Climate Hustle comes to Brussels


One of the privileges of being a member of the European parliament is that one has the opportunity to be utterly heretical, and to challenge the shibboleths of its right-on, politically-correct attitudes.  And if there is one right-on politically-correct obsession at the heart of the institution, it’s the commitment to the new religion of global warming.  I’ve often remarked that while energy policy-makers in the Commission claim to have a three-legged energy policy prioritising energy security, competitiveness and “sustainability”, all they really care about is “the fight against climate change” and cutting COemissions.

So why did I put “sustainability” in quotes, I hear you ask?  Answer: because the policies falling under the rubric of sustainability are simply unsustainable.  Why are they unsustainable?  Because they conflict with the other two objectives, much vaunted on paper but ignored in reality.  The over-commitment to renewables means that Europe has some of the least competitive energy prices in the world.  And over-reliance on intermittent renewables, coupled with policies to close coal-fired capacity (and in Germany, nuclear capacity as well) is now jeopardising security of supply.

The bitter irony is that energy pricing is driving energy-intensive industries out of the EU altogether, taking their jobs and their investment with them.  And they mainly go to jurisdictions with lower environmental standards, thus increasing global CO2 emissions.  The policy fails in its own (highly compromised) terms.

Against this background, I was delighted to welcome Marc Morano  and his colleague Chris Rogers to the Brussels parliament for the very first Belgian screening of their movie “Climate Hustle”  Marc is the main man at Climate Depot, a project of CFACT and is the co-writer and presenter of the film.  And before you ask, no, Marc is not a climate scientist (but of course, neither are most of the IPCC’s “experts” either).  He is in fact an investigative journalist who has devoted much of his career to challenging the claims of the global warming lobby.

The movie was shown to an invited audience in our group meeting room in Brussels to a diverse audience of MEPs, staffers and external visitors.  It was followed by a lively Q&A session, which was not entirely dominated by the sceptic faction.  There were several perceptive but respectful questions from a pro-orthodoxy position.

While the movie covered much ground that I found familiar, I personally found it hugely encouraging – not least the number of interviews with highly qualified climate scientists like, Judith Curry , who started out accepting the scientific “consensus” uncritically, but were prompted to take a closer look by the evident contradictions in the orthodoxy, and switched to a sceptical position – despite the damage that involved for their careers.  They deserve our respect.

Given my own experience as a (fairly) lone voice in the climate debate in the EP, the movie’s affirmation of my own views was hugely encouraging, and I am grateful to Marc Morano and to Climate Depot for coming to Brussels.  They are working on a sequel, and are flying on to Prague to interview inter aliaVaclav Claus – a hero in the climate wars.

A DVD of Climate Hustle is available:

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54 Responses to Climate Hustle comes to Brussels

  1. ian terry says:

    Roger hopefully what follows is a rant sent to a Westminster politician’s web page and guess what “never posted”

    Headlines in the mail> £164 green Tax on Energy bills.

    Another promise broken to remove subsidies from our illustrious politicians to stop more people joining the millions already suffering from fuel debt and poverty. Can this lot do anything to make things better for the masses? If Westminster governed instead of posing with all this so called promise’s we might start to drag this country back up by its boot laces.
    Anyone heard about the national debt and how much we are into hock lately.
    Run a country they couldn’t run fifty yards!!

    All this Climate Change crap is slowly but surely destroying this country and it industry and there are very few who want to put their head over the parapet.

    Keep the fight going Roger

  2. mike5262015 says:

    Whilst it is quite sensible to monitor the planet’s health, including temperature rise, it seems that some organisations are intent on making this a religion. Although I don’t buy in to the CO2 argument, I also don’t close my mind to possibilities that differ from those that I hold to. History shows that temperature has not been constant, and the Sun’s emissions are also rather a wild card. The E.U. loves dogma, whether it’s right or wrong is of little matter to that organisation, with the inevitable end being to make our power production too expensive against the rest of the world. A little humility mixed with common sense would make the E.U. logical, but I think that such a hope as that, makes our leaving the club the only right action for GB/UK.

  3. Anyoldiron says:

    The United Kingdom Takes A Battering.

    Our belovéd Country is now taking a battering,
    Violent wind, the like ne’er seen before,
    Every-where in the UK takes a pounding,
    Mid England as well as our seaside shores.
    It is an un-natural combination,
    Unusual in every way, shape or form
    Has HAARP been set into motion?
    Are we supposed to accept it as the ‘norm’?’

    High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
    Known as HAARP now, quite frequently,
    Although Governments never mention
    What may well be known to you and me.
    Torrential rain and winds hit the United Kingdom,
    Our Country lashed by that wind and rain,
    All taking a battering when all is said a done.
    Is our Kingdom under fire once again?

    These most unusual weather patterns
    No wonder ordinary folks must question,
    What is the point of HAARP in Alaska
    If it is not used every now and then?
    Why indeed is the UK in the line of fire
    And Ireland too must surely question
    As they too, pick up the pieces
    And start all over and over again.

    What is the point of H.A.A.R.P
    If it not tried and tested at all?
    The manipulation of the earths Ionosphere,
    Is it really a weapon of war?
    It was developed by the US Military,
    As told to the Parliament of the EU.
    Should radiation be projected into the Ionosphere,
    Would it be a warning to me and you?

    So many wonders in the world
    Yet mankind looks for power to command
    To Govern all Countries forever
    Even our own once free land.
    Yet are there powers far greater,
    The ones we cannot see?
    Or will mankind destroy forever,
    And “what is to be”, will be?

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Angela Merkel has also reportedly lost patience in Mr Juncker. Here’s a picture of a lost patient:

      • Jane Davies says:

        Whoa…..scary clown!

      • Anyoldiron says:

        You will all love “Europe” just like ME.

        “You will ALL of you learn to love ‘Europe’”,
        Our Prime Minister declared one day,
        “I have ways of making you love it,
        And the truth will not get in my way”.
        “Our Airspace” controlled by ‘Europe’,
        It’s sovereignty I will soon give away
        To my belovéd ‘European Union’,
        And for all time, there it will stay”.

        “Our Oceans and Seas are the next to go,
        For our new masters will rule the waves,
        Never more will Brits sing ‘Rule Britannia’,
        For our Oceans and Seas none can save”.
        “Our fishing grounds were the first to go,
        Totally decimated by ‘Europe’s hand’,
        It had to be that way of course,
        Though not one of you could understand.”

        “For never again to be ‘self sufficient’,
        On our continental friends we must rely,
        Grow ‘wind farms’ in fields and on hill- tops
        At last you’ll know the reason why”
        “When this Country was last ‘self-sufficient’,
        It survived and won the last war,
        But our Country is to be taken over,
        Never able to win wars any more”.
        “For the death of our steel and coal mines,
        Maggie Thatcher took most of the blame,
        While Germany and France are naturally
        Still heavily subsidised, just the same”.
        “John Major made you EU Citizens,
        A task I would proudly have done,
        Your loyalty to “it” will be quite unique,
        For “EU Statesmanship” has just begun”.

        “To this Country I pledged my solemn Oath
        To my Queen, quite loud and clear,
        But my loyalty lies in Europe
        My allegiance to ‘it’ I hold dear”
        “It is money and fame that matters,
        For we have only one life to live,
        Multi-millions of your money I am spending
        For it’s to Europe your love you must give”.

        “Propaganda and spin my speciality,
        I know how to win you round,
        You will learn to love the Euro,
        And you will eagerly ditch the pound”.

        “Your new country will be one “Europe”
        Your new government will claim its seat,
        You really will love to love Europe,
        And my legacy at last, be complete”.

  4. Richard111 says:

    Roger, it’s not the EU that matters so much, it”s the UK government! All this so called refugee problem is just the “cuckoo in the nest”! They need to be fed and looked after… and then…we will ALL see!!!

    • KennieD says:

      Something I did not understand on yesterday’s sky news. Several refugee “children” were being brought into the UK from Calais. Apparently these unaccompanied “children” have a right to come into UK because they already have family here.
      Then an agency spokesman says that the govt has not provided enough money and facilities to look after these children when they arrive. Why does our Govt (the taxpayer) have to look after them when they are supposed to be re-uniting with family?

  5. Ex-expat Colin says:

    O/T..but prepare for outrage and bile from elsewhere:
    Delingpole today:
    Lineker – for the benefit of U.S. readers – is Britain’s foremost potato chip salesman and was formerly a successful football player.
    So, on the subject of man children (not children as was stated):

    Do we have any idea who they are and what they have done, but we have to be sorry according to foul mouth Lily Allen. As has been said elsewhere…often:

    “So many millionaire celebrities who reside in sunnier climes demanding we fill our cities with strange single men posing as refugee children”

  6. Ex-expat Colin says:

    UKIP On Question Time last night: (I know why the D. Telegraph is now crap)

    On the panel are Conservative former chancellor Ken Clarke MP, Labour’s shadow education secretary Angela Rayner MP, runner up in the UKIP leadership election Lisa Duffy, former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis and the previous owner of the Daily Telegraph Conrad Black.

    The fairies are ever present of course…never mind the big repetitive problems (corruption)

  7. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Todays replay headache:
    “Climate Change: Prof Brian Cox (scientist) takes on Senator Malcolm Roberts (politician)”

    What comes first… the CO2 or Temp? Its not obvious is it? And there exists no data that informs properly. Thats because the IPCC was tasked to look at AGW and ignore anything natural. And thats all they did. So for anyone looking for satisfactory evidence on anything to do with climate claims…they won’t find it. And the sample period is too short even for an informed guess!

    Pay Attention please:
    Patrick Moore 7:09 am – 1 Jan 2016
    @JamesDelingpole No takers for my US$100,000 bet that CO2 emissions will be higher 10 years from now than they are today. No faith in Paris?

  8. Dung says:

    My heart goes out to Australians if this is an example of what they are fed!
    Brian Cox is a supposed pin up scientist on BBC and yet he asked an extremely stupid question of an apparently equally stupid Senator Roberts.
    Cox asks what we can use to predict future temperatures if we do not use models? ” Its the only way.” Senator Roberts fails to see the trap and falls right into it.
    The correct answer is “nothing, we can not predict future temp because our scientists do not yet understand all the factors affecting our climate”.
    How do we cure the common cold? How long have we been trying?
    Our scientists are not gods and there is so much that they do not know including how to admit it.

    • Jane Davies says:

      Dung you say…”How do we cure the common cold? How long have we been trying?
      Our scientists are not gods and there is so much that they do not know including how to admit it.” I would say that they will keep on ‘trying’ and not fess up to not knowing so much or to failure all the while they get sheds loads of taxpayers dosh to keep on banging away in the futile belief that one day there will that eureka moment!

  9. Dung says:

    Talking of Question Time; I nearly voted for LIsa Duffy, sheesh what an idiot.

  10. Frank Hilder says:

    Climate Hustle is complete rubbish, purposely designed to mislead and misinform. Mark Morano has no scientific qualifications whatsoever. Shame on you Roger Helmer for publicly endorsing it. Please go back to the University of Leicester, or the physical sciences departments at Oxford, Cambridge or Stanford Universities and talk with real climate scientists. In the meantime, please educate yourself:

    • Dung says:


      What qualifications are required to be a ‘real climate scientist’?

      • KennieD says:

        “What qualifications are required to be a ‘real climate scientist’?”
        Well, you first of all have to know how to say the right things and get regular ‘global warming’ interviews on BBC.
        Then you have to be able to copy what someone else said previously about man-made global warming or climate change, perhaps mention some floods somewhere. You write all this down and get your mates to sign it, thus becoming part of the concensus.
        Next you may join a team skilled in the art of demanding and spending evermore amounts of taxpayers’ money.
        Finally, if you are a Railways engineer you may get to be chairman of the UN setup called the IPCC, where you can seriously get hold of taxpayers’ money.
        Hope this helps Dung.

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      You’ll have to do better than that simple NASA graph. Explain it at the molecular level and then discuss the persistence of CO2. Then get off the AGW element and explain the planets natural processes in detail. Reference to validated evidence please.

  11. Dung says:

    Hello Kennie D

    On Question Time Lisa Duffy was expressing her views on the ‘children’ in the Calais camps and whether they should come to this country. Lisa did not express the view that we should make sure they really were children before accepting them or make sure they really had family here before accepting them. Lisa had the very femenine view that these people neded help whatever their age and also that there were other children in Calais camps and we should make sure we brought them all. That view is naive beyond belief and continues the current problem that government favours helping anyone who needs help and ignoring the circumstances created for our own population during that process.

    • Jane Davies says:

      Dung you think Lisa Duffy is taking a ‘very feminine’ view? Not sure why you would say that as gender doesn’t come into this at all. I’m a female and I think the total opposite, feminism has nothing to do with this, these young men in their twenties are being placed in foster care and pulling the wool over the eyes of those who are supposed to be sorting the men from the boys, and who are failing spectacularly. These young men must be laughing there heads off as the taxpayers are forced to provide everything for them. Yet another example of politicians, whatever their gender, failing to protect the people who pay them. As for challenging these men ONLY if they look over 25 you really couldn’t make this up! Beam me up Scotty…life on earth is becoming a total farce with idiots for politicians who couldn’t organise a p***up in brewery.

  12. Dung says:

    My apologies Jane
    I was not trying to put down the fairer sex, simply say that (apart from marital situations hehe) women always seem to be more caring and generous ^.^

  13. Richard111 says:

    Sorry for rant! Blasted BBC NEVER LETS UP ON BREXIT!!! Does the EU own the BBC?

  14. Dung says:


    I started watching Al Jazeera news recently in total frustration with BBC

  15. Richard111 says:

    Snap! I also watch CNN, RT, CCTV and France Eng among others to find out what is really happening in the world.

  16. Dung says:


    Recently press and politcal pundits have once again questioned the reason for UKIP’s existence and the global fraud that is anthropogenic global warming is as big a reason brexit as brexit! It could reunitre the party again.

  17. Ex-expat Colin says:

    An enlightening piece on WUWT today: (might invoke outrage, bile and useless references to NASA?)
    “Methane Madness: The Battle for our Grasslands and Livestock” (+ Fart taxes)

    It’ll likely get the accusation of being authored by the unqualified…which will be wrong, naturally. So evidence to the contrary would be required.

    • KennieD says:

      Hi Colin,
      Some years ago, the ‘in-thing’ to talk about was “The hole in the Ozone Layer”. That was before it was discovered that there was more money to be made by frightening everyone with global warming and laterly Climate change.
      I think it was Les Dawson who told them that the hole in the Ozone layer was to let out all the methane that cows were farting every day.

      • Ex-expat Colin says:

        Kennie..I don’t recollect Les saying that, and they don’t re-run his stuff much…pity, as that would be miles better than current childish/foul mouth stuff. I was in the M. East releasing Freon R4 (CFC) into the atmosphere at about that era. And so were many others…many, many. I was just playing with two Aircon units..the many were fixing them (gassing etc). I ceased that quick, the many didn’t. I think it continues with HFC’s as it would with anything out there…lawless and unregulated. So the idiots in Paris etc talking up control are just that…idiots!

        oh, what are we into today….60% of anything with a spine has been eliminated. Apart from being nicked or similar the climate did it…. when it changed?

  18. Dung says:

    Interesting that all the scary stories about climate change only scare politicians whereas the public could not give a rat’s arse about it which proves that politicians ar much more gullible than the rest of us (just as we always thought hehe).

  19. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Meanwhile in Sainsburys: (sanctions biting..or simply bad buyers?)

  20. Dung says:

    There is a branch in Moskva??? Looks more like Aldi da?

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      ok…it was Morrisons Khaliningrad. I got the wrong bus!! The ordinary Russians do not appear to be a threat as the US/EU would love us to think they are.

  21. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Pat Condell…expect outrage and bile from the wider:

    It appears that one of the new children has stuck himself on a UK dating site (well?) as age 22. See paywalled Sunday Times. It continues..bit by bit!

  22. Ex-expat Colin says:

    “Michael Moore Explains Why TRUMP Will Win”
    Never sure about this bloke. Warning…some F style swearing within.

  23. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Big call really… Trumps DRAIN THE SWAMP! vid:

  24. Dung says:

    Actually his message is no different to JFK and that did not go too badly ^.^

  25. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Just a little story straightener. Think the US would be better off with a builder (even a plumber) because this is much much more than misspeak, forgot, tap on the head stuff. Oh..I didn’t have IT training. An insight into the incompetence that is the White House and what sucks on it!

    “From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton-Scandal Primer”

  26. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Target 1. Brexit – achieved
    Target 2. Destroy Clinton Dynasty – achieved
    Target 3. Destroy EU – Target acquired.


    • Jane Davies says:

      Target number 3 will self destruct anyway, no need to do anything more!

      • Ex-expat Colin says:

        Won’t be holding my breath as it’ll be a slow decline I think…too slow. Need to get rid of jumped up millennials and old dogs of France, Germany and Belgium….and what infests Westminster. We shall see….yawn!

  27. Ex-expat Colin says:


  28. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Aberdeenshire business owner wins Presidential Election (POTUS) according to local paper The Ellon Times. Wee eck likely exploding somewhere…jobs on the green are available we understand.

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