The oldest trick in the Brussels play-book

It’s called “Biased finality”.  Vote in favour of Brussels, and that’s the issue settled, in effect, forever.  Vote against, and you’ll have a second referendum straight away.  Keep voting till you get it right.  The anti-Brussels answer simply can’t be accepted.  We saw this in Denmark, and twice in Ireland, and it shows a massive contempt for democracy.

 We’re seeing it here already.  The whingers, the bad losers, are out in force.  They’re trying to change the rules, and the score-line, after the referee has blown the whistle.  It was only a small majority.  Voters didn’t know exactly what the new arrangement would be.  The Leave side didn’t have a plan.  Voters ignored the “facts” from Remain.  The markets are in chaos.  Promises made by the Leave campaign are falling apart.  We must renegotiate new terms with Brussels, says Michael Heseltine (very generously allowing that Boris, Gove and Nigel Farage might do the negotiations), and then the new deal must be put to a new referendum.

 It doesn’t seem to occur to Heseltine that in these circumstances, Brussels will offer nothing, in order to ensure an “IN” vote, as the only way to protect current trading terms.  They will only negotiate seriously if we’re definitely out.  I was on BBC Three Counties Radio following Heseltine this morning.  The presenter read out several messages from listeners, most pro-Brexit and anti-a-second-referendum.  But the last one was from a woman who said she had tears in her eyes at Heseltine’s wisdom and concern.  I introduced my remarks by saying that I too had tears in my eyes listening to Heseltine – but for rather different reasons.

 “It was only a small majority”.  Yes, but that’s democracy.  As Winston Churchill put it “One is enough”.  Cameron was clear: no second referendum.  And the outcome, regardless of the majority, would determine our future for a generation.  (He also promised to invoke the Article 50 process immediately – a promise he has already broken, choosing to resign instead).

 “Voters didn’t know what the new deal would be”.  True.  But this was “a known unknown”.  They voted in the knowledge that our new trading relationship with the EU would not be finalised for at least two years.

 “The Leave side didn’t have a plan”.  Yes we did.  Vote to Leave. Invoke Article 50.  Negotiate a free trade deal with the EU (which we can certainly do, given the economic imperatives).  And resume our place as a great global trading nation.  An open, global trading nation – not a narrow regional one.  Of course Remain offered us all sorts of specific predictions.  But they chose to make all the most negative assumptions, to look only at downsides not at up-sides, so they came up with ludicrously bad scenarios.  Much more honest to outline the programme, as we did, and explain why it would lead to prosperity, rather than coming up with spuriously precise forecasts based on implausible assumptions.

 “The markets are in chaos”.  As I write, the Footsie is at 6024, well within the limits of the last six months.  The Pound has weakened considerably, standing at $1.32 as I write.  Who is responsible?  Surely the Remain side, which has spent months talking Britain, and our economy, down, with apocalyptic predictions.  But as Peter Hargreaves of Hargreaves Landsdowne  pointed out on the Today programme this morning, Central Banks around the world are desperately trying to reduce the value of national currencies in order to help their competitive position.  In global trading terms, a weaker pound has as many up-sides as downsides (remember “Golden Wednesday” when a drop in the exchange rate ushered in a sustained period of economic growth).  A lower pound will be a boon to exporters, like the car industry and pharmaceuticals.  A lower pound makes UK manufacturing cheaper, and is therefore an attraction to inward investors.  Former Bank of England Governor Lord (Melvyn) King has just said on BBC WatO that we should have needed a lower pound anyway, even without Brexit.

 The fact is we always predicted a period of market volatility around the referendum.  Soon the markets will notice that the sky has not fallen, that trade has not stopped, and they will settle down.  I was asked this morning on the Stephen Nolan show whether the moves in Sterling didn’t prove we had made a wrong decision.  But we’re looking at the medium and long term, at future prosperity and jobs in a year, or five or ten years, and indeed for freedom and prosperity for our children and grandchildren.  To panic over a couple of days’ figures would be absurd.  If the FTSE goes any lower, it’s a buying opportunity.

 Promises from the Leave campaign are falling apart?

 “£350 million a week for the NHS”.  “Leave” was a referendum campaign.  It was not standing for election as a government.  So it could say “There’ll be a £350 million a week Brexit dividend which can be spent on things we want, like the NHS, or taking VAT off domestic fuel, or whatever”.  But we could not and did not say “We’ll spend this money on the NHS”.  That is a decision for the government and the Chancellor of the day.

 “We can’t cut immigration”.  It was put to me this morning on the Stephen Nolan show (I was up against Alistair Campbell) that Dan Hannan had said that we cannot cut immigration after Brexit.  They played me the clip.  He said that we wouldn’t be sending home EU citizens from Britain.  He said we wouldn’t be pulling up the drawbridge or stopping immigration entirely.  That’s exactly what he, and I, and other Leave campaigners have said throughout the campaign.  He did not say that we couldn’t cut immigration,  He did say that we would be able to control it.  Right on both points.

It takes at least two years: Let’s also be clear that promises on immigration and spending are conditional upon actually leaving the EU, and under the Article 50 process, that cannot be until June 2018, and maybe later.

The great Constitutional question – to stay or to leave – was rightly put to the British people, and we have their answer.  Leave.  It is now the job of the government of the day, and of Parliament, to give effect to that decision in a timely and positive way.  It would be a constitutional outrage if parliament sought to frustrate the outcome of the referendum – for that is the sole objective of demands for a second referendum.

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  1. David says:

    Damian Allbarn has said in a stage rant a Glastonbury, “We can change this result”, would he be so willing to have another referendum if the remainers had won, I think not. If he managed to make a hit single, would he ask for a recount if he missed having a number one hit by 1,400,000?

  2. David says:

    1,400,000 votes is not a small win, horses win the National by a nose, they still go in the winners enclosure.

    Sour grapes anyone?

  3. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Globalist politicians; Consensus scientists

    Globalists politicians and consensus scientists are two separate expressions of totalitarianism (end of personal freedom). The collapse of “consensus science” AGW dogma has carried the Globalists politicians down with the BrExit vote.

    Consensus scientists and Globalists politicians need to go back and correct obvious past lies.

    • Oliver K. Manuel says:

      Start with two consensus lies at end of WWII:

      1. The Sun IS NOT made and powered by H-fusion; The Sun makes and discards H to interstellar space.

      2. The powerful force between neutrons IS NOT attraction, as Weizsacker’s nuclear binding energy equation claims; The powerful force between neutrons is repulsion that energizes neutrons in cores of heavy atoms, ordinary stars, and galaxies, as Aston’s nuclear packing fraction showed in his 1922 Noble Prize Lecture.

  4. Ex-expat Colin says:

    The question asked was IN or OUT. 1 point over the 50 either way and you have an answer. Lo…it was much more than 1 and was for OUT. I saw QT last night with the 3 whinging stooges:
    Salmond…I’ll remind you scotland is a country, not a county. And?
    They simply hate the fact that their pet project has been slapped down and by old gits apparently? I suspect too many young gits are too thick to measure anything adequately? Need to ask the iPhone!

    Scotland is a group of counties within the UK/GB. I more or less always considered it that. Touchy subject with such people as wee eck!

    • Adam says:

      I’m honestly ashamed of people my age. We believe too much of what we read online, and governments invest massive amounts of revenue into making it pro-establishment and pro-elitism. Then they spin any anti establishment into racism, anti patriotic, xenophobic. I have been hoping for the breakup of the EU from California. I haven’t seen a huge benefit. Free trade is easy, you just don’t have tarrifs and require imports to meet national standards. Having a single currency is hard. It’s rough in the states as well as some states have much lower costs of living and a separate currency would be great for some states as compared to stronger economies in costal states. Nothing is one size fits all, unless you’re the EU. If the shoe doesn’t fit break the foot and shove it back on.

    • Avril Evans says:

      If Scotland is a country and not a county then why did they vote in this referendum?? Why are their votes counted with ours. It this were the case then the majority for leaving was even greater. Sour Grapes.

  5. Linda Hudson says:

    Let them try, we are British!

  6. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    If I’m innocent, but charged and in Court, it should be obvious that I don’t want a barrow boy to give my defence ! This Nation has to negotiate with the E.U., and that could take years, although the E.U. has already flagged up their wish for speed, which could play to our advantage. So who do you get to do the negotiating ? You could have a new Brexit P.M. and other well intentioned M.Ps or, you could choose those at the cutting edge of Brexit with ability as time served in E.U., and already know what is possible, and what they want for this naughty Nation of GB/UK. – Ladies and Gents, I recommend Messrs. Farage, Hannan & Helmer. – Nuff said !

  7. foxbarn says:

    Spot on Mr Helmer. And I love this from Libby Purves in The Times: “Note that only 35 per cent of the 18 to 24-year-olds now being soppily mourned as “disinherited” even voted. Of under-35s it was still only 58 per cent. If youth was betrayed, as the indignant claim, they helped to do it. Straw polling at Glastonbury revealed that affording £232 a head doesn’t necessarily mean bothering to book a postal vote.”

  8. Shieldsman says:

    Westminster is in turmoil and Sturgeon has her knickers in a twist, but what can they do.
    They cannot ignore it. The vote to leave was democratically arrived at. You did not have to take an exam on the EU before being allowed to vote. The remainders suggesting they were better qualified to vote just shows the naiveness of youth.

    Labour has shown their complete disconnect with their heartlands who voted for immigration control and to show their dissatisfaction with the political elite. The champagne socialists, Miliband, Cooper, Balls and Harman said they had listened and learned, impossible, they are deaf, dumb and blind. If they do not change to favour brexit they will get hammered at the next election.

    The Conservative Party sitting on its hands until a new PM is found won’t achieve anything and it will not go away. Vote.Leaves idea of a new membership deal is fraught with the legalities of the referendum vote. Cameron speaking for the Government said there would not be another referendum.

    A friend of mine is fraught with the BBC and has started a petition –

  9. Ex-expat Colin says:

    I don’t believe it…do it again!

    • Ex-expat Colin says:


      • Adam says:

        had it been a 60% turnout and remain won by a single vote they would happily ignore any calls for a secondary vote.

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      This and a good few others similar are a serious problem!

      • Bernard Hough says:

        When the UK is finally out of the EU we shall no longer be commited to paying millions into the EU coffers.
        We can make payments to help foreign countries in need when we can afford it.
        Any deliberate revenge measures can be balanced by not buying any more German or French vehicles and only purchasing ones built in the UK providing jobs and new factories.
        We can stop buying rolling stock from Europe, we can build our own power stations stop buying wind turbines and solar panels, traffic lights etc. from Germany (remember within the EU any projects could not be just given to UK tenders but had to be thrown open to the whole of the EU)
        I don`t think the whole story is being told to the people of Scotland by the power hungry
        If they choose to leave the UK and go with the EU then they will have a levy of millions to pay, she never mentions this, they will lose control of their borders and have to accept the immigrants that the rest of the UK will be able to control, she never mentions this, I would like to see the benefits to Scottish industry from being alone in the EU, she never mentions this, the effect of their allocated immigration figures on their education system, she never mentions this, the effect also on their NHS, she never mentions this.
        So many things she fails to mention just to satisfy her own ego and be given a favoured position within the EU on a massive salary and pension simply for `services rendered`after her term of office, just like Tony Blair and his retinue.
        Please people of Scotland stay with your` known friends not an unknown future.
        A future which could consist of an Islamic State of Europe simply by the outnumbering of the native populations, it has already happened in Sweden I believe and in some German cities.
        Think also of the future for our great grandchildren, especially the girls and gays, if Sharia law becomes more widespread.
        I am not being critical of people here, it is the simple process of outnumbering.
        With regard to referendum, why is it that if it goes a certain way then there is a cry for another one, if it goes the other way there would not be a cat in hells chance.
        It seems to me that one can tell the correct way it has gone ie. brexit, because they could not have another one if they lost.
        If Scotland had voted to leave the UK another referendum would never be held.
        Am I correct ?

      • Graeme Chegwidden says:

        Bernard Hough – you forgot to mention what happens to their free Universities when the UK is not there to pay for them any more…

      • CELIA SMITH says:

        We, the good people of Great Britain have spoken! We voted to leave the EU, so let’s get on with it. If you don’t like the majority decision, you can always move abroad!

      • Bernard Hough says:

        I`d like to see the expression on his face if /when Shariah law is introduced into the UK.

  10. davidbuckingham says:

    If we want to stave off a Bolshevik coup it seems to me ALL our energies would be best put to trying to explain and describe Brussels to those who can only see Leavers as anti-immigration driven with small-minded little britain prejudice and stupidity. They don’t understand ‘Take Control’ without the suffix ‘ of Immigrants’. They don’t acknowledge or don’t want to believe the shortcomings and evils of EU aims and history. For them the EU is a benign and crucial if flawed machine that connects us with the rest of the world. Without it we’re cast adrift, rudderless, somewhere in the North Atlantic. I don’t think it’s a case of Stockholm Syndrome because those Remainders genuinely believe the EU is a force for good. They are blind to the other 184 (up from 168 acc to Boris) independent countries globally who do just fine.

    We may well have unwelcome small-minded prejudiced bedfellows in this, much as Churchill had Stalin who was a bigger bastard than Hitler but at the time non-threatening and the lesser of the evils.

  11. Roger Turner says:

    Have just been asked to sign a petition on “Change” asking for Nigel to be included in Boris negotiating team.
    I signed – it`s too long to print here, but I think you will easily find it

  12. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Alphabetically, first BrExit
    Next CSExit (Consensus Science Exit)

  13. davidbuckingham says:

    Maybe we need a campaign Brexiters Against Racism – there are some uglies out there

  14. Janet Clarke says:

    Those seeking another referendum on the basis that the public were lied to by both sides forget that we were misled in 1973 when we joined. We were not told about the project for a united states of Europe. Nor were we consulted over subsequent treaties including that creating the EU.

    • Bernard Hough says:

      Here, Here Janet.
      But I think better titles would have been, Federal Europe or German Empire with the once Great Britain simply a member. Hitler would be proud!.

  15. davidbuckingham says:

    Constitutional Assembly / Reboot…..
    I wonder how far Devolution and Localism could defuse the Scotland / N Ireland / Brussels tussle?
    The UK would look after international affairs for the British Isles; who knows maybe Eire could be enticed to rejoin when the euro and the EU implodes – keep it loose and devolved internally…
    House of Lords could be elected by PR on a party basis with regional constituencies, Commons with local constituencies and individual personalities. Reflect the USA bi-cameral.

  16. Heather says:

    My fear is that the majority of MPs wanting to Remain will vote in Parliament for us to stay in the Single Market, which will leave us with Freedom of Movement, the ECJ ruling over us and all the other rules that come with the Single Market.

  17. Martin Reed says:

    I’m not quite sure why we need access to the single market, especially if that comes with significant strings attached. Tariffs are very low now anyway and as the EU exports far more to the UK than we sell back those tariffs are much more to the disadvantage of their industries than to ours. Those low tariff barriers don’t seem to be any disadvantage to all those other industrialised countries worldwide without single market access whose products fill the shelves of the shops on the Continent.

    • davidbuckingham says:

      someone said the single market really means a single regulatory regime – not a lot to do with trade – plenty of independent countries globally trad with the single market ( sounds like a vast dating agency)

    • kim Terry says:

      Martin, agree. I think Farage said much the same thing. We really wouldn’t be at a disadvantage if we had to have tariffs imposed as long as we put tariffs on them.With a general election coming up in France and the German economy suffering with the car manufacturers worried what have we got to lose???? It is a question of calling their bluff.

      • catweazle666 says:

        Given that our trade imbalance with the EU is of the order of ten times, that in fact means that any tariff regime will benefit us ten times as much as it benefits the EU, so in fact we could recompense any UK customers and still be well within profit.

        Sounds perfectly OK to me!

  18. davidbuckingham says:

    Has anyone seen an explanation for the Wales Brexit vote in spite of all the EU extorted dosh?
    I saw one perspicacious woman who long-sightedly said yes we’ve had grants but we’ve paid in far more without control over what we get back…
    plus there’s the Ukip presence in the Welsh Assembly. Don’t tell me they’re a bunch of racists please!

  19. Ex-expat Colin says:

    On the subject of Europe being peaceful due to the EU stuff. It was indeed peaceful in Europe and I did enjoy it. It really couldn’t be anything else with two large standing military’s there (Germany) that I was part of… twice. Also, Germany has been barred from raising a military of any significance for decades. The rest of them were silly, long haired arrangements.

    • davidbuckingham says:

      The EU is the ultimate fascist construction to try and keep all those squabbling fascist regimes in order – a fascist peace –

      • Graeme Chegwidden says:

        Actually its a thrust towards world dominance through stealth – its about power and greed. Read the founding documents by Robert Schumann and Jean Monnet…

  20. davidbuckingham says:

    interesting thought – if there’s a general election I guess each MP would have to declare himself as pro or anti EU – which would over-ride the main parties. This could evolve into a natural re-set of parties on an EU basis which could have been the case two decades ago. The pressure has built up and finally burst – fantastic, amazing, exciting….

    • Graeme Chegwidden says:

      I wonder even further – if there were a general election right now how well would UKIP do?

      • foxbarn says:

        A good question, I have no idea, what do you think?

      • catweazle666 says:

        “I wonder even further – if there were a general election right now how well would UKIP do?”

        A damn sight better than we did in the last one.

        The trick of scaring everyone into voting Conservative in fear of a Labour/Scotz Natz coalition can’t be used again, and we are well alert to dirty tricks if they come up with another scam.

      • rtj1211 says:

        I think in the North of England it would win quite a few seats – because the voters have seen that they DO have an alternative to Labour. Whether UKIP can gain seats in more Conservative areas I think is more moot……they would probably need to target the areas that were particular pro-Brexit and make the pitch on ‘only by voting UKIP will you guarantee that the referendum result will be implemented’.

        The real question is what % of the vote UKIP needs to get and how many seats it needs to get to stop an Establishment stitch up taking place over Brexit…….

  21. jerry says:

    After listening to hours of woe and potential apocalypse on BBC World at last a sensible comment. One additional comment if I may. The current Foreign Secretary must not be allowed anywhere near the negotiations. He has already run up the white flag by saying we must accept uncontrolled immigration if we go the EEA route. We must not accept anything of the sort. There is no comparison between our position and that of Norway and Iceland. We can negotiate access to the single market with the huge quid pro quo that the EU in return gets access to our market. The fifth biggest economy in the world and one of the fastest growing. Agreeing in advance to immigration or paying a fee is infantile negotiating. We have a strong hand here and the FCO must get some back bone and not sell the UK short

  22. Jane Davies says:

    Naturally my concern is the exchange rate from pounds to Canadian dollars…I have just been sent this. Note how low it was back in 2010-2013, makes today’s, 27th June, look good. But of course the losers are going for the maximum gloom and doom.

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      I won’t be spending in China for a while…thats more or less it really. However, they suddenly keep sending me 20% off deals…wonder why that is?

  23. Roger Turner says:

    David Buckingham speaks of an interesting political set up, if there is a general election
    Why have a GE, why fight the same battle twice an d chance the remainiacs getting a second bite of the cherry.
    Look, present members of parliament have a 17.4 million legitimacy already.
    Why risk fragmenting them they are at least ascertained voters for one policy -LEAVE.
    All the failed legacy parties are by definition Remainians, thus all the 17.4 million definitely left them and handed their future to those MPs and organisations GO,Vote and Vote LEAVE, it is not known which of those were favoured by each individual voter as they were CROSS PARTY, of many shades (not sure of Green).
    The Failed Legacy parties are deeply divided. if not in melt down- There is a Political VACUUM
    “We” (I`ll say who we is later), must leap in and fill it immediately, it is the only legitimate democratic control there will, or is ever likely to be on the shambles that Cameron by his preposterous conduct of the Remain campaign has instigated and now walked away from (definitely not in the interests of his electorate – or in the office of Prime Minister, which he has desecrated with his constant campaign of denigration of the British capability – he truly set out to show “we were not Good Enough”)
    “WE”……………….The whole Cross party GO and organisation, plus MP members and those who shared a platform or Market stall stands which were joint efforts.
    ………………………All the Cross party Vote LEAVE organisation, plus MP members etc.
    all the present sitting MPs should form a new grouping, which should be called
    the GO GROUP
    (Gee Gee for short recognisable .Motiff Portcullis, inset with prancing horse)
    In essence this would have to be a brand new party, but adapting the one member of the only old one that had not had Remain members .Step Forward Duncan Carsewell as the base member.
    It would be the party for Enterprise, Initiative ,Total Independence, Justice Commonwealth and Democracy.
    Come on you lot shoot it down or GOooooooooo for it!

  24. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Really ?

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Breaking News…Corbyns cats just resigned?

    • no2eublog says:

      The EU has a philosophy?

      What “Crowd”?

      No Herr Schulz, It’s YOU that want to decide for them – THAT is the problem!

      Stick to your Orwellian platitudes – keep away from philosophy as you might look silly.

    • Graeme Chegwidden says:

      Yes Colin. They also said before that they wanted to ban referendums. One of them even said that local democracies were an annoyance. It is not the philosophy of Herr Schulz and his 4th Reich that the public should have any say in their own destiny…we’ve heard this before…

      As I said above, go and read the EU founding documents written by Schumann and Monnet…

  25. catweazle666 says:

    Looks we got out of the EU in a nick of time!

    European SUPERSTATE to be unveiled: EU nations ‘to be morphed into one’ post-Brexit

    EUROPEAN political chiefs are to take advantage of Brexit by unveiling their long-held plan to morph the continent’s countries into one GIANT SUPERSTATE, it has emerged today.

    The foreign ministers of France and Germany are due to reveal a blueprint to effectively do away with individual member states in what is being described as an “ultimatum”.

    The foreign ministers of France and Germany are due to reveal a blueprint to effectively do away with individual member states in what is being described as an “ultimatum”.

    Under the radical proposals EU countries will lose the right to have their own army, criminal law, taxation system or central bank, with all those powers being transferred to Brussels.
    Controversially member states would also lose what few controls they have left over their own borders, including the procedure for admitting and relocating refugees.

    Stunning timing…

  26. no2eublog says:

    A very real danger for Britain is this dreadful 2 years leaving period (fiasco?) during which the Anti-British 5th column, (some/many of whom seem reside in the House of Commons), will do all they can to make their prophesies of doom come true. After all, if Britain is a great success outside the EU, those people’s judgement will be seen to be rather worthless.

    We have all seen today, Cameron’s latest Non! to starting the now famous article 50. Also worth saying is that Back-pedalling-Brexit-Boris has said the same thing! The really is very suspicious. What on earth is going on – the man was supposed to be supporting Brexit immediately joins the go-slow re article 50 aka The combined LabCons!

    It’s stating the obvious but if it takes two years to control immigration then it’s inviting a flood of immigration on even more a majestic scale than it is at present. Surely even Boris can see that. (Even if most Remainers choose to ignore it). Just time to get Turkey into the EU eh!

  27. davidbuckingham says:

    Managed to sit through Channel 4 specially long News Propoganda tonight just because I’m a masochist and prefer to know my enemy – according to them now Brexiters mainly voted out of FEAR – immigration came up about a million times, totally dominating the theme – don’t remember sovereignty or self-government or Brussels’ hubris and power lust and plans for a super state coming up once – and they sought out rednecks with swastika tattoos to speak for us as well as football hooligans being vile and racist – then Zoe Williams on Newsnight gave it the vandalism moniker – more imaginative, haven’t heard that one before – coming from a vandal of political philosophy she ought to know. Anyway that’s what we’re up against now. We have to throw the spotlight onto the evils of the Brussels soviet to raise the possibility of reasons other than racism, xenophobia, vandalism, little englander, lack of intelligence and fear for voting for independence, before it’s all too late.

    • foxbarn says:

      Yes, the Empire and it’s supporters in the media are getting very nasty about us wanting to leave, somehow the various factions of leave need to get their act together and fight for the truth.

  28. Ex-expat Colin says:

    What was it all about….this:

  29. Alan Wheatley says:

    Re Article 50 and the “two years”.

    As I understand it, Article 50 describes a process that can last for up to two years, with the possibility of it being extended. If the process does not lead to an agreement between the leaving country and the rump EU then the country leaves without an agreement.

    There is no requirement that the process HAS to be two years, it could be less.

    My view is that we say to the rump-EU we want a free trade arrangement in goods and services – the continuation of current free trade arrangements between EU countries. A quick and dead easy deal, and if the EU want a speedy process then something they too should like.

    Of course, there are stories aplenty about such a deal not being available. If so, then we say for every tariff imposed on our exports to the EU will will impose an equivalent tariff on EU exports to the UK. And with the trade balance as it is the more and higher the tariffs the better it will be for the UK. The EU have more than enough on their plate to want a long and fractious negotiation with the UK when a mutually beneficial deal is readily available.

    All other maters can be as readily resolved; if not finalised then by holding measures.

    I am with Nigel – two years are not needed.

    • Jerry says:

      This is absolutely right. We keep being told that the Norwegian (or Icelandic) model is the one to follow but that we shall still be paying the same amount in, with no rebate either, and have to accept free movement of people in order to have access to the single market. But in saying this we are comparing apples and pears. Norway depends hugely on the EU as an export market. Over 80% of their exports go to the EU and they have a population of only 5 millions. As a quid pro quo to letting the rump EU have access to the fifth largest economy in the world and 63 millions people we should have similar free access to the single market with no need to accept either free movement or to pay exhorbitant fees. Sadly our current Foreign Secretary has given up on this already which is why he needs to resign and the FCO needs a good dose of common sense and a strong leader who will represent the UK and not the EU.

      • no2eublog says:

        Agreed. However we are dealing here with people who, imho, are suffering from megalomania. Considering the most dreadful undemocratic acts they have perpetrated upon the people of Europe, it amazes me that that they have got away with it for so long. So long in fact, and so extreme, that they have lost any sense of natural moral limitation or the need to consult the people they now control absolutely . They feel (seeming rightly) they can do anything they want and no-one will dare contradict them Except for now, after 40 years, that 52% of the British electorate lead by a courageous party called ukip with a courageous leader.

        I see the crazed left have the usual contempt for the people’s vote and are trying every trick in the book – even morphing it into a racist issue! i.e. If you want an independent country you must be fascist or Nazi they say. They say that in the hope that it will staunch the desire for a free Britain. They are, as always, mistaken. Why is it I wonder, that a desire to regard our country and it’s borders as our own, is seen by the loony- left as fascism yet if we allow gross overpopulation with associated destruction of British infrastructure, that is ok! The latter is clearly anti-British racism if they want to play that game.

        After today’s speech by Nigel F. at the EU, Junker actually said to the assembled MEP’s “that is the last time we allow applause for him in this chamber”! Good god – the man is now telling the MEP’s what they may or may not applaud! In other words he was telling them what they are to THINK! Remind anyone of the days of the former USSR – or present day N. Korea?

    • Liz says:

      After that speech by Nigel Farage this morning in Brussels they cant wait to get rid of us. I am still laughing……he is a star. Nigel for PM please.
      On a serious note = who were the folk cheering him on and clapping? Supporters of leaving the EU from where?

  30. Graeme Chegwidden says:

    The campaign to undermine the Brexit decision is not just sour grapes. Nor is it just a handful of individuals who think its better etc for us to be in the EU single market. It is a coordinated programme of mass brainwashing to subjugate the millions of people across Europe at the feet of a group of greedy powerful and rich dictators against our will. We HAVE to stop them now!

    • foxbarn says:

      Pretty sure you are right. This result has been an upset for them and they will be working overtime, at our expense, to overthrow this decision. The BBC has started the process.

      • no2eublog says:

        +1 The BBC are part of the problem. They are not simply “messengers” of the news anymore. And have not been so for many years. Some people still regard the BBC as the “Aunty BBC” of the 50’s and 60’s rather that “The State Broadcaster” which it has now become. They contribute to the manufacture of news. The BBC need conflict like cows need grass. They grow fat off it. They are imho an unelected publicly funded pseudo political party in their own right.

      • foxbarn says:

        Spot on right No2EU, the BBC is a political party, it’s so biased it’s ridiculous and the worst lies are the lies of omission, it’s what the BBC doesn’t report on that is so sickening. If the Tories had a brain cell or some gumption, they’d make sure the BBC wasn’t stuffed with lefty Guardian readers who’ve never had a proper job and swap some with grown ups who’ve had real jobs, run businesses, employed people and who aren’t afraid to call a spade a spade, or should I say a fork a fork?

  31. Rob Bryant says:

    We need take no immigrants at all. We can issue work permits for necessary talent but need not give passports, right to residence, tight to bring in unlimited family members to enjoy benefits, housing, school places, medical treatment, etc. Are our politicians blind to the cards we hold – economic, trade, financial – the German car industry will collapse if we are excluded from trading with EU countries. We need concede absolutely nothing to Brussels.

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