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Please help us fight back!

  It’s nearly Christmas – the season of giving.  Please donate now. Any amount – a fiver or a tenner – can make all the difference.  If you can manage more, that would be great.  Please help now – tomorrow … Continue reading

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Misrepresentation from a Labour MEP

I trust readers will forgive me for taking time to describe a relatively trivial incident – but one which is illustrative of the way it’s possible to convey a totally misleading message in a few words.  Not surprisingly, the example … Continue reading

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You couldn’t make it up!

Speech Energy Package Plenary 13 Dec 2016 A recent study from the Westminster parliament indicates that current green policies will cost energy users as much as £300 billion in the UK by 2030.  This will do huge economic damage. Yet … Continue reading

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Please help us fight back!

  You will have heard that our political alliance, the ADDE, has been under direct and aggressive attack by the European Parliament. We are under attack because we are staunch critics of EU integration, and powerful advocates for freedom and national … Continue reading

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Double Standards

On Sunday December 4th, I was on BBC Sunday Politics East Midlands to debate Brexit with none other than Anna Soubry, (above), and Margaret Beckett.  Although from different parties, these two are joined at the hip as Remainers.  Both (and especially … Continue reading

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Sunday Politics East Midlands

Appearing on The Sunday Politics Show with Anna Soubry and Margaret Beckett. You can see it here  from about 45 minutes in/

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Barnier on Brexit: “Keep paying the subs”

Yesterday I attended a meeting at which Michel Barnier, the EU’s appointed Brexit negotiator, presented the current status from his point of view — and I had the opportunity to respond.  On the plus side, he was measured and reasonable, … Continue reading

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