Post-Referendum Debrief August 24th

When Brexit doesn’t mean Brexit!

Labour leadership ‘hopeful’ Owen Smith has said if he is elected, the party will oppose triggering Article 50 until the Government commits to a second vote.

With a blatant disregard for the will of the people (the UK voted to leave the EU by 52 per cent to 48 per cent), Mr Smith is quoted on the BBC’s website as saying, “It would be irresponsible of Theresa May to simply trigger Article 50 and sleepwalk out of the deal. Labour still believes that we should be a part of the European Union.

“Under my leadership, Labour won’t give the Tories a blank cheque.

“We will vote in Parliament to block any attempt to invoke Article 50 until Theresa May commits to a second referendum or a general election on whatever EU exit deal emerges at the end of the process.”

With the current Labour leader seemingly unsure where he stands, the whole party seems somewhat confused about what it really believes, as well as the democratic process.

Demand for new homes has soared since the referendum 

A report in The Daily Mail reveals demand  for new homes has soared since Britain voted to leave the EU.

Persimmon, which specialises in family homes, said the number visiting its sites and reserving a home has jumped by a fifth since the referendum.

That somewhat defies the doom and gloom forecasts from the former Chancellor and the rest of the Project Fear team?

The developer said reservations of homes since July 1 were up 17 per cent on the same period last year and Persimmon, whose brands include Charles Church and Westbury, also posted bumper results for the first six months of the year. Profits were up 29 per cent to £352.3m.

Meanwhile, in a separate report, HM Revenue and Customs showed the housing market held steady after the EU referendum.

French tourism blow

An intersting read in The Daily Express today – it reports one million fewer visitors went to the French capital in the first six months of 2016 compared to the year before, sparked by terror and safety fears, as well as claims the chic city is dirty and blighted by striking workers.

The 6.4 per cent drop has cost £644m (€750) in lost revenue in just half a year.

Mind you, the country still remains the most popular tourist destination in the world, attracting 84.5m visitors last year with 16m headed for Paris.

More migrant problems

Thousands of Chechen migrants are slipping into Germany through an unmanned Polish crosspoint normally used for businessmen and tourists.

The Daily Express reports that Germany shut down border crossings into the country from the western Balkan migrant route into south Germany after 1.1 million refugees entered last year after the Government’s open door policy was introduced.

In reaction to the closures the migrant route has now moved east through Poland, which shares the largest border with Germany – leaving the nation open to terrorists entering the state.

Official statistics reveal the number of illegal crossings has catapulted out of control between the twinned towns of Germany’s Frankfurt an der Oder, east of Berlin in Brandenburg state, and Poland’s Slubice, which are linked by an unmanned bridge over the Oder river.

And this quote from a German federal police officer says it all –  “We have no idea if they stay in Germany or if they travel on to other countries. “We simply have no idea.”


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40 Responses to Post-Referendum Debrief August 24th

  1. Fraser Sig says:

    Thank you for the heads up ,good briefing,Owen Smith is a TRAITOR not for democracy at all.

  2. KennieD says:

    Well, I hope UKIP are getting the message out, especially to ‘labour voters’ who voted “Leave” that their Leaders are planning to totally deny their democratic request/demand.

    • Oliver Manuel says:

      Democracy became an illusion after nations and national academies of sciences were united on 24 OCT 1945. That is why George Orwell moved from London to the Scottish Isle of Jura in 1946 to start writing about the new tyrannical government arising from the ruins of WWII – Nineteen Eighty Four

      If you doubt that we all live under tyranny, see Steve Milloy’s presentation to the US National Academy of Sciences about EPA’s illegal use of human subjects in experiments:

      • Oliver Manuel says:

        These are a small fraction of the cost to society from hiding the powerful and immediate source of energy that created and now sustains every atom and life in the solar system – the source of energy in atomic bombs. When galley proofs of the latest publication are received, I have promised KennieD to post them here

      • June says:

        We have been gradually living 1984. It keeps accelerating. Unless we face up to it and do something to stop it now, in only a few more years we will be embroiled in it forever. Your choice folks, if you think 1984 is fiction you are going to hate the fact pure terror.

  3. UKIP are too busy with a leadership vote but at least they are not making as big a mess of it as Labour.

  4. John Burnett says:

    The comment demonstrates just how deaf the ‘political realists’ are to the “voice of the people”. I suspect they are in for a rude awakening

  5. Nivek Ecyoj says:

    I’m coming to the conclusion that this guy is actually worse than Corbyn, and that takes some doing.

  6. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Interesting to see borders into Germany are wide open…..except the main ones where authority sports the latest armament. And they all look miserable g*ts. I used a couple of back road crossings from Ned to Germany in the 70’s…nobody there, barrier up. Belgium the same. Anyway, why bother with crossings?

    So we can safely say that Labour and the SNP plus any other silly little party will oppose and remain errrm,… offended. I look forward to published exit procedure, about next April I’d say? Don’t expect anything from any other EU country as regards referendums because they just get ignored.

    As I remember its a bit too hot to goto Paris about now. And certainly Calais would be off the route! And Belgium. And Greece. And Italy. Most anywhere mid EU to south I’d say. Oh, and Sweden.

    Looks like the NHs is/was trying to end us a different way round:
    “National Grid’s drive for hospitals to help keep the UK’s lights on by using their back-up diesel generators is “highly questionable” because it will cause air pollution right in the vicinity of patients, a think-tank has warned”

    Don’t understand the thinking here..set up a dedicated safety critical back up power service and then screw it?

    The mentals run the NG as well!

    • ian wragg says:

      Colin, when I retired last year, as far as I could remember there were about 3 gigawatts of diesel generators available under the STOR system. These are generally owned by foreign companies and are available at peak times when the wind fails and the sun don’t shine.
      Being of 1 megawatt or less they are not subject to emission controls so when running, they produce some of the most expensive and dirtiest power on the planet.
      This is just to please the green blob who pretend they are saving the world with their stupid windmills.

    • KennieD says:

      Paris is OK and coming via Calais is alright so long as you go straight to the motorway when getting off the Channel train.
      Greece is still good, depends on your reason for going. People are still nice, I just don’t understand why they elect a Govt which wants to stay in the eu to be bossed about by Germany (with France hanging on to its coat-tails)

  7. June says:

    If the Remain Group, which includes politicians, keeps lying to us and heaping delay after delay to destroy a BREXIT, then we, the completely ignored 17.4 million voters, without delay, political correctness and the softly, softly approach must act accordingly. Just Get Out Of The Destructive EU. We were betrayed in 1972 and we have been lied to repeatedly, even made to feel like lepers because we are Patriotic to our Country. This self-serving group will destroy us and our country. Let us show that we have the backbone, determination and courage to stand our ground and fight fire with fire. We got into this EU mess with Lies and Betrayals from our Leaders. With a stroke of the pen they got us into the EU, so my patriotic friends, let us get out with just a stroke of the pen. Then we negotiate!

    • David says:


    • astrogalblog says:

      Labour the biggest party OUGHT to be respecting #Brexit. Methinks UKIP and Labour should form an alliance and FORCE Mrs May to act promptly NOW. She should have got her Cabinet to invoke Article 50 from 1st July, which would show Brussels that UK means business. All these delays and excuses means Mrs May could well come up with a more pro EU deal than a “leave for Good EU deal”, I fear. I just hope people will “‘cotton on” and not let Mrs May get away with a watered down #Brexit deal. In fact, no reason not to use an Act of Parliament to end our contract with the EU now and save ourselves an awful lot of taxpayer’s money!

  8. David says:

    Smith, looking as unelectable as that other guy.

  9. Dung says:

    I imagine that our PM does not know what to announce to her adoring public right now ^.^ Just under half will expect her to row back on Brexit and just over half will be out for blood if she does not hurry up and do something. I vow to be out on the street if she does welch on Brexit.

  10. Alan Piper says:

    On the subject of tourism (and as distraction from the leadership campaign and Citizen Smith) I was surprised to learn this week, from “money week” (.com) that the UK’s 3rd largest source of overseas income is tourism. 36m visitors, £23 bn spent and the 3rd largest employer.

    Yet while France is the worlds no 1 destination with more than twice the trade (85m visitors last year) they have not one but well staffed ministries involved in the business.

    We have Tracey Crouch, a junior minister in the Dept of Culture, media and Sport.

    I mention this for 2 reasons. For years I have tried and failed to interest ukip in the political opportunities regarding VAT so I was delighted when I read “VAT is perhaps the single most important issue. Of the 28 EU countries the UK is almost alone in charging full VAT on tourist accommodation, restaurant meals…. Etc”

    And according the the World Economic Forum ” the UK ranks 138th out of 140 countries in terms of tourism price competitiveness. small wonder our share is falling”

    Bearing in mind this magazine is about economics not politics, it points out that cutting VAT on tourism would reduce the current a/c deficit by £22bn and reducing tourism VAT to 5% would actually increase the tax take.

    A rare economic win win. Ignored by government. And by UKIP. For now at least.

    One day perhaps…?

  11. Anyoldiron says:

    You all must keep on having a REFERENDUM until you get the answer RIGHT.

  12. mike5262015 says:

    1. Take up the PR system of voting. FPTP is now so out of date that it is offensive to people who want Democracy. – Just look at the last figures of our General Election !
    2. Cancel the Act for fixed term elections. We have and are seeing the stupidity of this Act. with all the Parties in disarray. We hardly have a Government, and we don’t have an Opposition which is a requirement of good Democratic Government.
    3. Hold a General Election. This will almost certainly result in a Coalition, which in normal days would be an area for weakness, but these are not normal days. More than one Party could be to the advantage of the people, in order that extreme policy is not followed.
    4. Any Politician advocating a re-run of a vote, or taking action to make the will of the people void, should be stopped from holding Public Office for life.
    The referendum vote was pure Democracy, and has given me a taste for it ! We really must understand our rights and duty, as the people of this Nation. Every man and woman needs to vote,, but that vote should be free will, not enforced ! Again Roger, many Thanks for your Debrief Service. It acts as a safety valve for me, and many others.

    • astrogalblog says:

      FPTP system definitely needs reforming such that winner must secure 60% of vote, if not by process of elimination and run-offs, we will get the MP the people want.

      Fixed Term Elections must end. Return to previous arrangements where if Opposition wins a No Confidence vote, then general election must be called.

      A general election may not be a bad idea given the #Brexit vote

      and No.4, no argument there, absolutely spot on. Damn cheek trying to sabotage democracy. But I stop at banning holding public office for life. A sanction yes, but not for life.

    • June says:

      Sure we will have another referendum and here it is — RESIST -REVOLT-REFORM. We have spoken once – We act next!

  13. Dung says:

    1. FPTP has the ultimate advantage which is that it almost always produces a result (and look at the mess Cameron and Clegg got us into).
    2.Happy to agree on the fixed term election period.
    3. There is no way we want an election until we are OUT of the EU.
    4. applaud 4.

    • mike5262015 says:

      Thanks Dung:
      1. Your comment re FPTP is a direct copy of the reply received from my local MP. He is Michael Ellis ( Con.) and a very able representative for Northampton North. I don’t agree with him due me to wanting pure Democracy. Any Coalition will have to take account of how the Lib/Dems were wiped out in 2015.
      2. Fixed term Government has to go, so as to have a conclusion to any broken Coalition, that has no future.
      3. If you have faith that Maggie May will not do what SHE wants, rather than act on what WE want, then yes I would agree. I have my doubts however.
      4. Thanks !

    • ian wragg says:

      I really believe that if the political class try to stitch us up over Brexit there will be blood spilt.
      Many who voted remain and now see that the world hasn’t collapsed must wish they had voted out.
      It will be a brave person who ignores 17.4 million angry voters. This is not same sex marriage.

      • mike5262015 says:

        I have just read my own comments. It is a bit of a window on how little I trust the so called Political Class. Lets just hope I am wrong !

  14. Richard111 says:

    I think the Prime Minister has problems understanding the meaning of democracy.

    • June says:

      The Prime Minister has a big problem, ignoring 17.4 million of us. It is time she looked up from her shoes and saw what is in front of her – We The Patriotic People who voted LEAVE.

  15. Dung says:

    I have been thinking that there are a number ministerial positions that it is inappropriate for politicians to hold (yes I know it sounds daft ^.^). There are areas of government that should not change track every 4/5 years with all the waste that goes with that.
    Just to start the pot boiling, I suggest Defence and the NHS are two that I would fit into this idea?

  16. ian terry says:

    What you expect from a socialist. Drip by drip day by day the EU is slowly falling apart. Hopefully we will not need to leave as there will be nothing to be part of. Bring it on. The next few months with their elections will be the key..

  17. Anyoldiron says:

    Wow! Owen Smith is indeed my kind of Guy. Without doubt now that the people of this GREAT Country have voted to LEAVE the EU, more and more of the people that voted to REMAIN will indeed have to vote LEAVE. Let us think for a while Owen, and understand this, for if the GREAT EU is to Govern us all-THERE IS NO POINT IN HAVING ANYONE IN ANY ONCE NATIONAL GOVERNMENTS OR PARLIAMENTS. There would be no point. Would they all speak English so that we could understand them? Or would we have to learn their language?

  18. Anyoldiron says:

    I had a bash at learning other people’s language. So here for you—
    EUROPANTO GOBBL-DE-GOOP. Written when there was only 11 Nation States in the then EU.

    Esté nueva idioma, no es crazy,
    Pero it can make unas personas trés lazy,
    No necesitar to learn eleven idiomas,
    For al final cette course, no hay diplomas.

    C’est trés facile than “Old English Pigion”,
    Per favore-grazie, you learn just a smidgen,
    Straight up mate, vous ne regrettez pas,
    Just cheek, sommi Old Greek, you understand JA?

    Was darf es sein more than anything now?
    For c’est un morçeau de gateau, mein Frau,
    C’est wild, to learn impotante Europese,
    Just mix up todo este idiomas avec mucho ease.

    Beware though, personas in Brussels just might,
    Qué commencer as a joke, may be taken as right,
    Si Europanto catches on, c’est vraiment to relate,
    Mucho interpreters will meet a very sad fate.

    Goodbye, Arrivederci, Gia sas, Hasta Luego, Adjö, Näkemiin,
    Farvel, Dag, Au revior, Até logo, and Auf Wiedersehen,
    N’est pas vraiment, C’est un horreur,
    Arrividerci———————until tomorreur!!!!

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