Reply to a whinger

I have received a number of rather long and identical letters from disgruntled Remain supporters setting out their concerns over the campaign.  Here is a reply I sent to one of them:

Dear Constituent, Thank you for sending me your boiler-plate letter, which I have to say contains some remarkably arrant nonsense.  I wonder if you bothered to read it before you pressed “send”?

The referendum result is not “flawed”.  It was the result of one of the most comprehensive electoral campaigns I have ever seen, with open debate, a high turnout and a small but decisive margin.  If it was flawed at all, it was by the government’s gerrymandering of the voter registration procedure and the Treasury’s shamefully biased claims and projections.

The “lies” you refer to are not lies at all.  Our gross contributions to the EU do indeed amount to £350m a week.  You can argue till the cows come home over the gross and net figures, but it was natural and proper to use the gross figure in the headline.  You cannot pretend that a couple days of volatility in the markets (which we always predicted) is “a significant economic downturn”.  In any case, the FTSE has recovered, and the lower value of Sterling will be a massive boost to exports (if it, too, doesn’t recover).  We said we could control immigration after Brexit, and we will, but that, as you know, is at least two years away.

Your remarks about racism and xenophobia are particularly offensive, slanderous and misplaced.  The Leave campaign has never called for discrimination on grounds of race or ethnicity.  Indeed the current UK/EU immigration policy is discriminatory — it discriminates in favour of predominantly white Europeans, and against often non-white Commonwealth citizens and others.  We in the Leave campaign call for an Australian-style points system which will be totally colour-blind.

Now the whingers and the bad losers on the Remain side are trying to change the rules after the game, and alter the score-line.  But you had your opportunity to campaign, and you lost in a fair fight.  As Angela Merkel has said, “I see no way back from the Brexit vote. This is no time for wishful thinking, but rather to grasp reality.”

Now is the time to accept the decision of the British people, and to work together to maximise the benefits of freedom and self-determination.

Best regards.


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36 Responses to Reply to a whinger

  1. Will Richards says:

    Very nicely put Roger, and thank you for your regular and informative updates.

  2. Jane Davies says:

    A good reply Roger…..I’m sure you must be getting a mountain of these whinging letters and remaining polite must test your patience I know it would mine, this is why I would never make a good politician!

  3. Laurence Nice says:

    I have had an email from Caroline Lucas, who claims it’s the end of Democracy?! It sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? In case you don’t know, she is with the Greens. She wants the Progressives(??!) to reform and not give up the fight for the EU?! Sorry, you lost!!! I can remember when the Greens ran Brighton Council, I read that they had instructed primary school teachers to ask new pupils,”What would you like to be today, a girl, or a boy?” Thankfully, these lunatics have been removed from office!!
    I thank you for all the emails you’ve sent me. They have been very interesting reading. I will continue to support UKIP. From Laurence

  4. David H. Walker says:

    As you know, Roger, our fight in America is a little different, but we face the same kind of belligerence, knee-jerk reactivistism and hype when working to restore sovereignty, sanity and pragmatism. Thank you for promoting what I believe is the harbinger for changes we should see on our side of the pond.

  5. jerzed says:

    Superb! I have a particular hatred for boilerplate letters and while on Harrow Council made a particular point of diminishing them. Regards  Jeremy 

    Sent from my Samsung device

    • Chas B USHER says:

      Sorry. Was your Samsung playing ? Did you mean Dismissing them ?

      • Jerzed says:

        Yep predictive text failure. I couldn’t dismiss them, but I greatly diminished their importance by their very nature being little more than a topped and tailed form letter as opposed to reasoned individual argument. Unlike a petition, boilerplate letters are actually insulting, diminishing people’s individual feelings their being used as human shields by the originator, as a way of puffing up their own ego

  6. Well written Roger. These are the sort of lies that some people wish to promote because they have run out of valid arguments.

    So we are all racist simply because we wish to govern ourselves. Unfortunately there will always be people such as this who take their political viewpoint from others. Luckily there are more of us that can make our own minds up.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. David, says:

    Well fielded Roger, you have it sussed, well done. I’m dyin to ask the remainers if they would have offered/demanded.& become as nasty as they are, in accepting the outers request for a 2nd go round, doubt it.

  8. foxbarn says:

    Hear, hear. And to the whingers who say ‘young people were left out’ I have been saying ‘The referendum debate has been on every TV channel, radio station, newspaper, website, blog site, building site, classroom, billboard and leaflet for HALF A BLOODY YEAR until we were all sick of it, so if two thirds of 18-24 year olds couldn’t be bothered to vote, who’s damn silly fault is that?’

  9. mike5262015 says:

    Very well put Roger. You could give the dictionary meaning to D-E-M-O-C-R-A-C-Y. which is simply; – Government by the people via the majority vote. Simple innit !
    The vote had only two choices, IN or OUT. This was pure Democracy, without any nonsense of first past the post. We had time to debate and argue, and we knew How, When and Where, we also knew there would be one winner and one looser. Further comment is pointless !

  10. Patricia Rutt says:

    Very good Roger, pity we can’t send that letter to all of them including the polititions and media.

  11. Bill Esslemont says:


    Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2016 15:15:18 +0000 To:

  12. Sally Culling says:

    I’m pretty excited to visit next week – 20% cheaper holiday for me and we will spend a lot more than we’d planned because of the cheap pound. Tourism, manufacturing and exporting will benefit in the short-term!

    On Wed, Jun 29, 2016 at 11:15 AM, Roger Helmer MEP wrote:

    > rogeroffice posted: “I have received a number of rather long and identical > letters from disgruntled Remain supporters setting out their concerns over > the campaign. Here is a reply I sent to one of them: Dear Constituent, > Thank you for sending me your boiler-plate letter, wh” >

    • foxbarn says:

      I don’t quite understand your ‘20% less’ claim, what are you referring to?

      • Heather says:

        I would suggest that she is visiting the UK next week and because the £ has dropped in value, she will get more pounds for her currency (whichever that is) and will therefore be able to spend more whilst she is in the UK.

      • foxbarn says:

        The point I’m trying to clarify is that it’s a BBC/Guardian MYTH that the pound has dropped anything like 20%. No one is checking the BBC’s ludicrous claims.

  13. Jeff Martin says:

    Does not matter how you try to play a fair game, There is always someone on the loosing side that feels the need to make an issue of the result

    • foxbarn says:

      I saw a great picture of WW1 battlefields juxtaposed with some whining lefties in London saying ‘the young have been robbed of their future’…oh really? They didn’t have to get through barbed wire. But STILL only a third of 18-24 year olds voted. Does anyone know how to post a picture on here?

  14. Ken Dickenson says:

    Well replied Roger, and much more polite & diplomatic than I would probably manage.
    I am getting pretty well fed up of the BBC, Sky news & others winding up all the disgruntled immature kids, mouthing their fascist teachers’ propaganda.

  15. Shieldsman says:

    David Cameron has told the EU it must reform freedom of movement rules if Britain is to maintain close economic ties with the continent in the wake of the referendum.
    In his final meeting with EU leaders before standing down as Prime Minister, Mr Cameron claimed that British voters backed a Brexit because people believe the country has “no control” of its borders.
    He has already said there will not be a second referendum and it would be almost impossible for the next PM to overrule that. Talk of going to the Country before 2020 is very rash.

  16. Deryck Franklyn says:

    Magnificent response Roger to what you term a boiler plate letter which is really more about bad losers, smear mongering and sour grapes. By the way I was led to believe that the weekly gross contribution was nearly £367,000,000. I also understand that the FTSE is now above it’s pre-Brexit level and the pound is getting stronger. Little or no mention from the BBC though but they were quick to point out the reverse situation to try to promote unnecessary apprehension and panic on Friday. Latest news is ‘millions are on housing waiting lists in the UK’ yet the ‘remainers’ were quite happy to see immigrants continue to pour into the country where we have already started to build on Green Belt areas to accommodate them. A situation that The Green Party and Friends Of The Earth weren’t concerned about as well as the cheap air flights offered through the continued benefits of membership. Thank goodness we won and when I go we will have a country left to leave to our grandchildren.

  17. Wendy Warren says:

    Concerning Roger’s reply to the identical letters received from ‘Remainders’ as they must now be called – I wish his opening paras had been less abusive and, it has to be said, divisive. The argument was won on June 23rd and events must now take their course. No one ever won an argument by letting their emotions show as he has done and he invites invective in return. Sorry Roger, I’m disappointed in you. To quote another source – ‘a soft answer turneth away wrath’.
    From one of your constituents and a fan

    • Will Richards says:

      I see your point Wendy, and were Roger replying to individual constituents’ letters I’d agree. However, the point is that these people aren’t actually interested in what he has to say, since they have merely copied/printed a generic letter produced by someone at ‘We’re really poor losers and unable to accept the result of a democratic referendum HQ’, and sent it to his office, as per instructions. Therefore his reply is less at the constituents, and more at the source of the letters, which justifies a more combative approach.

  18. Bernard Hough says:

    When the UK is finally out of the EU we shall no longer be commited to paying millions into the EU`s unaudited coffers. I suppose the members of the EU parliament will have to take a pay and pension cut?
    We can make payments to help foreign countries in need if and when we can afford it.
    Any deliberate revenge measures by the EU can be balanced by not buying any more German or French vehicles and only purchasing ones built in the UK providing jobsin the industry and building new factories, I cannot see this being allowed to happen.
    After all the Japanese and far east in general export tons of electronic equipment and cars / clothing etc. and they aren`t members of the EU.
    We can stop buying rolling stock from Europe, we can build our own power stations stop buying wind turbines and solar panels, traffic lights etc. from Germany (remember within the EU any projects the UK intended could not just be given to UK tenders but had to be thrown open to the whole of the EU and given to the lowest quote.
    I don`t think the whole story is being told to the people of Scotland by the power hungry
    Sturgeon either.
    If they choose to leave the UK and go with the EU then they will have a membership levy to pay, she never mentions this, they will lose control of their borders and have to accept the immigration figures demanded from Brussels that the rest of the UK will be able to control, she never mentions this, I would like to see the benefits to Scottish industry when they have to give tenders to the rest of the EU, she never mentions this, the effect of their immigration figures on the education system, she never mentions this, the effect also on the Scottish Health Service, she never mentions this.
    The free universities and finaqnce etc from the UK ending So many things she fails to mention just to satisfy her own ego and be given a favoured position within the EU on a massive salary and pension simply for `services rendered`after her term of office, just like Tony Blair and his retinue.
    Please people of Scotland stay with your` known friends not an unknown future.
    A future which could consist of an Islamic State of Europe simply by the outnumbering of the native populations, it has already happened in Sweden I believe and in some German cities.
    Think also of the future for our great grandchildren, especially the girls and gays, if Sharia law becomes more widespread.
    I am not being critical of people here, it is the simple process of outnumbering.
    With regard to referendums, why is it that when the Scots voted to remain within the UK
    there was immediate talk of another referendum, if they had voted to leave there would not have been a `cat in hells chance` of one? And the same applies to this EU one, vote to leave dah we`ll have another onei vote to stay `on your` bike. ( it`s not democratic!
    More people voted to leave! This is not a communist or fascist country! Does democracy mean nothing to anyone involved in the EU
    Am I correct ?

    • Will Richards says:

      I think your summary is very fair Bernard. On the issue of the potential Islamisation of Europe, and your reference to Sweden, I too believe that since it is taught as a requirement of every muslim to spread Islam, and endeavour to make every settled country Islamic, there is a very real and present danger, and that our liberal politicians need to become considerably more robust in defending and protecting the civilised and non Islamic culture of their own countries, which Sweden, among others failed to do. You aren’t correct in believing that foreign muslims outnumber the indigenous Swedish population, but you are correct about the direction the Swedish authorities have been actively and inexplicably allowing it to go.

      You are right on the money about the power hungry Sturgeon, deceiving the Scottish for her own political and financial gain…not unlike so many British politicians. In respect of her threats of another referendum for Scotland, these are not her threats to make, since Scotland is a part of the Union, it is for our British parliament to decide in there is a case for it, otherwise, as Cameron rolled over so easily for one the first time, it would be very much the case of the tail wagging the dog. Should any future referendum be granted, there are considerably more costs for the Scottish people, and considerations for the loyal parts of the Union, not least of which include approved and robust border security (land and sea), so that Scotland would not become the easy route into the rest of the independent UK. Also all Scots currently living and working in England, Wales, or NI (if that stays with us) would be compelled to apply for visas, and consideration should rightly be given to UK residents who may be able to do those jobs the Scots occupy instead. Radio 4, and the BBC in general, will find great gaps in the ranks of their presenters etc, since for some considerable time now they have inexplicably favoured Scots over English, Welsh, etc!

  19. Richard111 says:

    Democracy as it is now practised in the Western World is becoming increasingly corrupt. The concept of ‘one man one vote’ is being manipulated by promises and threats to drive the increasingly uneducated masses into self-preservation voting. This results in countries being taken over by extremely dangerous self serving factions.

    • Will Richards says:

      Absolutely right Richard (or should that be ‘your majesty’?). Last year’s general election revealed the extent of the disparity created without one man/one vote, with the SNP gaining 56 parliamentary seats against only one seat for UKIP, in spite of UKIP polling a million more votes! I believe this is the direction we need to go next in British politics

  20. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Interesting Stuff:
    “New Zealand has offered its top trade negotiators to the United Kingdom, relieving the British civil service as it prepares for the strain of seeking new deals with countries across the globe”


    • Will Richards says:

      According to Nigel Farage in a recent speech, Canada and Australia are also vying to be the first to get a trade deal established with us. As Bernard, one of the other posters on here has observed, there are considerably more significant drawbacks for the EU post Brexit, than for the UK

  21. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Something else surprising..for UKIP:

    Mark Reckless AM ‏@MarkReckless Jun 28
    Just elected Chair of Welsh Assembly Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee. Much work to do, e.g. Brexit and Welsh farming

  22. Andrew Chapman says:

    A message to keep, Roger, and one of, if not the best and most concise set of factual/emotional responses to be made. Thank you.

    Andrew Chapman

  23. Frances Fox says:

    Roger, I agree with your statement. It makes me cross that the Remainners do not talk about the manufacturing Britain has lost, apprentices for our youngsters, the Exchange Rate Mechanism that caused a disaster also before that the £100 million pounds Britain was made by the EU Court of Justice to give to the Spanish Fishermen. Kind Regards, Frances FoxPeterborough

    Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2016 15:15:18 +0000 To:

  24. Marion Kirby says:

    Very well said Roger. I too would like to thank you for your daily e-mails. After hearing the BBC news every day before the Referendum I was left feeling low and despondent, I couldn’t wait to read your sensible version of the day’s events. I had hoped we would feel so joyful after the result if it went our way, and so we did for a few precious hours. Now this awful clamour from thwarted millionaires, politicians and spoilt brats, who have never heard the word no, has completely unhinged me. I found it incredible that anyone could ever contemplate staying in the EU but I did think that the British electorate would accept a fair and democratic decision. I am absolutely appalled at the behaviour I have seen and heard.
    So once again I am awaiting your encouraging daily epistle, please tell me we are going to have a successful outcome in the end, I have waited 40 years for us to regain our freedom. I am so grateful to UKIP.

    • Jane Davies says:

      I know what you mean…….I keep in touch with a city I love and lived in for nearly twenty years via the Hampshire Chronicle online. The dramatic headline the day after the vote was about the win by the Leave vote “In spite of Winchester voting to stay” as if how dare the country go against the wishes of the citizens of a city entrenched with Tory supporters and the ancient capital city of England! And they are still whining and today they are up in arms about their MP Steve Brine who has had the cheek to announce he is supporting the Brexit result, they think he should support the views of his constituents and not have a mind of his own. Also they are whining that a referendum result is not binding and that MP’s should vote it down. They really need to get over it and suck it up……they lost out to those who voted for a democratic government. These people are so out of touch with the thousands who have struggled to make a decent living in the last few years because of the EU.

    • Will Richards says:

      I think you express the sentiments of many, if not all of us Marion. I think we just have to keep fighting our corners, letters to the local papers, occasionally one to your local MP, phone up or text your local BBC radio show now and again when something concerns you, especially around Brexit. If we all do our bit, we can exert our own pressure, without simply whining about something we know nothing about, like spoilt, entitled students

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