The Lessons of Lysenko – video

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5 Responses to The Lessons of Lysenko – video

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    MANY THANKS ROGER. As usual, concise and to the point, and much the same view point I have held for some years. I note with much pleasure Paul Nuttall’s appointments for UKIP and of course your appointment for Energy Spokesman. This is business like, and exciting.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    PAUL NUTTALL might become a good General. The election battle could come at any time, but will certainly be by 2020. Only a fool waits for the battle to be joined, and then makes appointments to the various disciplines. Well in advance are these appointments, and most seem to be of the choice of your job, Roger ! – Keep this good work going. Well done !

  3. Dung says:

    I strongly agree with all that is written above and likewise leaving the EU and fighting the green blob are what motivate me the most. You have a grea fireside manner Roger ^.^

  4. MartinW says:

    Thank you, Roger. Splendidly summarised and expressed.

  5. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I have just spent time telling 38 Degrees why I am against the Law Lords being involved in this matter of passing Brexit back to Parliament. In the light of the referendum, 38 Degrees should re-read the question on the ballot paper. There was no ambiguity, it was IN or OUT. Majority vote for OUT was received, therefore the will of THE PEOPLE must be acted upon.

    This item will travel back to Parliament in any case, due to negotiations, but David Cameron asked for IN or OUT, and it makes for no interest in the Single Market, or any other item for negotiating. OUT means just that, and if the E.U. allows GB/UK to sever trade links, then that only goes to show what a bunch of fools we have been with all these years.

    As my local M.P. calls 38 Degrees, a ‘ Moaners Mailbox,’ and I can see his point of view, in fact this petition site does get involved with some useful matters. I have suggested that they leave well alone on this Brexit question. In GB/UK it is THE PEOPLE who are above Monarch, the Law and Parliament, within the Democratic principal. Parliament is elected by THE PEOPLE, and Parliament feeds laws to the Courts. The Courts are there to serve justice by Law to individuals and organisations that break the people’s Laws, but never to oppose the Democratic will of THE PEOPLE, It is only by weakness of the majority, that the Establishment sees itself as above us. They are the servants of THE PEOPLE, and may need to be reminded of that fact.

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