because it will reshape British politics – as it certainly will – but also because our vote is just the first in a series of electoral tests for the EU across the Continent – starting with a general election in Spain on Sunday and taking in an autumn referendum in Italy, and votes next year which could well change the face of France and Germany.

    The 400 odd MP’s who wish to remain in the EU and will not face up to the reality that it is broken are going to suffer the political fallout from the referendum. Both Conservative and Labour are split, but neither a remain or leave vote will be the healing salve.

    Leaving will promote action, remaining is just putting off the evil day until the EU breaks up.

    • Roger Turner says:

      Shieldsman, I think you are a bit out in your last line..
      If we vote LEAVE, despite what Lord Junk says, I believe there will be another referendum.
      (and there still won`t be a proper re-negotiation, but it will be stretched out to kick the can down the road.
      ………….but come the 2020 election UKIP will still be the only party calling for BRexit, what then of the two divided parties – they`ll still be divided, because Cameron`s “deal” was based on a lie, a false negotiation, I think the divided ones will have to team up with UKIP and provide a united force – simple policy – LEAVE.
      (I`m saving all my Corrux Boards and banners – they`ll be needed – in fact why put them away – start the campaign now- remember the SNP got a rush of new members straignt after their vote)

    • rfhmep says:

      I agree that this is the beginning of the end — but there’s a long way to go. Why is the Leave campaign calling for a delay in triggering Article 50? Many people don’t realise that it is the government (under whomever becomes Prime Minister) who will have to plan and negotiate — not the Leave Campaign. Some people ask what UKIP does next. Our first task is to keep the government honest and stiffen their backbone (if they have one).

      I believe that many of the “pro-Remain” Tory MPs will switch (though perhaps not Ken Clarke). My fear is that Cameron or his successor will come back with “Membership in all but name”. A Norway solution. We must insist on Independence, no free movement, no budget contributions, no EU regulation (apart, of course, from meeting EU product specs on exports to the EU, which is a commonplace of international trade).

  6. Hi Roger, I would like to echo the other comments and thank you for your tireless work over the past few years to bring us to this momentous point in our history.

    Please God we get the result we want.

  7. Ernest Hartland says:

    Hopefully, this may be the final showdown, and I have re-posted your efforts on Facebook daily. Thank you so much for your intelligent observations and, work on our behalf of all of us.

  8. terry sullivan says:

    is sturgeon really bonkers?

  9. mike5262015 says:

    So today’s the day we find out just what the British people are made of. It is a check of the intelligence and the mood of the people that have been so poorly lead by politicians of all the Parties, bar one. We will also know if the backbone and guts are still there !

  10. George Pass says:

    Thanks Roger for an extremely informative contribution over the weeks, followed everyone. Which ever way the vote goes it will not be for the want of your trying. Thank you again

  11. Jane Davies says:

    Thank you Roger for getting these daily blogs out…. I have looked forward to getting daily updates on what is happening in my home country. A country I love and although I have lived over here in Canada for ten years, a wonderful place with nice polite and friendly people and stunning scenery on my doorstep of Mount Washington and the ocean, my heart is back in blighty having spent fifty years living in the land of my birth and to which I still have many ties. Our proxy has voted for us today and my heart will break for the old country if Leave loses. I’m going to be hopping about all day until the result is in, we are eight hours behind the UK so I hope to hear the result before the end of our day here. Fingers and toes crossed everyone……

    Rule Britannia!

  12. mancunius says:

    Roger, Just to thank you and congratulate you warmly on the high standard of your tireless daily briefs: exactly the encouragement and support we’ve all needed in our campaigning, and a vital antidote to the remorseless drip of pro-EU propaganda coming from the BBC.
    A propose BBC, I couldn’t believe how biased Radio 4’s ‘The World Tonight’ was last night – first a feature purportedly giving an expert financial view of the referendum day and after, in which, with unbelievably gross propaganda, an Irish commenter glibly claimed to forsee ‘the demise of the pound’ and economic catastrophe in general. Even the presenter sounded taken aback at what her evidently pro-Remain producer and Editor had presented her with, but she didn’t say the obvious: ‘Look, you’re Irish, you’re obviously biased against a Brexit, but don’t pretend to be impartial – it’s deceitful.’
    Again, the programme’s next feature was of Polish immigrants at a Polish club, asking emotionally, at length, ‘why does everybody hate us’. Even their compatriots who had settled down and taken UK nationality wanted to vote to leave the EU, they complained incredulously (as if that was some kind of evidence of ‘hate’). What red-top rubbish from the BBC.
    And this on the eve of an historic referendum on Britain’s national future. They could have chosen to say nothing at all about it at all – that would at least have been the more discreet course, rather than providing more ding-dong (or rather, just the remainiac ‘dong’).

    • Jane Davies says:

      I think this BBC bias needs to be addressed once everything has died down, after all the citizens pay for it so it should represent all the citizens and they have clearly failed to live up to their mandate and severe penalties must be imposed on them.
      In this day and age of the choices we all have on our access to the media the time is well overdue to end mandatory payment for a media outlet that many no longer want to view. We have channels over here that are funded by the public, with no adverts, but they ask for donations and they have pledge weeks with phone ins to raise money, we get most of the British series like Mid Sommer Murders and Doc Martin etc and it works very well. When I mention that funding the BBC is forced upon the people with the risk of fines and prison for those who refuse or can’t pay, they are gobsmacked. Yes I say, you have to pay even if you don’t want to watch it!
      Time to end this extortion now.

  13. ian terry says:

    Roger. You have been a star no a superstar and deserve a knighthood, a lot have received one for doing far less.

    Great Britain deserves a new type of politician the old school/university type just ain’t working and it never has and never will.

    • Jane Davies says:

      Sorry Ian I have to disagree with you on your last sentence……I believe Roger is the product of a grammar school and uni education but he and Nigel have worked in the real world, a must for anyone who enters politics, indeed we should make that experience mandatory for MP’s. What we must end are the elitist millionaire types who go straight from mummy and daddy funded Eton type schools and uni education into politics without ever having to fend for themselves in the real word.

  14. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    A new world consensus is rising: A HIGHER POWER CONTROLS THE FUTURE, higher even than the United Egos of world leaders and Consensus Scientists!


  15. Adrian says:

    Echoing the comments from others, Roger: many thanks for your efforts.
    Now, I hate to be the fly in the ointment, but as the ‘experts’ are all telling us that this referendum is ‘too close to call’, UKIP must accept a possibility of a very close ‘remain’.
    What is UKIP’s future role in that case?

    • Adrian says:

      Ah, well, glad to admit being wrong for once!
      My original question still remains: What is UKIP’s future role?
      With the corollary : How does UKIP ensure that it gets a role?

      • MIKE MAUNDER says:

        For me Adrian, the stage is empty and we await a Political Party, able to hear what the people want. We have seen how none of the Party leaders supported what the people wanted, with the exception of UKIP. That Party should be given the task of the E.U. negotiations, and at the same time give deep thought to a costed manifesto for a General Election. Such G.E. should be, in all decency, when the old Parties have got their Leadership sorted out. I am in my 70s now, and for the first time in my life, I am a card carrying Party member, with high hopes. – Your corollary will be by VOTES !

  16. Richard111 says:

    Well done Roger. Independence day is here.

  17. Jane Davies says:


    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Crikey..common sense just got through. Well done UKIP for the long term job and those on the recent OUT side.

      Wish I was paid in petro dollars again…

      • Nigel Greaves says:

        Congratulations everybody!
        Thank you Roger for all your work, what an historic Day!

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Jackpot (almost)…Cameron out

      Anymore to come?

  18. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    We are OUT. – Praise the Lord ! Well done everyone. Excellent outcome.
    This is not the end. This is not even the beginning of the end, but it is the end of the beginning.
    I know how I would feel if the result had been the other way, and although a period of happy celebration is now due, we have to realise the size of the job we now face to mend this divided Nation. Our job now is to show, as quickly as possible, how this country can perform with the E.U. ball and chain removed. Advance Britannia !

  19. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Game on:

  20. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    It seems that GB/UK does the leading. We get nothing out of it ! Now it is possible that others will follow, but countries using the Euro will have more problems than us, and we are still in heavy debt. We have some priority to open markets, but we must clear debts !

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Couldn’t agree more…and for a very long time. But who amongst them here takes any heed of debt/borrowing issues? Perhaps this time around some one will.

  21. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I don’t much like the idea of Cameron setting the stage for his departure. While Britannia kept hold of her shield and trident, looking out to sea, Cameron tried to knife her in the back, with his use of Tax money, Lies and Deceit. Since the other Party leaders were all in the plot, the only sensible thing is to have a General Election very soon. Just get rid of Cameron now !

  22. Shieldsman says:

    The majority of MP’s are slothful and wanted to leave the running of the UK in the hands of the unelected Commission and EU Parliament. They simply wanted to ignore the big wide world outside of Europe and accept being flooded with migrants from the EU.

    I doubt that the Scots want to remain in the EU and have the economy wrecking EURO. Still I suppose they would be in Cameron’s reformed EU for what that is worth. No doubt the gobby Sturgeon along with wee eck will be jumping up and shouting no more austerity and demanding another referendum.

    The poor Scots, they used to be the Empire builders. Jane, I think just about Town and City in Canada has a main street named Dundas.

    A final Churchill gesture to liars Cameron and Osborne.

    • Flyinthesky says:

      From an MP’s point of view they get statesmen’s remuneration, perks and privileges for assuming the responsibilities of an area manager. What’s not to like. We need a totally different calibre of politician in our parliament now. A lot more Rogers. They are now going to be responsible for making decisions instead of just implementing someone else’s. We really do need a clear out.

    • Jane Davies says:

      As far as I know there is one city named Dundas Shieldsman, and it’s in Ontario…..as for street names you could well be right.

  23. Jon Baker says:

    Real democracy in action, not the pale imitation allowed by EU dictatorship. Let’s now see ‘Frexit’ & ‘Grexit’ & any other free thinkers tagging ‘Exit’ to their countries.
    Savour our ‘Independence Day’!

  24. matthu says:

    Free, independent, democratic global trading nation it is then!

    Not too sure about the next PM being selected without beforehand having had a wholesale turnover of existing MPs though. The PM will surely now be selected as the one most likely to stitch up the negotiations in a manner most favourable to the current demographic of Westminster?

    Were already seeing it with Vote Leave’s reluctance to involve Nigel Farage in any deliberatiaons.

  25. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Although I don’t want our side to start unravelling, we see Vote Leave seeming to be going out of it’s way to not involve Farage and UKIP. There is therefore only one way to go, and that is for a General Election. Before that takes place, we need to change our voting system from FPTP to perhaps a PR approach. Personally, I would like a far deeper change, that puts Democracy in a much more easily seen fact than PR, but PR will do for the time being, and would be quicker and easier to bring in. As for Cameron, and the E.U. wishing to add speed to our departure, the Tory Party needs to elect a new LEADER/PM straight away, and not wait for Autumn. The more delay with this, only allows the pot to go off the boil. With the Pound and Stock Market in such a poor way, speed would not go amiss !

  26. Jane Davies says:

    This is unbelievable…so the vote went against the mainly student voters who wanted to remain in so they have been signing this petition. Sorry to have to tell them this is what democracy is all about, get over it and stop whining because you haven’t got what you wanted.


    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Part of the mental issues in this country Jane…apart from the lack of adequate education/common sense.

  27. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I didn’t go to University. Probably too thick ! ………. Following the Student nonsense after the referendum result, I can now consider myself to be their superior in intellect ! ……… I never thought that would happen.

  28. Bit late to the party here but I just want to add my appreciation to Roger and UKIP for standing up for Britain.

    It was UKIP’s work above all else that brought about the referendum and now that it is won, UKIP will go down in history as saviours of our wonderful country.

  29. Ex-expat Colin says:

    On the subject of referendum petitions…the repeat thereof:

    only fair innit?

  30. Ex-expat Colin says:

    An observation: (leave out the PFI bit for now)

    Don’t know why people are arguing about the £350m a day for the #NHS, The way they procure stuff that will buy a bed, 4 pillows and a beaker.

  31. Jane Davies says:

    Here we go the whiners are whining at all the hard work that will be needed to sever ties with the EU. …I have commented here and so far most posters tell him to deal with it.

    If our present politicians can’t cope with the job, and let’s face it so far they have just had to follow orders from Brussels, then we need to change the politicians.

  32. Richard111 says:

    Any news on Roger?

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