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Post-Referendum Debrief July 31st

Cameron cronies honoured The Sunday Times leads with the story “Revealed: Cameron’s honours for cronies”, and continues “Prominent Campaigners to remain in the EU, including four Cabinet Ministers, are in line for Knighthoods”, along with major Remain donors. It may … Continue reading

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Post Referendum Debrief July 30th

Hinkley delayed over security fears? I wrote yesterday about the astonishment and concern in the energy industry — and in Paris and Beijing — over the government’s surprise decision to delay signing the Hinkley nuclear deal. The deal includes not … Continue reading

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Post-Referendum Debrief July 29th

Hinkley Point C: Electric shock (or nuclear accident?) Yesterday at the end of a nail-biting process involving disputes and resignations, French power company EDF, backed by the French Government, finally agreed to the terms for the development of the Hinkley … Continue reading

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Post-Referendum Debrief July 28th

“Fed shrugs off Brexit” Times Economics Editor Philip Aldrick has a story headlined “Rate rise on the cards as Fed shrugs off Brexit”.  Admittedly this reflects confidence in the USA, rather than confidence in post-Brexit Britain.  But remember that we … Continue reading

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Post referendum Debrief July 27th

I have generally tried to avoid excessive emphasis on terrorism issues, as only indirectly linked to the Brexit decision.  But the events yesterday in Rouen are too appalling to ignore.  Decent people of all religions and of none (and I … Continue reading

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Post referendum Debrief July 26th

Express: “98% say NO to EU deal” The Express headlines its own phone poll, concluding that 98% of respondents want the government to get on with implementing Brexit, rather than getting bogged down in interminable negotiations. It quotes John Redwood as … Continue reading

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Post referendum debrief July 25th

Hammond: “A realistic negotiating position” The FT reports that Chancellor Philip Hammond, speaking at the G20 meeting, has said that the UK must “adopt a realistic negotiating position” with the EU.  So far, so sensible. No one should enter negotiations with … Continue reading

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