Post-referendum July 11th

Brexit has broken Britain – come off it!

I couldn’t disagree more with the piece in The Guardian which says Brexit has broken ‘brand Britain’.

Writing in the paper, Arwa Mahdawi  says, “Brexit has broken Brand Britain. It’s not just the pound that has plummeted since 24 June; there has also been a rapid devaluation of our international image. Once upon a time – like, three weeks ago – a “British” accent was an asset in the US. It connoted class, culture and cosmopolitanism. Now it conveys parochialism, priggishness and poor political decisions.”

Funny that – because 11 countries wishing to do trade deals with us, (along with the Commonwealth we turned on our backs on when we were in the EU) – seem to disagree.

The people have had their say

Meanwhile, The Independent, along with others, reports on the Government rejection for a second referendum on our European Union membership.

A petition was raised and signed by more than 4.1 million people following the Brexit vote. It was the most-signed Government petition since the process was introduced in 2011.

However, the Indy reports that in an official reply, the Foreign Office said 33 million people had had their say and “the decision must be respected.”

Three cheers for that –  as a I  wrote a couple of weeks ago, the whingers, the bad losers, are out in force.

They’re trying to change the rules, and the score-line, after the referee has blown the whistle. It was only a small majority. Voters didn’t know exactly what the new arrangement would be.  The Leave side didn’t have a plan.  Voters ignored the ‘facts’ from Remain.  The markets are in chaos.  Promises made by the Leave campaign are falling apart.  We must renegotiate new terms with Brussels, says Michael Heseltine  and then the new deal must be put to a new referendum. Well. it’s not. Time to move on guys.

Battle of wills in Brusesls

The Daily Express reports today that Britain is likely to deal with Europe’s members states when thrashing out the Brexit deal.

It would signal a victory for Britain’s negotiators following a battle of wills between the Council and Jean-Claude Juncker’s EU Commission, which had hoped to play a central role.

It was feared that Commission president Mr Juncker would try to apply pressure for the UK to exit Europe before working out an alternative deal.

Project Fear fails again – this time on property prices.

New figures today showed that prime real estate deals in the city jumped in the week after the June 23 referendum, as a slide in the British pound attracted bargain hunters taking advantage of panic that set in over the weekend.

Sales increased 38 per cent compared with the previous week, according to data from Knight Frank.

The leading UK real estate brokerage said month-on-month sales were 29 per cent higher, in the immediate aftermath.

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45 Responses to Post-referendum July 11th

  1. catalanbrian says:

    Well what is the plan then? I have asked before but seem to have been met by silence. Perhaps you would be kind enough to let me know, as thus far I have seen no evidence of any plan being put into place.

    • KennieD says:

      Well brian, I suggest you get on-line, read some publications (apart from the FT & Guardian). Get your satellite dish lined up and watch some news channels (including the trouble-making BBC & Sky News). Try looking a little further than “oh I cannot get as many euros for my pension as before”.
      The plan is that everybody needs to pull their fingers out and get on with it. Make it work, that’s what the British are good at (had you forgotten?)

      • ian wragg says:

        He’s not British just a fully funded EU troll.
        He’s mates with Peter van Leeuen who trolls on John Redwood s site. He seems to have gone to ground lately.
        Maybe he lost his job after we voted Brexit.

    • catweazle666 says:

      Do your own research, you lazy little man.

      The truth is out there!

  2. foxbarn says:

    Hear, hear Roger. As I write this on Monday morning, the FTSE is at 6636, a stunning high. Sterling is 10 cents off the February low at 1.2886 but the DISGUSTING anti-British gutter press (nowadays that’s the Financial Times and Guardian) are still screaming ‘pound collapses’, blatantly and deliberately misleading their readers comprising crony capitalists on the one hand and far left nutjobs on the other; what strange bedfellows. Rod Liddle nailed them in the Sunday Times yesterday and even made a comical video to send them up. Heffer’s superb piece in the Telegraph nails it:

    • KennieD says:

      “…The Guardian which says Brexit has broken ‘brand Britain’..”
      Quite so Roger and quite the opposite Guardianistas. Brexit has given us the chance to FIX Britain after 40+ years of lies, cheating and making us feel guilty to be British.

      • catweazle666 says:

        Interesting to read the comments in that foolish piece, by far the majority – and all the high-scoring ones – laughed it to scorn..

  3. foxbarn says:

    Whining remainers might like to read this before following the Guardian’s advice to jump off the nearest bridge:

  4. The Remainers cannot seem to accept that they are in the minority.

    They are not quite loons and fruitcakes as the vote was close.

    However the Leave voters are now the moderate mainstream and the Remainers had better get used to it.

    • mike5262015 says:

      Those of us that voted to leave the E.U., were not doing so in order to upset the other lot but to claim back our Nation, shaped by a thousand years of history. Our reasons were that in so many ways, we have held on to the good, but thrown out the useless, and it should be remembered that when the E.U. was new, we joined and stayed for 40 years in order to see if it was better. – It was not, so we left ! …… We now revert to our ways of a Kingdom. Our Head of State being permanent, but without power, by the Crown. Our Government, with the power, but elected by the people ! …… There are a great many on Earth, that wish they had our system. The job is still not done, as our vote system is ‘first past the post’, and is about a century overdue for reform. We need a PR vote system, due to the number of Parties now in place. Provided we British don’t go back to sleep on this, the future is very bright, as Britannia has broken her shackles, and stands ready for what is to come. ( Someone must sign Article 50. A.S.A.P.).

  5. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    World-wide, lock-step “consensus science” and government have produced a crisis that will be addressed at the London GeoEthics Conference, 8-9 September 2016:
    I encourage you and other members of this group to participate. The organizer is Professor Nils-Axel Mörner.

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel

    • Oliver K. Manuel says:

      The first keynote presentation (10:00 am on 8 Sept 2016) will show exactly how well society was deceived about energy after WWII.

  6. catalanbrian says:

    Still no plan. At least the Kipper’s favourite, Loathsome Leadsome is no longer in the Tory competition to be Prime Minister.

    • Francesca Macfarlane says:

      I fully understand why you are crazy mixed up as a result of being given the name Brian by Catalonian parents, but isn’t it time you left Roger and the rest of us in peace and found a new hopeless cause to waste your time on?

    • catweazle666 says:


  7. RobtheFox says:

    I do wish that those who supported the Leave campaign would get to grips with the fact that people who voted to Remain have just as much right to voıce their concerns as Leavers have to gloat.
    I note that Ian Hislop hit the nail on the head when he criticised the Leave campaigners (Question Time?) and reminded them, to applause, of this fact and that at a general election the losing party does not just throw up its hands say “well that’s it for five years then”….
    Come into the real world leavers and lets see your plans and how they are to be paıd for – if you can find a leader to present them, after all Farage, Nuttal, Cove, Johnson, Leadstrom have all done a runner.

    • foxbarn says:

      Ian Hislop getting applause from a QT audience is hardly something to celebrate but if that is sufficient to reinforce your prejudices, bully for you. As to the THE PLAN that remainers keep whining about, it was the arrogant Cameron/establishment/government in power that has failed to plan or even consider the possibility of a ‘leave’ vote. We have been manacled to the EU for the best part of 40 years, leaving will take a little time to sort out – it has only been around 15 days so far. I’m surprised you leavers are in such a rush to quit your beloved EU. In the meantime, you might like to read this to be reminded why most people voted out…

      • RobtheFox says:

        I mentioned the name of Hislop because I prefer, where possible, to give credit to the individual, although with words of such wisdom to do so was not necessarily relevant.

        Cameron was in support of the Remaining in the EU – one cannot expect him to give voice to alternative plans prior to the decision to leave. Unfortunately it seems as if the Leavers forgot to draw up plans too.

    • davidbuckingham says:

      You really don’t gettit do you? WORLD Leavers????? Since when was the EU THE WORLD – wake up you don’t drop off the edge of the world at Cadiz or Rhodes or Gdansk or Dingle Bay for that matter. BREXIT MEANS RE-JOINING THE WORLD OF C.180 SOVEREIGN COUNTRIES GLOBALLY WHO MANAGE JUST FINE OUTSIDE A POLITICAL SUPRANATIONAL UNION. (applause).
      Why – in the world – doesn’t accountability and democratic representation appear on your radar of political concerns? Or do you really believe the EU isn’t a kleptocracy?
      Hislop’s “Voicing concerns” is very different to demanding a second referendum or election – presumably until we get the right answer (applause).
      btw before you assume I’m a racist I love migration and believe it’s a benefit – provided there are no free benefits and the ECJ verdicts. According to the only poll I’ve seen only one-third of Brexiteers voted about immigration – self-government was given by 2/3rds. I’ve heard this articulately and spontaneously given by a number of Brexiteers.
      I repeat if you can get out of this Little England, anti-world, anti-immigrant assumption of what a Brexit mindset looks like, WHY DOESN’T THE DEMOCRATIC DEFICIT BOTHER YOU??????? extended standing applause….

    • edith482 says:

      If you are impressed by that pompous, humourless prig Hislop you will be impressed by anyone. What was he doing on Question Time anyway ? It was meant to be a serious discussion programme not a vehicle for the odious editor of ‘Private Eye’ to make his scripted jibes to fake applause.

      • RobtheFox says:

        As I commented previously I like to give credit to the author. That it was Hislop is not really that relevant but what he said undoubtedly was and very true – to have and express an alternative viewpoınt is perfectly justifiable and courteous people respect that.

  8. davidbuckingham says:

    Andrea Leadsom has just withdrawn from the leadership bid. That self-inflicted wound was a worry, but –
    I hope she got agreement from Theresa May over invoking Article 50 sooner rather than later.
    I hope she got agreement that May wouldn’t subtly or not so subtly yield to the Heseltine/Clarke axis to give Brexit a bad name eg on the status of existing EU citizens living here.
    I hope she and/or Gove and/or Johnson are part of the negotiating team.
    I hope May’s silence during the campaign and comments contra Remain over the ECJ are signs of her Brexit sympathies.
    I hope the new certainty restores some confidence.
    I hope the new prime minister follows through on Brexit sufficiently to win a general election. There can still be room for UKIP or similar as a pressure group and possibly increased parliamentary presence, with self-government taking centre stage and immigration taking a back seat.
    I hope May’s alacrity for interventionism in the economy is over-ridden in the new free trading environment.
    I hope the Tories address and question the climate change sacred cow with missionary zeal.
    Project Hope reinvented!

  9. Shieldsman says:

    Cantanlabrian and RobtheFox will have to ask Theresa May for the plan. It was always the responsibility of Government to formulate the plan for leaving the EU, no one else had the authority.
    It is to be hoped that the new PM accepts the will of the people and invokes Article 50 soonest.
    The doomsters have had their day, and the pound will soon be at a new high to the EURO.

    • RobtheFox says:

      I would have thought that an organisation like Brexit or even Ukip would have a draft plan to put before Oliver Letwin, the facilitator, or Oiıver Robbins the Head of the Government Brexit Unıt. What are they waitıng for or scared of?

  10. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Why is there a manic clammer for a plan here? It won’t be issued suddenly and why should it? Who are you to be given a plan…FFS!

    Letwin has been placed in charge of the following:

    “A new unit made up of civil servants from the Cabinet Office, Treasury and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is being set up to lay the groundwork for a British exit from the European Union, Downing Street has announced.”

    So shut up about a plan!

    • catalanbrian says:

      It is the Brexiteers, including those in Government who should have the plan, but clearly there is not one and never was one. And no, Ex-expat colin I will not shut up. You and your fellow Brexiteers misled the voting public to vote your way and now they have foolishly done so it is quite clear that you did not plan for this eventuality. Shame on you! I am, as a British citizen, entitled to know what is supposed to be happening, so don’t FFS me, you offensive little man.

      • foxbarn says:

        Brian, did you vote in the referendum? If so, you accepted the terms of the vote, which was very very thoroughly debated for months. But your side lost. Grow up and accept defeat. Bad losers are an ugly sight.

      • catalanbrian says:

        Yes of course I voted in the referendum. What I have for you people is a request
        Can you provide me a list of the benefits of the UK of leaving the European Union.
        In fact to make it easy for you can you give just one benefit of the UK leaving the European Union.

      • foxbarn says:

        Brian, we’ve just had a very, very long time of discussing the pros and cons of EU membership. I’m sorry if you were away on business or another planet for the last few years and didn’t have enough time to make a decision but the vote was a few weeks ago. Sorry you missed it but you really need to concentrate more next time. No worry though, your ONE vote wouldn’t make any difference because 1,269,501 more people voted OUT than IN.

      • RobtheFox says:

        Yes, I see that Catalanbrian did vote in the referendum. I dıd not because I was disenfranchised by a flawed electoral system and my application for an overseas postal vote, made ın August 2015, being mishandled by the local authority.
        Of course I was not alone as many UK citizens who are all assessable for UK tax and many, like me, have to meet such liabilities, but were denıed to vote in the future of their own country – which according to the PM was the most important decision for the country in a lifetime.
        Start to become a rich independent nation again….when was the UK last rich and independent…that is the plan, no that may be the aspiration but that does not constitute a plan. .

      • Ex-expat Colin says:

        I’ll put it another way, perhaps simpler for you…you won’t get a plan. So FFS shut up little man!

      • catalanbrian says:

        So at last you admit that there is no plan. And foxbarn just note that your statement proves that there are 1,269,501 more fools than others who voted in the referendum. Presumably all of those who voted out are quite happy that there was and is no plan. I asked a very simple question above and you are clearly incapable of answering it. Just one reason, that’s all.

      • foxbarn says:

        The reason we had a referendum Brian is that eventually people tire of arguing inane nonsense and it’s simply put to the the vote. And you lost. Now, we will extricate ourselves from the failing EU and start to become a rich, independent nation again. That’s the plan and as long as the moaning muppetocracy don’t sabotage it, we’ll succeed.

      • catalanbrian says:

        Hopeless and irrational wishes do not amount to a plan.

      • catweazle666 says:

        “It is the Brexiteers, including those in Government who should have the plan”

        Actually, it was your big hero Cameron who called the Referendum, so it was him that should have had a plan. Well, two actually, one for each eventuality.

        But he hadn’t, had he? Because he had utterly misjudged the mood of the electorate, he threw his toys out of the pram, quit, and slunk off with his tail between his legs.

        It wasn’t an election, you silly little sore loser troll, it was a referendum, a totally different matter entirely.

      • catalanbrian says:

        Cameron- my big hero? Yes you are insane.

      • mike5262015 says:

        Just read Mike 5262016 above for the basic reason for leaving the E.U.

      • catalanbrian says:

        I am afraid that you have not given one good reason for leaving the EU in your earlier post.

      • foxbarn says:

        Brian, have a careful listen to this and you tell us why you support it:

      • catalanbrian says:

        I have already watched it and apart from his poor style of presenting he says nothing that I have not heard from the Brexit camp already – a long list of half truths and untruths that were used by most in the Leave campaign. There are many reasons to support the, admittedly flawed, EU, but perhaps the largest is that of stability and the knowledge of where we are (were). We should have been working to change the EU from within, not picking up the ball and running off in a tantrum. And working to change the EU from within does not mean acting like the Kippers and simply attempting to block anything that is proposed, regardless of its merits (or becoming a member of the fisheries committee and not bothering to turn up at meetings). It means talking with those in the EU who also want change and then bringing such change about. Now we have left and we no longer can take part in any reformation of the EU, even though the EU will still be the UK’s largest trading partner. We no longer have a seat at the top table where decisions are made but have been relegated to that little table at the back near to the lavatories. One of the reasons given for voting out was that we would regain our sovereignty, whatever that may be. A fat lot of good that is if it leaves us poorer and only able to squeak when others roar. I could go on but I really can’t be bothered.

  11. Rhys Jaggar says:

    As a person living in the UK, I don’t consider it a good thing that house prices in London increased due to the falling pound. The only people to benefit from that are foreigners.

    If you’re saying that it’s core UKIP policy to put foreigners wishing to buy houses in the UK before Uk citizens doing the same, come out and say so.

    I remain to be convinced it’ll be a vote winner on the doorsteps……

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