Speaking at The Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe (ADDE)


Joel Anand Samy, with the International Leaders’ Summit & the Heritage Foundation; Yasmine Dehaene, Director ADDE; Becky Norton Dunlop, The Heritage Foundation’s Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow; RFH; Natasha Srdoc of the Adriatic Institute.

You can see my opening speech here 




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6 Responses to Speaking at The Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe (ADDE)

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    IN THE BEGINNING there were people, all doing their own thing, getting in each other’s way and often being killed for holding differing views to the more powerful individual. Thankfully people were naturally sociable. It did not take long to realise that if a rock needed to be moved, then more people doing the job made the task easy. People realised that an effective leader was a good idea, and that led the way through tribes, then groups of tribes and eventual nations. In the fullness of time if you were lucky, the leadership turned to being a government, made up of representatives that the people voted for. If you were unlucky, the leaders held on to power, and the people found that they were dictated to. Here in GB/UK we embraced an old Greek idea called Democracy, where the people agreed to follow the majority decision made up by the people. ………. You can see, by this long winded account, that in this country it is the people who are in charge by a majority vote. Law was accepted, again by the people, to give a framework for life to be lived, but only by the acceptance of the people, and to the majority benefit. ………. Today we have questions in the light of the above. Why have we taken notice of the minority vote that continues to frustrate a majority decision ? Why has the Law seen fit to enter the realm of Democracy, and effectively find against the people ? Why is the leadership of the parties who were found to be supporting the minority, still in place when an election is required ? Why, when someone is found who supports the majority, and has a political party, not in charge ? Why do we tolerate these errors of our establishment, when it is made up of public servants ? PEOPLE MUST MAKE THEIR MINDS UP. DO WE HAVE DEMOCRACY OR NOT ?

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    AS AN AFTER THOUGHT, why don’t the majority move the minority over to Europe, as they like it so much. All done in good order of course with bridging loans, and proper sale of properties so that these ‘Europeans’ will have their entitled wealth. In one move we get rid of the non British thinking residents, AND the shortage of housing would be solved as well. After all the E.U. is keen for the free movement of people, so that is what they would get ! ………. Ha! ha! ha!

  3. Anne says:

    We are ALL supposed to love “Europe”

    We are all supposed to love ‘Europe’,
    Though I doubt there are many that do,
    Do we want to be Governed forever?
    By those in the blesséd EU?
    “Our fishing grounds were the first to go,
    Totally decimated by ‘Europe’s hand’,
    It had to be that way of course,
    Though not one of us could understand.”

    “For never again to be ‘self sufficient’,
    On our continental friends we must rely,
    Grow ‘wind farms’ in fields and on hill- tops
    At last you’ll know the reason why”
    “When this Country was last ‘self-sufficient’,
    It survived and won the last war,
    But our Country is to be taken over,
    Never able to win wars any more”.

    To this Country we pledge our solemn Oath
    To our Queen, quite loud and clear,
    Our loyalty will never be to ‘Europe’
    For our British way of life we hold dear.
    We are definitely coming out of “Europe”
    For we Brits have got to be FREE,
    Free forever from foreign rule,
    Putting first our Country and our Queen

  4. Dung says:

    Actually it was not the proto EU which robbed us of our fishing grounds, it was the self serving Ted Heath who gave them away to impress European negotiators.
    Winning (or winning back) democracy is only half the battle, it must also be nurtured and protected or it will soon be lost. If we want to keep our democracy safe then we must recognise all the threats it faces and this has not been done.

  5. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Enjoyed that…..I think Clint Eastwood came out for Trump, talking about the Trump Army.

    John Redwood today on his Single Market experience here:


  6. Frances Fox says:

    The trouble about Migrants is because the Conservatives, New Labour, Liberal Democrats and the Green Party agreed to OPEN BORDERS which I have said on Question Time . in Council and on Facebook that this was SHEER STUPIDITY that you cannot beat.

    What makes me more angry is that those that come here are not all from War Zones but wanting and they get Benefits, Housing. Why is it that most of them leave their families behind.

    Frances Fox Peterborough UKIP Branch.


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