Post-Referendum Debrief August 26th

Article 50 to be triggered early next year?

According to a report in The Guardian Article 50 may be triggered in early 2017.

The report states that leading Brexit campaigner and former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith claims members of the cabinet, including Theresa May, are keen to start the formal process of leaving the European Union early in 2017.

Hew was reported as saying Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty should be triggered in the first quarter of the new year to provide focus and a two-year deadline for Brexit negotiations.

Key figures are keen to get the ball rolling – Brexit means Brexit after all. The quicker we trigger the process, the quicker we can reach independence.

Brexit ‘shock’ fades

A piece in The Independent says UK consumer confidence rose the most in more than three years this month as the initial ‘shoc’k from the Brexit vote faded.

An index of sentiment by YouGov and the Centre for Economics and Business Research jumped to 109.8 from 106.6 in July, which was a three-year low.

So no doom and gloom there then? But wait a minute – Stephen Harmston, head of reports at YouGov is quoted as saying: “For all the talk of doom and gloom – both in the months leading up to the referendum and in the days following it – most consumers have yet to feel much tangible impact of the vote.”

He then goes on to say: “Everything could change once details of the deal to leave the EU emerge and the process of extracting ourselves from the Union become a reality.”

Meanwhile those of us confident in Britain will continue to build a strong, stable economy to prove the doubters wrong.

People were offered a choice!

So says John Humphreys in a clash with Labour leader hopeful Owen Smith, who has, of course called for a second referendum.

The broadcaster said: “So what you’re saying to 17million people – 17,410,742 – what you’re saying to them is ‘sorry we didn’t like the way you voted last time, we’ll have another referendum’.” 

Exactly. Smith’s call for a second vote is outrageous. We have moved on – the public isn’t stupid. It voted OUT. Now let’s get on with it.

Post-Brexit tourism boost

The media today also focuses on The Prime Minister’s pledge that Brexit will create ‘real opportunities for growth’ in the tourism sector as she announced a new £40m fund for tourism projects across the country.

She said: “The British people’s decision to leave the European Union creates real opportunities for growth and we will work in close partnership with the tourism industry, to ensure it continues to thrive as negotiations on the UK’s exit progress.” 

It will be a shot in the arm to our tourism trade and contrasts with myy previous debrief which looked at the problems France was having with tourism .

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51 Responses to Post-Referendum Debrief August 26th

  1. Simon Blanchard says:

    All this talk of maybe triggering Article 50 in early 2017, sounds to me like a fudge. More delaying tactics. What ever happened to Cameron’s promise to “Invoke Article 50 IMMEDIATELY, if we vote to leave”. Sorry it’s like nearly every other “promise” he made, he reneged on it. Early 2017 will be getting on for 9 months from the referendum result and it’s still just a wishy-washy “maybe”? Come on!!

    • Oliver K. Manuel says:

      Yes, they are delaying in hopes that the “Dawning of truth” can be delayed.

      • Anyoldiron says:

        BEFORE I DIE.

        Before I die, I need to know WHY
        You each gave our country away?
        Why you signed that treacherous Treaty
        Without giving the people a say?
        Before I die, I need to know HOW
        You managed to deceive us so?
        All those who placed in YOU their trust
        How was it even THEY didn’t know?

        Before I die I need to know WHERE
        We will be able to trust again
        Our fellow man-all on the same side,
        Oh, how I need to know when?
        Before I die I need to know WHO
        Can look me straight in the eye?
        Yet betray once more with that manicured hand
        And for their own ends tell lie after lie?

        Before I die I need to know IF
        Our Country will once more be free?
        So many millions died for that end
        How could you ignore their plea?
        Before I die I would like to KNOW
        How you can sleep at night?
        For heavy the weight will lie on you
        That you didn’t learn wrong from right.

        Before YOU die I want YOU to know
        I’d rather have fought and lost.
        For to do what YOU between you have done
        You WILL come to know the true dreadful cost.
        Before you die I want you to know THAT
        Britannia will once again rule the waves,
        Never again will foreigners rule
        For the English and St George was saved.

      • Oliver K. Manuel says:

        The London GeoEthics Conference on Climate Change later this week, on Thursday and Friday, Sept 8-9, 2016, will be a good place to ask your question in public.

        I am unable to attend, but one of my former students and co-authors, Marcel Pleess, will be there to answer questions.

      • Oliver K. Manuel says:

        The horrible social costs of hiding reality from the public are now published:–social-costs-from-overlooking-this-power/

        The slope of the line across the top of Figure 2 is the bias Weizsacker (1935) and Bethe (1936) introduced into the nuclear “binding energy” calculation so the source of energy that powers the Sun and the cosmos – neutron-repulsion – would not be recognized.

        Their motives may have been noble – to save the world from possible nuclear annihilation – but the means were not. Now that the error has been published for all to see, how long will it be before the RS and NAS admit their involvement and correct the error?

    • catweazle666 says:

      What ever happened to Cameron’s promise to “Invoke Article 50 IMMEDIATELY, if we vote to leave”

      Given that Cameron was 110% confident that we weren’t going to vote to leave, he believed he was never going to have to fulfil it, and in any case he knew damn well that such an operation could not possibly occur overnight.

      In the event of course, he resigned.

      It is necessary that a considerable amount of preparation takes place before such a seismic event is triggered, that should be obvious to anyone with the slightest understanding of government and legislative procedures, the simple logistics of setting up a Government department to oversee the procedure, appointing personnel and setting up the infrastructure will take a certain length of time.

      It has taken around four decades to reach this point, let’s not rush it now we have victory within our grasp.

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      In amongst the daily stabbings, shootings, theft, road rage, rapes and folk under UG trains reported in the London Evening Standard one may view this:

      “A legal challenge bid to prevent the Government from triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty without the prior authorisation of Parliament is due to be heard in the High Court in October.

      Government lawyers are expected to assert that the Prime Minister can use the royal prerogative to start the process of withdrawing from the EU.

      Those mounting the challenge say the course proposed by the Government is unlawful because only Parliament is empowered to authorise service of the Article 50 notice and consequent withdrawal from the EU”.

      So we will have to wait for all that cack to pass.

    • mike5262015 says:

      More than three centuries ago, a King of England had his head chopped off. He thought he ruled the Nation. Parliament became established, and little by little all the people were able to ‘enjoy’ the way of Democracy. Cromwell, when asked who would rule, gave his answer as THE PEOPLE ! …………. It seems that we have come full circle with this time Parliament needing to be removed. Some countries still go in for blood-letting, but damn it, we are British, and have a simple way to clear such problems, we just hold a General Election, and the job is done. Of course, if the Government digs its heels in, and will not call an election, then that’s a different matter, ………… ! ? !

    • Anyoldiron says:

      The Brexit vote was indeed the largest vote for ANYTHING in the history of United Kingdom of GREAT Britain and Northern Ireland. That is a matter of fact. If Vote leave had been a Political Party it would probably have indeed suceeded to out do other Political Parties. It is time to LEAVE the EU-NOW. Do it.

  2. Will Richards says:

    Sounds promising, and not before time Roger

  3. Shieldsman says:

    Looking at the statistics on immigration from the EU and the birth rate to foreign born mothers, in a few years time will we know what our Nationality is?

  4. David says:

    France,s tourism problems are due to terrorism problems. Has no one noticed?

  5. davidbuckingham says:

    I think the Jan 2017 news has to be a positive, bearing in mind all the talk of waiting till after French elections etc – ie possibly until 2019.
    Two other things.
    Laura Kuenssburg in a major BBC report on Britain post-Brexit and peoples’ motives for voting to leave managed to get through the whole hour I think without mentioning Brussels or sovereignty ONCE as reasons for voting. But she did manage to turn it around completely – saying the anti-EU vote was a vote against the establishment House of Commons – not Brussels. Unbelievable. Without a hint of irony or circumspection. Is she a fully paid-up member of Bilderberg?
    And imagine if Remain had won – the Olympic medals would’ve been all down to the new confidence at staying in the EU. Thank god – when we all know it really is because of Brexit – but you won’t find anyone saying so….
    BTW Why was Team GB so called? Why NOT Team UK???? The former apparently left N irish athletes free to represent N Ireland OR Ireland… bizarre if not hidden agenda stuff. It’ll be ok when Ireland has rejoined the UK – maybe by the next Olympics – but until then…

    • Jane Davies says:

      I would say that the medals won by the British athletes is down to their hard work and dedication and sacrifices over many years regardless of politics and whether the UK is a member of the EU or not.
      If, by a remote chance, they had any thoughts about Britain being independent again I would hope their pride in their country was enhanced because of it.

  6. mike5262015 says:

    I am really sick and tired of this delay with Article 50. Care and attention is required for use in the future of course, but we have enough MPs and a great many Civil Servants with the time to do an Audit of future plus and minus in trade, for us to have signed the damn thing by now. It seems to me that one error is having a PM who is not Brexit. Then we have the continued drain of cash to the E.U. while Maggie May contemplates her navel. Parliament and their back-up services should be the busiest place in the country, with all the laws to unpick and Trade Delegations to arrange and attend. I’ll bet that we will not be out until Spring 2019, and just how much more cash will have been sent to the E.U. ? – I’m damned angry !

  7. Roger Turner says:

    Talking of money going out.
    I seem to remember we were threatened during the course of the referendum with the existence of a load of nasty legislation being held back until “Remain” was attained.
    Was that ever true? and if so has it been absorbed now.?
    Anyway are we still absorbing legislation, if so, I would have thought that process should have ceased on June 24th, even if the officers doing the work had to have a “collective headache”?

    • catweazle666 says:

      “Was that ever true?”

      Sure was.

      European leaders push Angela Merkel for joint EU army

      Leaders of Poland, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia meet ahead of EU summit to discuss Brexit

      Europe should begin planning to enhance the military role of the European Union with the creation of a common army, according to Hungary’s right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

      Mr Orban, a staunch critic of the bloc’s migration policies, said that security on the continent should be a priority for Europe as he called on Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, to begin talks on the controversial issue.

      “We should list the issue of security as a priority, and we should start setting up a common European army,” Mr Orban said.

  8. Dung says:

    Considering that certainly my own reasons for voting out have nothing to do with the economy and everything to do with sovereignty; I want article 50 signed yesterday, either that or we by pass it and just leave.

  9. RobtheFox says:

    Couldn’t help smiling. ….who was moaning about overseas leaders like Obama, for example, telling the UK electorate which way to vote in the referendum and then turns up in the USA publicly supporting Trump?

    • Jane Davies says:

      I thought that too…..I know irony is lost on many people but if Nigel supports Trump he will not only be putting his own credibility at risk but give his critics even more ammo to throw at him.

      • Ex-expat Colin says:

        He didn’t support Trump…he was telling the Republicans to dump the Establishment aka Clinton Foundation similar to us here on Brexit. Trump today:

        And of course the mental female has gone….ummmm, mental.

      • RobtheFox says:

        Oh come on, of course he supported Trump simply by appearing on the same platform. If he just wanted to speak out against “the establishment” there would be adequate opportunity elsewhere without tarnishıng his reputation through being associated with that objectionable man….and what is it to do with a foreıgner like him.
        Don’t delude yourself!

      • Ex-expat Colin says:

        see the See More bit

      • Jane Davies says:

        But surely inviting Americans to dump the establishment means they get Trump by default? He should just stay away from this political hot potato altogether.

  10. Dung says:

    Good comment Rob

    I am Nigel’s biggest fan but I have no idea what he is doing in the USA when Brexit is still not sorted.

  11. Ex-expat Colin says:

    er.umm..Nigel Farage is a UKIP MEP only and last I heard he wanted his life back. He like our host travels the world as both an MEP and private person. Is he not allowed to speak…anywhere?


    Trump’s story is about sour grapes in the USA and now its a massive threat to the t*ssers that infest Washington/Wall St. That country has to be changed big time and at the moment there is only TrumpPence. Clinton will be another follow on disaster to the USA and having a first female ain’t it! Well, not her anyway.

    • RobtheFox says:

      Farage is a Ukip MEP and is the Leader of that political party until the forthcoming election appoints a replacement.
      Whatever Trump stands for is irrelevant, here.
      The point is that Farage was openly critical, as indeed was Roger, of the leaders of foreign countries, like the USA and Chına speaking on relations with the UK and the referendum issue.

      • KennieD says:

        I agree entirely with you Rob. I don’t understand why he went there to (as I see it) interfere in their election.
        Or, do the Americans see it differently than us. Is there something else going on, of which we have not yet been enlightened? Is this something to do with Nigel’s resignation?

      • Ex-expat Colin says:

        Resigned leadership as link below, and so no leader exists currently. Farage is neither an MP or a leader of a UK Party. Farage was not/is not a leader of a country. He’s an MEP that Brussels likely want rid of.

        Think he widened his anti establishment assistance as he said he would on resignation. Is EU+ in effect?

        Yep..its Trumpence or Clinton. Don’t think the Republicans had a winner of use/strength. Default condition would have been Clinton had not Trump turned up.

      • RobtheFox says:

        According to the UKiP Website Farage is still listed as being the leader of the party.
        I suspect that as with Cameron’s resignation, although it was well known that he intended to do so, he did not formally resign until May had won the election to succeed him whereupon he lead the government at PMQs, then resigned the leadership of the party and subsequently the premiership.

      • mike5262015 says:

        Due to my total lack of patience with all the old Parties, and their leadership’s stance on the E.U., I am firmly in UKIP’s corner. Comments about Nigel Farage in the USA is a little odd, but I guess that Obama in this country at referendum time, and his open move of support for Cameron’s wishes, has opened the door for this to be acceptable, though the outright support for Trump was missing. Seemed to be Farage winning against the political system, was the item that excited the Yanks. When you understand the size of the USA, it is sad that only Trump and Clinton have risen to the top, but then over there the winner is, and has for many years, been money. We are not quite the same !

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Website further in…leader stands aside – Jul 04, 2016:

      • RobtheFox says:

        As I said – like Cameron, making the announcement before being able to complete the deed and with the website some seven or eıght weeks later still showing he holds that position it does not alter the fact that he is still, maybe in name only, leader despite that intention.

      • Ex-expat Colin says:

        How on earth can he be leader having stood aside? He’s not even a temporary post holder.

      • RobtheFox says:

        Leaders remain leaders pending the appointment of a successor or an acting one. UkiP has done neither and, although I accept Wikipedia is not always strictly accurate the fact that ıt has altered ıt entry ıt stıll not only shows Farage as Leader but in brackets “pending an election”
        Either way to put himself in the limelight doing something he objected to most strongly only a couple of months ago is somewhat naive..

  12. Anyoldiron says:

    Is this true Prime Minister that “Article 50 to be triggered early next year”? The people have voted to LEAVE the European Union and there must be no delay what-so-ever. Many alive TODAY fought in that last WAR (1939-1945) and when the end came we went out into the streets and celebrated most of the night. When that WAR was over-THERE WAS NO DELAY- -there was no putting off until another day-it was instant-and so it should be-perhaps more so, in today’s World. Are we STILL paying our dues to the EU? The people having voted LEAVE, we should no longer be PAYING foreigners to Govern us. Do you intend continue PAYING the EU until we are FREE at last from foreign rule? Why are the people continue paying for two full Houses of Parliament yet still paying foreigners to govern us? Many people are wondering WHY have they continued to PAY two Full Houses of Parliament when all they have been able to do is obey the EEC/EC/EU’s Treaties they, between themselves have ratified. So many gave THEIR lives in that last WAR which was to prevent foreigners Governing us-especially when our very own Common Law Constitution FORBIDS us to allow foreigners governing us to do so-THAT WAS WHY WE WENT TO WAR IN THE FIRST PLACE. We have paid far too long for foreigners to Govern us when so many gave their lives for our freedom-plus so very many families were killed in the bombing of this once highly thought of United Kingdom of GREAT Britain and Northern Ireland. Take us out and take us out NOW.

    • RobtheFox says:

      The difference being, Anyold iron that at the end of the war there was no negotiation of the terms of peace, ıt was a surrender; Germany had no say in the matter but to sign document. Now, if there are no negotiation terms in the wıthdrawal from the EU who is goıng to agree to surrender and be the vanquished…the EU or the UK?

  13. Richard111 says:

    Hear, hear, Anyoldiron. A big part of the problem is the evil collection of misfits referred to as ISIS who, according to the BBC, have released a video of BRITISH CHILDREN SHOOTING HOSTAGES!!!!!

    These people are being encouraged to take up citizenship in the UK !!!!!!

    • David says:

      Thousands provided with a taxi service, the traffickers are clever enough to choose the worst ships to send them in, knowing the eu taxi service will step in, yes by all means take em in tow back to the Libyan coast, drop em off then tow it to deep water and sink it, they wont be able to afford another trip. The Australian solution I believe, which seems to work.

  14. Roger Turner says:

    Now for a bit of culture.
    I was watching YouTube last night – I fancied a look at Enrico Caruso – they have remastered some of his earlier recordings and revealed to me why he is the best on more or less equal terms with all your modern Tenors, although Mario Lanza came close.
    …………..anyway, I came to the end and looked at the new “play list” – to my astonishment there was Nigel advertised in his Trump guise. – I watched, I looked, I listened, I Applauded (like Crazy, like the rest of his new friends did)………………….I then considered.
    Apart from the timely and well delivered reproof he gave to Mr.Obama for his improper interference in our Referendum, I wondered what other British orator could have possibly been picked to appear before an American (and through the media a Global audience) and be recognisable – certainly not anybody from UKIP or the candidates putting themselves up for election.
    He is a massive advert for the United Kingdom, who whether they like it or not have now returned to the global scene.
    He gave a massive boost to TOTAL BRexit
    He gave a massive boost to UKIP
    The “respectable” faction of UKIP are going to have to lump it. Nigel “Is” UKIP, without him in whatever “title role” he assumes, UKIP will die (at least become a “zombie” organisation)
    Come on you dismal jimmies we`ve got the best part of 17million grass rooters who are Nigel`s “peoples Army” and we have a responsibility to them for Total BRexit …..and making a success of it.
    We have work to do to get EUistic thinking, practice and ideology, out of the whole British System, the fabric of our society, our schools, Universities,Parliament.Establishment, our Health Service, our Local Government.
    Once we are free of EU law, there is no more running to nurse to circumvent our Supreme Court, we`ve got to re- learn how to look after ourselves.

  15. Oliver Manuel says:

    Truth will out:

    1. Neutron repulsion – Powers beyond the dreams of scientific fiction:

    2. Neutron repulsion – Social costs from overlooking this power:

  16. David says:

    Smith, another unelectable.

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