Post-Referendum Debrief July 18th

‘Made in Wales’ farming possible after Brexit

According to the BBC,  Brexit gives the chance for a “made-in-Wales” approach to farming in the future, Rural Affairs Secretary Lesley Griffiths has said.

She will be meeting senior figures from the agricultural and food industries at the Royal Welsh Show near Builth Wells.

Ms Griffiths said she had seen a “real readiness to work together”. With farming fully devolved, Ms Griffiths said it was a chance to create policies and regulations “tailor made for Wales’ unique needs”.

She told BBC Wales she wanted to hear about the best of EU regulations but she was aware of concern among farmers who voted for Britain to leave over “red tape”.

Short, sharp shock?

Meanwhile, The Guardian warns that that the UK economy will have to weather a short, sharp shock, with Brexit uncertainty holding back both business investment and consumer spending, according to a leading economic forecasting group.

Severe dents to confidence mean the post-referendum economy is on “a very different path” from three months ago, said the EY Item Club, a forecasting group which uses Treasury modelling. It has slashed its predictions of economic growth for the next few years.

In April, Item said the UK’s GDP would grow by 2.6 per cent in 2017 – a figure it now expects to be barely 0.4 per cent. It expects the pound to have fallen 15 per cent in a year by the end of 2016, and decline further through the decade.

All doom and gloom with remnants of ‘Project Fear’ but things are steadying and the quicker we trigger article 50 the better.

UK will build trading zone ten times bigger than the EU

On a more positive note, The Daily Express reports that Britain already has ten trade deals lined with economic powerhouses around the world.

The new Secretary of State for International Trade Liam Fox has been tasked with negotiating the global trade deals that will make Britain “a beacon of open trade around the world”.

Last night he revealed that he will be allowed to cherry pick the brightest and the best from each Government department to ensure he heads the strongest team possible to advance Britain’s interests.

Nicola Sturgeon and a Brexit veto?

Lots of news over the weekend that Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP could block the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

If the Scots are foolish enough to vote for independence in the face of rock-bottom oil prices, the loss of Barnett formula largesse, the loss of the sterling and the prospect of a decade of ascension talks before they get re-admitted to the EU (along with compulsory Euro use and Schengen) then more power to them…



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32 Responses to Post-Referendum Debrief July 18th

  1. charles wardrop says:

    As a proud but non-Nationalist Scottish Unionist, I hope the SNP and Sturgeon and other influential Scots read your Debriefs, even though they do not want to know the truths you expound, Mr Helmer.

    • KennieD says:

      According to BBC and Sky News, there are no Scots other than those of the SNP or its followers.
      Sturgeon and her ilk will never read anything like Mr Helmer’s debriefs simply because nothing exists other than the mouthy comments of the snp. But we all know she is always right about everything don’t we?

      • mike5262015 says:

        The Scots are a strange lot, and due to that strangeness, they have the right leader in Sturgeon. ” We want independence so that we can leave the U.K., and then Scotland can be ruled by the E.U. ! ! ! ” I always thought the Scots had more about them. At least the question of currency is answered this time. They will have the Euro, end of.

    • catweazle666 says:

      It’s all just hot air from that blowhard Sturgeon.

      Another referendum would require agreement of the UK Government, which would be unlikely to be forthcoming.

      • charles wardrop says:

        Hope to the Almighty you are right, but the SNP do not respect UK law, so would proced unilaterally, though the (hitherto foolish) English politicos might accept that.
        Thank God Cameron has gone, replaced by a hopefully sensible woman.
        Just say “No” to SNP..

  2. ian wragg says:

    I hope the PM makes it clear to widow Kranckie that the Barnet formula is to be scrapped at the next budget.
    Give Scotland 100% tax raising powers and move Trident to Plymouth or West wales.
    Then she will have something to squawk about.

    • vera says:

      I like the sound of that. Fed up with her demands and threats. Although I’d prefer a United Kingdom, Sturgeon makes me want to tell them to get lost. It’s not independence she really wants, it’s just hatred of us English which she continually stirs up.

      • charles wardrop says:

        Please do not condemn Scots Unionists to the rule by the “Scotnatsies,” whose manners and governmental incompetence make them, at best, irrelevant to the good of Scotland.
        Some form of partition would be less bad than a SNP hegemony. G and DD are the most concentrated of them; only 41.5% of the electorate voted to Remain.
        Whatever the egregious Salmond and Sturgeon may claim, their Party does not represent the people of Scotland, who should include also Scots down South.
        As Mr Helmer notes above, the SNP case is ruinous.

    • Graeme Chegwidden says:

      Here’s my proposal. Divide Scotland like Ireland is divided and the Remainers can live in the East half and the Brexiters in the West. Then do what Ian Wragg suggests and let the Republic of Eastern Scotland become an EU province.

      There’s one issue though…a whole bunch of people who voted to leave the UK don’t want to be part of the EU – they actually want to be independent…and why not?

      Iceland only has 330,000 people and its a perfectly serviceable country…

      How many Scotsmen does it take to run the shipyards?

      • charles wardrop says:

        Poor geography!
        G, DD are West and East respectively, so could becpome enclaves of Nationalism, ruled by the SNP.
        The rest of us Scots would mot miss them, and would offer refugee status to the Unionist escapees!

  3. davidbuckingham says:

    Roger what did Theresa say to Nicola? “I’m relying on you to keep us in the EU… I’m giving you a veto. Stoke up some friction with the Boris-Davis-Fox front for another mass Brexit resignation, slow-motion or otherwise and I’ll redesign the goalposts” ?
    Or is she genuinely pro-leave and coaxing Nicola while negotiated terms develop over the next couple of years to an irresistible extent and the EU and Euro implode making the UK even more irresistible?
    Or is she offering more devolution for Scottish internal affairs, maintaining the integrity of the UK? Could be the best option I think.
    Or is she playing wait and see as did another short-sighted pragmatist, Cameron?
    Whose side IS she on?
    Btw did she visit Belfast?

    • charles wardrop says:

      The SNP will NEVER be satisfied by ANY concession from the UK Gov., even unilateral ejection from the UK, since they would still hate the English and blame them for the financial and many other disasters guaranteed to follow separation.
      They and many of their supporters are, thus, nutters, and one hopes that the Westminster politicos know that, unlike most of the media, accepting them as “the people of Scotland”
      .Some 41.5% of the Scottish electorate voted to Remain, not the overwhelming majority, as claimed by many Nats.
      Hope those down South are aware of the above, so please spread the word, remembering the spread and behaviour of the German Nazis in the 1930s and 40s.

  4. charles wardrop says:

    Scottish devolution was one of “Dumbo” Blair’s dopey schemes, intended to take the sting out of Scottish nationalism but, as with almost everything else of Blair’s achievements, (except for the FoI Act)), caused more trouble than benefit.
    Therefore, perhaps the possible ultimate break up of the UK could be blamed on Blair, along with the ignorance of too many nationalistic Scots, resulting in their present chronic state of Grievance, Grudge, Girning and Greed. Their Gullibility compounds the unhappy state of Scottish politics.

    None of that justifies or explains the BBC’s and others’ uncritical attitude to our politician duds.

    • rtj1211 says:

      You’re viewing Scottish devolution on a very short timescale. I would suggest to you that by 2040, Scotland will have had a Conservative First Minister in Holyrood.

      You’re assuming that this temporary phenomenon of SNP rule is permanent.

      It’s not. It’ll only last as long as the voters tolerate it.

      • charles wardrop says:

        Hope you are right, but voters are tolerating it now, and some polls say a majority support separation. Very lacking in insight of realities, but , if you’re correct, might come to their senses within a quarter century.

  5. “The best from every government department”
    tories,tories,tories, we are ODing on tories, it reminds one of when Errol Flynn won the war in Burma, in Objective Burma.

  6. Francesca Macfarlane says:

    “..and the prospect of a decade of ascension talks..” ??? Roger, are you suggesting that the EU is some sort of Nirvana? that Sturgeon aspires to “ascend” into it just as Christ is said to have ascended into Heaven?

  7. mike5262015 says:

    I want the United Kingdom to stay together, but I have to admit that I am getting tired of the continual chirping of the SNP on an item that they have already had a referendum about. If the Scots are so in love with the E.U., then let them go so we can have an end to this nonsense. I do hope they realise that the E.U. might not permit a future vote for their members, but then I am sure that Sturgeon has that all weighed up ! ? !

  8. Jeff Martin says:

    I sincerely hope we do get out but with all the conflicting stories on social media totally confused IE on MSN PM has stated no article 50 until whole UK agree

    • KennieD says:

      An article in Telegraph the day after May’s visit to nastie nicola’s residence said that May had promised “No article 50 until the Scots(snp) agree”.
      The telegraph has since pulled the story, but I was hoping that Ukip leadership were aware of it. Seems the English, Welsh and N. Irish are just ‘by-the-way’.

      • Nigel Greaves says:

        I read that too, on msn. Makes no sense as Sturgeon will never agree to taking Scotland out of the EU, so the democratic vote will be overturned making it effectively an in/in referendum.
        Could be major civil unrest over something like that. May must realise that Brexit won’t mean Brexit under those circumstances.

      • Jeff Martin says:

        Got a feeling this will go on and on and Teflon will say sorry I tried my best but SNPwould not budge so will have to re negotiate with EU

    • Graeme Chegwidden says:

      How do we know that the same Scotsmen who voted to leave the UK are the same ones who voted to Remain? What if its the other way round?

      Of course, so we know for sure, Scotland will first have to have a second referendum to leave the UK and win it. Then when that decision is final and has been accepted by the Scots, then they can hold a referendum on whether to join the EU…

      Then everyone should be sure!!!

      Of course, any Scots who want to remain in the UK better move down here before Scotland leaves the UK…

      Who’s going to pay for the reinforcement of Hadrian’s Wall? And who will take the Scottish refugees?

    • rtj1211 says:

      I think you need to be careful about believing what the MSM print, vs what actually comes out of relevant horses’ mouths. My view until proven otherwise is that Mrs May is offering business-like approaches to Scotland unless she has to pummel them with a Maggie-style handbag down the line.

  9. Jane Davies says:

    I am a bit out of the loop here across the pond and reading your comments was making me feel a bit depressed…but then I saw this article and feel a little better now.

    This Sturgeon woman is a bit hard to take as she epitomises the angry English hating stereotype that many English folk despise in Scots, but unlike her we don’t paint all Scots with the same brush, we know the vast majority are not like her. She on the other hand see us English as invaders and murderers. She really needs to move and embrace the bigger picture and have a word with herself.

  10. ian terry says:

    What the hell are we banging on about. Having just spent 12.5 hours coming back to dictatorship Scotland from the south coast. Who really gives a stuff? Empress Nick will do what her foot soldiers tell her to. They do not give two monkeys as what really is going on all they want is FREEDOM. Living here and totally naffed off with it all GIVE IT TO THEM. Take away the boats build the new ones back in the rest of England stop all the subsidies for all the frigging turbines, stuff the oil it ain’t worth a toss. I read today that the Scottish boss of Grangemouth is thinking about investing in building Land Rover Defenders in Northern England!!! Hello Earth calling Mars. Listen to the people with the money!! If the new Prime Minister has any ****s stop sucking up to Empress Nick tell her to go forth etc. Better still give the Rest of the UK the referendum on whether there are in or out? Driven today through vast areas of England and seen the fight in many counties trying to stop new development. Why do you need new houses? PEOPLE.. Enough of that just put the Scots in their place. Never never forget the first letter of the Scottish alphabet. F. Funding. Get a life and get into the real world. Wake up and smell the coffee the UK, you do not need Scotland they need you. if they leave just make sure you have the vote whether you have them back if it goes tits up. In the brave new world we are entering into with the whole world!! push has to go to shove or in other words p**s or get off the pot. Scottish low key MSPs cannot be allowed to destroy what I have given the last 40 odd years to. My Freedom. .

    • Jane Davies says:

      Come on Ian, stop sitting on the fence and say what you really mean!!!!
      I take it you won’t be applying for a job in diplomatic corps any time soon?

      My only concern is all the PC nonsense, we need a PM who will not be browbeaten by some harpy who is so focused on what SHE wants and bugger anyone who disagrees with her. The UK needs a PM who will be focused on getting Article 50 invoked, the sooner the better, I’m not liking hearing it could be at the end of the year, it needs to be started now.

      • ian terry says:

        Sorry about that, but as with a lot of people we all have big concerns about ending up with a diluted version of what we want but more importantly need. The media tell us of the big players wanting to have deals with us so get A into G and get on with it.

  11. ian terry says:


    Why on earth does your blog people keep sending out daily bulletins if you have no way of replying to them? I have tried to follow their process and three times it has been rejected.

    Are these people really serious? I think not.

  12. Anyoldiron says:

    As one that was in that last WAR-yes and heavily bombed at that time and indeed ‘bombed out’, and if Nicola Sturgeon read about the pounding Scotland got in that last WAR she would indeed want Scotland to remain in the UK and would indeed be playing a full part in the United Kingdom.

  13. Sturgeon the mouthpiece of the Oligarchs. Pay her no heed, for she wants a War as she hasn’t seen one yet. Nicola..its a coming to your backyard soon.

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