Climate Change – the other side of the story


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10 Responses to Climate Change – the other side of the story

  1. Kevan Chippindall-Higgin says:

    Sadly, I cannot make this event. However, I have been to a couple of Philip Foster’s talks and they are always fascinating, go overtime by popular demand and still there is more. Philip is very well informed and like so much else in UKIP, talks down to earth common sense.

    I warmly commend his talk to you all. You will not be disappointed and will leave with a whole new perspective on the causes of global warming I also commend Philip’s book. Well worth a read.

  2. KennieD says:

    As Kevan, cannot make it there, and but looking forward to reports of the outcome

  3. mike5262015 says:

    This is so annoying, being housebound. Is there any move to record Philip Foster’s talk ? I would be happy to pay a sensible amount plus post and packing !

  4. Jane Davies says:

    Alas too far to come from Canada…..but I hope we get a video Roger.


  5. Ex-expat Colin says:

    “New polling study also shows support for financial penalties for nations that refuse to be part of Paris climate deal, as Donald Trump has threatened”
    Guardian reporting on EU funded poll…likely? Who exactly are the Europeans?

    The article picture shows a bit of ankle wading (Battersea allegedly). The rain I remember was a bit heavy on a few occasions (S. London). Puddled under/around railway bridges and large dips in the land….who’d of thunk it?
    There were also a good number of water main breaks last year in S. London due to age and likely traffic. All puddled big time. Never any reports on drainage systems performance in London which if climate was to change (AGW induced) alarmingly, have not received adequate funding to meet the AGW scare. The natural thingy plays no part of course…

  6. Jane Davies says:

    Wish I could be there, I see you are one of the speakers Roger. The idiot called Griff in the comments is well known for being just that, an idiot!

    • catweazle666 says:

      Griff is a paid mendacious, misogynistic propagandist for the Renewables industry posting from a corporate IP and is entirely without conscience or ethics. His purpose is to derail discussion and to attempt to traduce the professional reputations of scientists who his paymasters consider capable of undermining their nice lucrative gravy train.

      His sole redeeming feature is his amusement value.

      • Jane Davies says:

        Yes I had guessed as much… you say his comments are most amusing. Personally I think these people should be ignored in the hope that they give up and go home.

  7. Jane Davies says:

    Having said he should be ignored I automatically sprung to Rogers defence, even my patience has a limit!

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