Post-Referendum Debrief July 19th

Prime Minister vows to make a success of Brexit 

Yes, Brexit does mean Brexit, and yes we all hope and of course, need, the Prime Minister to make a success of this new opportunity and challenge we have.

In a piece in The Guardian, Theresa May echoed the social justice tone of her first address at Downing Street last week.

She was quoted as saying: “It will be the responsibility of everyone sitting around the cabinet table to make Brexit work for Britain. And it will also be their duty to deliver success on behalf of everyone in the UK, not just the privileged few. That is why social justice will be at the heart of my government.”

Brexit legality hits the courts

Yes, you read that right. many papers today are carrying the story that a legal challenge to Brexit is about to start – here’s The Independent’s online coverage.

It’s smacks of desperation and worse still, a disregard for the wishes of the majority of those who voted in last month’s referendum.

Merkel muscled out?

An interesting piece in The Daily Express which reports that analysts from the influential EU affairs think tank Votewatch Europe said Germany lacked the diplomatic skills required to hold the balance of power in Brussels.

They studied EU voting patterns over the last seven years and found that Germany was routinely outvoted more than France in the chamber.  Since 2009 Germany has been outvoted 42 times, especially on environment, internal market, transport and civil liberties, while France suffered only three parliamentary defeats.

Interestingly, VoteWatch Europe director and co-founder Doru Peter Frantescu said: “While Germany is a huge economic power and one of the main drivers of EU integration, the politics in the EU Council is less about the economy and more about diplomacy and negotiation practices, which lead to building coalitions to form majorities or blocking minorities.

“What a country needs in the council in order to be successful is to find allies with similar positions. In this regard, decision-making data since 2009 indicates that France is in a better position to build majorities than Germany.”

Seems it’s all change wherever we look at the moment.



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5 Responses to Post-Referendum Debrief July 19th

  1. David says:

    The remainers such as Sarpong, keep claiming lies told in Referendum campaign by Outers. So will someone tell her and her ilk about the many lies told, and information left out, by both heath & Wilson in the 70,s which took us down this awful route.

  2. rtj1211 says:

    Vernon Bogdanor is writing in today’s Guardian that ‘the EU may finally be starting to listen’. His position is ‘get Freedom of Movement changed, then Britain can stay in the EU”. He clearly wants a second Referendum to ‘get the right result’.

    Meanwhile, 450+ MPs issue a blank cheque to the American MIC to fleece us for whatever they wish building and maintaining Trident. Honestly: EVERYTHING has a value and a price to it. As soon as you say ‘no matter what the cost’, the cost will balloon toward infinity. I simply cannot credit it being LEGAL to provide Parliamentary authority for unbudgeted spending without limits found within the Act of Parliament. On the basis of all the Remainiacs saying there has to be ‘another Referendum’, why shouldn’t Trident’s current authorisation be: ‘come up with a legally enforceable contract including price, then come back to HOC to authorise it or reject it’. Absolutely non-sensical hiding behind ‘commercial sensitivity’. If there is but one thing where everyone should know how much they have to pay, it is weapons of mass destruction……

    Of course the Americans will say ‘no matter what’. They’re building it, their companies bring in billions and their Govt gets exorbitant tax receipts as a result. Basic Economics 101.

    A large number of journalists have shot their ‘austerity, austerity, austerity’ moral authority by their stance to Trident. It will be a matter of no little irony, delicious schadenfreude and a few other unworthy emotions watching them called to account sooner or later for their cognitive financial dissonance……..

  3. Diana Pinnell says:

    I wish the Remainers would accept that more of the population voted Leave than voted for the Conservatives, SNP and Lib Dems put together in the last General Election. If they can’t accept the Referendum result, why should the rest of us accept a Conservative government?

    • RobtheFox says:

      But that is irrelevant is it not? You are not comparing like with like and it cannot be assumed that all Leavers came from one party or all Remain voters from another; this was not a general election but a referendum. The choice was either in or out whereas normally there is a selection of candidatesd from dıfferent parties each offering a dıffering manifest .

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