We have been subjected to a hostile, aggressive and discriminatory approach.

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15 Responses to We have been subjected to a hostile, aggressive and discriminatory approach.

  1. Bill Esslemont says:

    The remainers, Blairites and their ilk will move heaven and earth to stop Brexit. Like the anti-Trump whingers in America they desperately hope to overturn the will of the majority. THEY WILL FAIL MISERABLY!!! We majority Brexiteers recognise them as TRAITORS who want to sell out their country and its independence that was hard won by past generations to a corrupt and degenerate Brussels commission where whistleblowers who try to reveal the endemic corruption there are demonised and persecuted.



    • KennieD says:

      Many congratulations to Paul Nuttall, just elected as new Leader of UKIP.
      Now UKIP, as Paul says, let’s unite and get on with the job.

      • Robert Bentley says:

        Hear, Hear, I second that.

      • David says:

        That’s the way KennieD. As for the above situation & Roger, yes here comes the totalitarian state, so out, out, out, sooner than later.

      • Jane Davies says:

        I’m concerned that the new leader of UKIP is wanting to privatize the NHS, we need UKIP to support it not dismantle it.
        Feel free to correct me if I have this wrong, being across the pond I am a bit out of touch.

      • KennieD says:

        Hi Jane,
        I don’t think it is Paul Nuttall’s or indeed UKIP’s policy to dismantle and privatise the NHS.
        However, my personal view is that the UK NHS is most certainly Not the envy of the World as frequently claimed on Question Time. It could certainly do with a good shake-up.

      • Jane Davies says:

        OK thanks Kennie, I worked in the NHS for twenty years and alarmingly saw the huge increase in pen pushers and the reduction of staff ‘up the sharp end’ so I hope this is where the shake up will be. We lost the Matron who was always checking up on the running of the wards and talked to patients about the care they were receiving and instead gained office staff who never set foot ‘downstairs’ and knew nothing about how hospitals operated. There are many things now wrong with a once admired institution, especially treating people for free who are not entitled to it, that doesn’t happen here in Canada because we have to produce our care card before we treatment, why the UK does not do this is beyond me.

  2. Mike Goodall says:

    The more that I hear about the way the EU works the more convinced I am that BREXIT is the best way forward. They are just a small minded bunch and an introverted self interest group to boot.

  3. Jane Davies says:

    Bullies are cowards with low self esteem who do what they do because it’s the only way they know to validate themselves, this is what this smacks of….and sour grapes.
    When this whole corrupt organisation crumbles into dust, which it will, we will be able rightly say that UK people power….the 17 million….did this and the traitors who want to be dictated to by unelected despots can leave the country, they will be free to do so, in fact we should insist upon it.

  4. George Morley says:

    I can’t help but to agree with all comments made so far.
    There should be no delay as every day is costing more and holding back the future prosperity which is inevitable in my view.
    I am waiting to see others following suit.

  5. John Burnett says:

    The corruptness of the EU administration by itself is evidence enough to justify Brexit, but it speaks volumes more for their indifference to the voice of the people

  6. Anne says:

    The more the “REMAINERS” try to get us-anyone-to remain in the EU, the more the people will want “OUT”-thats the way it works. I am angry at being told by those that knew better all those years ago, that if we voted to remain in the then EEC/EC now EU “There would be no loss of essential Sovereignty” What lies, what blessed lies. Sadly, some with well known names are trying in THEIR own way to keep us in the present EU that wants an ARMY among other things.

  7. mike5262015 says:

    All damn good comments ! I have been kicking against the Tampon Tax. As a guy, this is of no matter to me, except that VAT upon female hygiene necessity is clearly not an item of luxury, and the Ladies are being ripped off on this. My UKIP. MEP has advised that the E.U. top table keep tax on goods as much as possible, and guard against any move to reduce the take. With that as an attitude, who the hell with any brain to use, can want to be a member. It’s disgusting !

    • Jane Davies says:

      That tax has only just been removed here in Canada after years of protests and petitions. It was deemed a luxury item here too…….unbelievable!

  8. tom0mason says:

    More national calamities have been foisted on the peoples of the world by governments and leaders deranged enough think they alone had the answer. Always these types impose restrictions for some higher, greater cause, with the effect of destroying people’s employment, and often their lives.
    This is the same with the EU. The noble cause of peaceful coexistence of individual nations in Europe has been taken over by the steamroller of overly bureaucratic rule makers. This machine is flattening people, their culture, their employment and for some their lives.
    Surely it is time to stop this derange machine from squashing all in Europe. Get out Britain while you can or be crushed by the EU’s bureaucratic inertia.

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