Speaking about Donald Trump on the JVS Show on Three Counties Radio


You can hear my interview on the Jonathan Vernon-Smith Show. Speaking about mass immigration and Donald Trump’s election victory.

You can hear it here at about 34 minutes in.


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9 Responses to Speaking about Donald Trump on the JVS Show on Three Counties Radio

  1. Jane Davies says:

    A good commentary Roger and so British, makes a nice change to listen to a politician who isn’t shouting nasty comments about all and sundry! I have had my fill of both Hilary and Donald to last a lifetime. Having said that the fact that Trump is President elect is because of a growing trend in much of the West that the ordinary people have reached the end of their tether and will not accept being governed by people, whether in the US or the UK, who put their own self interest before the welfare of the majority.
    The parallels are too glaring to miss, the Left in the UK displayed the same stunned reaction to Brexit. In Britain, as in America, voters were fed up with having their concerns about mass immigration ignored. They were sick to death, too, of a political class bailing out super-rich bankers while family budgets were relentlessly being squeezed.
    Now of course the bad losers are marching in the streets with placards claiming ‘Trump, not OUR President’….now where have we seen similar marchers who can’t accept the majority vote?
    Suck it up buttercups…it is what it is, and you have the elitist political classes to thank for the result.

  2. catweazle666 says:

    “a nice change to listen to a politician who isn’t shouting nasty comments about all and sundry!”


    Just watched “Question Time” (wife was asleep, generally she won’t let me, says it’s bad for my blood pressure).

    The egregious Yvette Balls, having ranted about people making personal comments about politicians, proceeded to make a complete tit of herself by judging Trump’s capability as POTUS on the strength of his hair.

  3. Ex-expat Colin says:

    What was said was food for handwringers…the usual BBC, C4 blubbers and so on. What is intended is in Trumps “Positions”:

    If you look at what the US, Oz and NZ Border forces do you might understand whats happening across their borders. I thought I heard last week that countries in S. America are throwing a good few tens of thousands (children mainly) at the lower US border. Thats not sustainable…anywhere. Mexico is not literally going to pay for the wall (barrier)…its payment on entry. So what happened to all the aid to such countries…think Trump should seek to find that money.

    If you go on stage and gently chew the cud I don’t think many people will hang around for long..so it gets a bit colourful as a result. Its more entertainment than anything….compare with the foul mouth comedians(?) on UK TV frequently. Refer to the Positions FFS!

    Allegedly its all those voters who left work on the day and those who were hiding what did it. And they were uneducated…particularly without a degree.

    Am very happy to see the Clinton Foundation knocked over…but Billy boy won’t go away I know.

    Prepare for bile and outrage!

  4. Rosie says:

    Excellent arguments put forward, Roger. Well worth anyone who is confused about Brexit hearing.

  5. Ex-expat Colin says:

    And no POTUS Salary: (Sept 2015)

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Some say he’s tax evading. Considering where its p*ssed against walls I would recommend? He has his own walls anyway…plus some?

  6. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Reagan informs from 1969…Uni Berkeley CA

    Those who know better? Go through the media to start with, round Westminster over to Brussels and on and on.

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