Post-Referendum Debrief July 20th

Sturgeon’s dream in tatters

As we have said all along – Scotland will have to leave the EU along with the rest of the UK.

Today’s Daily Express reports that Nicola Sturgeon’s hopes of Scotland being able to veto the Brexit vote are in tatters!

The paper says it has learnt that a meeting between Scottish UKIP MEP David Coburn and European Parliament President Martin Schulz has confirmed that Scotland will have to leave the EU with the rest of the UK.

It came after the SNP First Minister had held meetings with senior EU figures to try to get a separate Scottish deal from the Brexit talks after a majority of Scots voted to Remain.

Mr Coburn told the paper: “President Schulz is no more interested in ‘Balkanising’ the UK than Great Britain is in ‘Balkanising’ the EU – especially Spain and the Baltic States.” 

IMF admits the economy is growing

The papers are also full today of reports that the IMF has been forced to admit the economy is growing, despite the doom and gloom of ‘Project Fear’.

Officials are facing a humiliating climbdown after claiming Britain would face a recession if thecountry opted to leave the European Union.

But now the IMF expects the British economy to grow by 1.7 per cent this year and 1.3 per cent in 2017. The forecast puts the UK’s economy as the second-fastest growing economy in 2016 among the G7 industrialised nations, second only to the US.

As I bogged a few months ago  The IMF has warned of “severe consequences” from Brexit.   This comes as no surprise, for two reasons.

First of all, the IMF is widely seen as a cheer-leader for Brussels.  It is largely staffed by Europeans, with close links to the EU institutions.

It has  attracted severe criticism because it has appeared to spend more resources and effort on saving Greece and the €urozone than on its broader global remit.

Indeed frustration with the IMF  was a factor prompting China to create an Asian equivalent, the AIIB.  The current head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, is a former French Foreign Minister. So to paraphrase Mandy Rice Davies, “She would say that, wouldn’t she?”.

The second reason to doubt the IMF’s advice is that it’s frequently wrong – most notably, perhaps, with its recent dire warnings that Osborne’s spending cuts would lead to financial collapse in the UK.  When the opposite happened, it was obliged to eat its words.

Article 50

It is now looking likely Article 50 will be triggered early next year 

The Guardian, for one, reports Theresa May will warn  Angela Merkel that she needs time to prepare for Brexit, as she heads to Berlin for private talks with the German chancellor.

The new prime minister will fly to Berlin after facing her first prime minister’s questions on Wednesday.

Merkel and May’s working dinner is likely to be dominated by discussion of Britain leaving the EU but they are also likely to touch on the trading relationship between the two countries, the migration crisis and Islamist terrorism.

I’d like to see Article 50 ASAP. But I do start to get a sense that the UK is imposing its own timetable – not being pushed around!

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33 Responses to Post-Referendum Debrief July 20th

  1. DICK R says:

    Why is the UK about to relinquish it’s turn of the UE presidency, thus missing a great opportunity to rub their snouts in Brexit .

    • mike5262015 says:

      If we took that view Dick, we would be taking our eye off the ball at a very important time, and doing this off our own bat, just goes to show the E.U. how fair we Brits are, and quite frankly how little need we have of the E.U. post Brexit.

      • DICK R says:

        Not at all ,we must shove it up ’em at every opportunity ,do you imagine how things would have turned out had we lost the referendum ,they would have taken it as a mandate to impose every whim and diktat they could come up with, life would have become unbearable as the Triumphant BBC invited EU officials to appear on the news night after night congratulating the British People on the ‘correctness’ of their decision.
        We must gloat mercilessly .

  2. Ex-expat Colin says:


    Guardian and/or BBC staff are in early today?

    [video src="" /]

    When will Brian May kick off…naughty Trump playing We are the Champions at Cleveland on Rust Belt.

  3. foxbarn says:

    There’s a great article in today’s Times by the entrepreneur George Trefgarne, saying how ‘Brexitosis’ (depression in the Remainiacs) is subsiding and that the evidence is clear; business is booming, the future is bright. Normally, The Times is dominated by anti-Brexit articles by the whining europhiles Matthew Parris and Daniel Finkelstein.

    • Anyoldiron says:

      We will NEVER forget.

      So many gave their lives for us
      Fighting in two World Wars,
      Yet when “Peace” came at last
      We ask, “What was that war for”?
      Where is that peace we fought for?
      Did we pay to give it away
      To foreigners once more to govern us?
      Did the people ever have a say?

      We were asked once in 1975
      To remain in the then EEC,
      But what is it now in 2016
      It is nothing like we thought it would be.
      Our Common Law Constitution
      Ignored and deliberately cast aside,
      A new Flag and EU Anthem
      That no Brits can truly abide.

      Yet according to our Constitution,
      We must be free to govern our selves?
      To betray those that gave their lives for us
      Would be like living in a permanent Hell!
      We are forbidden to obey foreigners
      Our Constitution makes that quite clear,
      It is time for us to set ourselves FREE.
      By the REFERENDUM Governments fear.

  4. charles wardrop says:

    The SNP’s dreams are Unionists’ nightmares, but they depended on higher oil prices for any reality.
    The Salmond, Sturgeon types have been pseudos ever since the Referendum in 2014 and, since then, they have been faking confidence, taking in their supporters, while the nation they claim to support has languished in uncertainty.
    They will hope to continue their deceptions, bu the end is surely nigh, we hope.
    Otherwise the future for both the Union and Scotland is bleak, even if Nats could do a deal with N Korea!

    • foxbarn says:

      Why don’t we want Scotland to leave the Union? It would be heaven without their 56 socialist nutjob MPs in Westminster, they could sod off and create their Marxist paradise north of the border and save us a fortune. They could get all the cheap labour they need from the EU and help build the wall to keep their electorate in, like all socialist paradises have to.

      • charles wardrop says:

        The magnaminity of you Southerners and, hopefully, a sense of UK history, a better future for Scotland after the Natsies have croaked, DV, justify your faith.
        If your faith crumbles, a Natsie-N Korea Union might happen, so hateful are the SNP, and you surely wouldn’t want NKoreans as neighbours!

      • foxbarn says:

        I’m a believer in democracy and of people having self determination, it seems that all mighty Empires cause misery for their millions. If Cameron hadn’t made Scotland endless promises, the Scots might well have got their independence.

      • RobtheFox says:

        Keep their electorate in….includıng the 47,000 Ukip voters at the 2015 general election…so much for loyalty….

    • Andrew Smith says:

      It seems to me the only disadvantages for the rest of the UK if Scotland were to leave would be the nuclear bases and a big emotional loss. I would hate them to leave but my improved bank account would relieve the sense of loss quite a lot.

      • Can’t really blame you, but remember a majority of Scots support neither the SNP’s separation policy, nor the EU, former 52%, latter based on 41.5 % only of the Scottish electorate.

    • mike5262015 says:

      Always remember that Scotland is not as canny as they think they are. A few centuries ago they were keen on buying shares in a Central American project, and many Scots had their fingers burnt by it. Today, their Nationalists want to leave the U.K. and join the E.U. – ( Their idea of Independence must be at variance with mine !). In any case the E.U. does not seem over keen to accept them, and the SNP have taken away the block of Labour seats, and that almost guarantee continued Tory government !

  5. KennieD says:

    Is Christine Lagarde, of IMF notoriety, still under investigation over her dealings with Greece, or has that been swept under the carpet?

  6. Shieldsman says:

    The problems I see mainly centre on a long delay in invoking Article 50 and the desire to remain in the single market under current terms.
    I am beginning to wonder if the Foreign and Home Secretaries can be trusted on regaining full control of immigration. Not committing to a number, whilst it is accepted there may be a need for qualified migrants, Control of our Borders means no migrants at all if we so desire.

    Leaving the single market, as distinct from leaving the EU presents the problem. Countries outside of the EU do not accept the four freedoms in order to trade with it and neither should we.

    • ian wragg says:

      As I have posted elsewhere, I think the Tories are on probation, any backsliding and the country will become ungovernable.
      It’s up to UKIP to remind everyone that around 170 countries are NOT in the EU and trade successfully without accepting the 4 freedoms.
      The single market is a Tory smoke screen.

  7. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Article 50…any chance?

  8. Anyoldiron says:

    Scotland is just one part of the United Kingdom of GREAT Britain and Northern Ireland and may it always be so. None of us know what may come to be, but I do suggest that Nicola Sturgeon reads the full account of what took place in bonny Scotland in that last World War. As part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Scotland had more than its fair share of the terrible bombing of this United Kingdom.

    • Anyoldiron says:

      Noted also that Scotland is just one part of the United Kingdom of GREAT Britain and Northern Ireland. The whole of the United Kingdom of Great Britain And Northern Ireland were in that full scale WAR in 1939-1945. Should Scotland be attacked then the rest of the United Kingdom would come along to fight for and with you.

  9. Anyoldiron says:

    The Destruction of the United Kingdom.

    T’was the death of the first Queen Elizabeth
    When the son of Queen Mary of Scots became King,
    James was ready to be King of Scotland,
    And a Protestant Religion did bring.
    Those that want to break away,
    Destroy all that held fast and free,
    When the Crowns of Scotland and England
    Were United on the 11th of July, 1603.

    Two World Wars could not destroy us
    Our United Kingdom of Great Britain,
    Yet will the destruction of our ‘Kingdom’
    Come from the enemy, OR WITHIN?
    A once united United Kingdom
    Stood together to fight the foreign foe,
    That wanted to conquer this Kingdom
    Yet the people would NOT let it go.

    Little is known now of the bombing of Scotland,
    For the Scottish do not sing that song,
    Yet in 1941 Clydebank took a pounding,
    When 200 German ‘planes dropped their bombs.
    We knew of the bombing of Scapa Flow of Orkney
    To drive our Navy out to sea,
    An attack on H.M.S Mohawk,
    Sixteen sailors lost forever, was to be.

    The “old uns” knew about the heavy bombing,
    Friends here today, and gone the next,
    The intense bombing of our Scotland
    So many lives lost in Scotland,
    Our Countrymen brave and true,
    For all in this United Kingdom
    Want FREEDOM, not ruled by the EU.

    Why does our PM want Scotland
    To continue to be part of the UK?
    When away to foreigners would give us all?
    And many £billions to strangers would pay?
    Such treachery over these many years,
    “That there would be no loss of essential Sovereignty”,
    The people told by those then did trust,
    Just believe in us all-for ‘tis reality!

    It was all of us working together
    That made the United Kingdom “GREAT”
    To have to fight for our freedom once more,
    Is some-thing we ALL would hate.
    So eager to join a European Union
    That divides nations, so shall it be?
    The EU to dominate once FREE Countries
    Never again to ever be set FREE?

    This is what weak UK Leaders have now done,
    Chosen freely the path of destruction,
    To separate and divide nations forever,
    Still believing those cheap words of seduction.
    It will be left to the people of Scotland,
    To remain in the UK or be forever alone
    Though hundreds of years stood “together”
    Pray they never come to be always on their own.

    To destroy, destroy our Kingdom completely
    Is what the EU must succeed to do,
    For four Countries together are far too strong,
    Yet our own have PAID £billions to the EU.

  10. mike5262015 says:

    Again many Thanks Roger for the work your putting in to give us all a say at this time. Also my Thanks to Anyoldiron for his input to all of this, which gives me the chuckles; much needed.
    Our new Government and Mrs. May, will be seen to be doing the very best for Brexit, if only she would include, maybe at arms length and perhaps as an advisory, Nigel Farage and UKIP. If I want legal advice, I engage a Solicitor who has the most knowledge of the legal problem that I face. Of course politics don’t come into it with me, but I would be most impressed if our P.M. were to take advice from a political enemy, who was time served to the problem in hand.
    As for the possible legal challenge to the Democratic referendum vote. Just bring in the error of Heath and Co. going against the British Constitution of handing the Nation over to foreigners. That should keep them all in Court for ever, and only ending when costs fail to be paid !

    • Jane Davies says:

      I wonder if there is a legal loophole where because we never voted to actually join the EU we should be able to walk away, due to the lies and treason committed by Heath and his government. If there isn’t a loophole then there darn well should be.

      • RobtheFox says:

        The long standıng application to join the European Common Market was eventually signed by Heath in 1974 and ratified by the Wilson government following a referendum in 1975. The European Union dates from much later and long after Heath had left office.

      • Jane Davies says:

        My point exactly, we never voted to join the EU we voted to join a common market.

      • RobtheFox says:

        Jane it was a natural progession, especially for a country that places responsibility in its government rather than rushing off to the electorate for a referendum every five minutes. There have been just two since the war 1975 and 2016…no referendum on joining NATO or the UN, for example.

      • foxbarn says:

        You do make us a laugh Rob, ‘rushing off to the electorate every five minutes’ – slight distortion there, it’s been 40 years since the last referendum. But Governments do ‘rush off’ to the electorate quite often with Parish, District and council elections, by elections and general elections. As you’re one of the pesky electorate, are you offering to give up your right to vote and leave it all to the government?

      • RobtheFox says:

        Oh, I am so glad my comments give “us” a laugh – who is or are “us”? – especially when, and if, you choose to read them properly you will then appreciate that basically your first sentence is but a repetition of the point I was making.
        You will also then, perhaps, appreciate that I said rushing off every five minutes – that is a recognised phrase or expression for ‘frequently’, have you not heard it before? – for a referendum; note I said referendum. However, you decided to go off at a tangent citing elections for various bod,es but, of course, elections and referenda are not the same at all.
        I have cherished my right to vote for over fifty years and your insinuation that I am one of “a pesky electorate” is probably just another example of your wanting to fınd fault where none exists. .

  11. DICK R says:

    Just a change of name at each turn of the ratchet !

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