Please help us fight back!


It’s nearly Christmas – the season of giving.  Please donate now. Any amount – a fiver or a tenner – can make all the difference.  If you can manage more, that would be great.  Please help now – tomorrow may be too late. You can donate here – – Names of donors not revealed under €500.

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21 Responses to Please help us fight back!

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Dear Roger and Nigel,

    I understand and sympathise with your wishes, but disagree with it. You seem to be wishing to do battle with the E.U. on behalf of its other members, and wish to crash the Union. That’s fine as I have gone from not liking the Union, to hating everything it stands for, so crashing it would bring a cheer from me. However, you and we are The United Kingdom Independence Party, and if UKIP is successful at home, then it is odds on that the E.U. will fold anyway, as our cash input will probably be made upon the other members.

    Here in GB/UK we are going to need a lot of new people, with good ideas for trade as well as taxation, and all the Ministry facets of Government, because the way things are today cannot continue much further. I am in my 70s and have never been a member/supporter of any political party until now. I joined UKIP in the hope of consigning the old parties to history, as quite simply they all come up wanting. You are part of ADDE which was natural, as it is natural that you wish to save it from the two faced anti Democratic E.U., but hold fast there, why play their game ? As I see it, you are required in the home country to hold this Government to its Democratic stand.

    As well as the foregoing, I simply don’t have any money spare for UKIP at the moment, due to my giving to the various charities involved in trying to stop the pain and suffering in the Middle East. That is an immediate need to save life, but I have to say, that whilst I understand your point of view, I cannot join you in it. We need your attention here in GB/UK.

    • Thanks Mike. We agree that our primary business is to press the British government to deliver the Brexit we voted for. But we are not “Little Englanders”. We are inspired and enthused by the fact that others across Europe share our vision of a Europe of democratic nation states, bound together solely by free trade and voluntary intergovernmental cooperation. There is a synergy in working with like-minded patriots across the continent. At the very least, we show our UK voters that our aspiration for self-government is not some curious off-shore eccentricity, but rather a deeply-held vision for many of our near neighbours. We want a divorce from Brussels, from the EU. But we also want to be good neighbours, friends and allies of the countries across the Channel. The ADDE has done excellent work in this area (see the web-site at, but we now need help to get over this rough patch with the institutions.

      • MIKE MAUNDER says:

        Thanks Roger, and do please be aware that I understand what you are thinking of doing. My cash situation does not change, so my support will be missing, but the New Year is another issue. As stated before, my detestation for the E.U. is only amplified with your news. – How are these muffins able to keep straight faces, knowing that their accounts are out of order over 20 years, yet they pick up on ADDE / UKIP finances ? Their stand upon views that run contrary to their own, and their change of rules in order to gain advantage, indicates just how pathetic they are. Our vote to leave is proved right !

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Catalanbrian: So that side, the French Establishment, don’t like our UKIP. – This is not news, is it. It must have taken some time for the photographer to take that picture of Nigel Farage. Do they know that they might be able to sell it to The Sun for their chuckle column ? The best bit is the idea of the E.U. coming down hard on UKIP, for financial irregularities. – Now I do take it that there is not another E.U. that I have not heard of. – The E.U. that I know about is just one big financial irregularity, as its accounts have not been signed off for 20 years. I don’t suppose that Mr. Juncker has much of a sense of humour, but I bloody well do, ( Pot and Kettle ! ? ! ).

  3. Ex-expat Colin says:

    The Exposing UKIP website above.Junk News!:

    Its a WordPress site with no recognisable or stated author/owner name. Easy to see/find? Nope!
    Its likely authored by snowflakes in the US or Europe. Love your money/identity and waste your time!
    Its hosted on a WordPress Server that does not have a traceable IP address.
    It links to Facebook/Tw*tter junk.
    It has Ads that pay the owner/author money via Google.
    Comments – awkward placement.

    You can use WordPress of course…just be honest and open when you do!

    Do use Adblocker on your browsers to cut the crap.
    If you are blocked because you use Adblocker…good!

    Don’t read the biased/fake junk or follow its links

  4. KennieD says:

    It is now over 4 months since you had a whinge about Brexit and the Referendum result, mainly about the value of the GBP falling wrt the Euro (it fell to £1 = €1.15). It has climbed back up to today’s level of €1.1997, that is, a raising of over 8 cents to £1 (around 5 pence). So even on just a basic UK state pension, you have had an income increase of about £10 per week in less than 5 months.
    If you are as democratic as you claim, you would welcome the state to have more than one political party. Therefore I think you could afford to help out ADDE from your newfound “wealth”.
    Thank you in anticipation.

  5. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I have had a sociably relaxed evening, so excuse me if my remarks are non PC. By all means get some people who are not busy, to carry out negotiations on our behalf with the E.U. But realise that the single market terms are not to be given to us, while we stick to our control of who comes into our country. So why not tell the E.U. where they can put their single market terms, as we will be opening trade terms with the other 80% of the world. Brexit means Brexit said our wonderful Maggie May, so what is there to negotiate ? Don’t sign Article 50, just pen a letter to advise that we have left, and that a final payment will arrive in due course. In so many countries they will have to realise that without the stand taken by GB/UK, they would not have a country. So we leave and our account is cleared to our accounting. They will wine and scream. and perhaps wish to take it further. – Go on, try it ! We dealt with Napoleon and Hitler, and found their exclamations to be no more that wind and piss. Just don’t bother us, we are too busy in trade with the real world, but when you come to your senses, we are here to trade with.

  6. Ex-expat Colin says:

    John Redwood accepted the link to this page. Good, may get a bit of a wider airing? Also got a link on to the new website of Willis Eschenbach (often WUWT).

  7. Dung says:

    Brexit is the most important event in UK history for at least 50 years and probably more, I do not appreciate distraction by an EU based grouping whatever their motives. We must get our priorities right for once.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Dung; This is the reason why I am against this dither of delay. The people were asked and gave their decision, and in a Democracy that should be enough. If the E.U. cannot accommodate us in their market, then so be it. A sailing ship will reset its sails if the wind changes, but it will not just wait in the hope that the wind will change. When the PM fell on his sword, there should have been a General Election to clear the decks in an orderly way, and the next Government should have got on with leaving the E.U. As it stands now, we have indecision that does not help anyone.

      • KennieD says:

        The dithering started with Dodgy Dave Cameron. He promised a referendum (for the wrong reasons), which we had, but he also promised that whatever the result he would honour it. He promised to invoke Article 50 the day after the result, if the result was “Leave”.
        Instead, he went into a big sulk, had a cry for the LameStream Media and then resigned. He should be held to account for the mess he caused.

  8. mike5262015 says:

    KennieD: Your bang on the money with your comments, but for goodness sake don’t make a case for him to come back. He stamped his silly little Etonian feet and moved himself out of Government. So it’s one down, and I don’t know how many other numbnuts to go ! ? !

  9. Dung says:

    With all due respect Roger (and I do have great respect and liking for you) you need to stop bleating about ADD and start screaming from the rooftops about what is happening to our electricity generating capacity and the wasting of hundreds of billions on fighting climate change

  10. Dung says:

    The government have been looking worse than silly for years and it has not bothered them because they do not believe the public will vote UKIP into power.

  11. Dung says:

    Merry Christmas Roger and thanks for this blog!

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