Climate Change – the other side of the story

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5 Responses to Climate Change – the other side of the story

  1. vanorman2016 says:

    Brilliant, truthful and real scientific facts. Rubbishes the quacks and their fear-spreading self-serving lies.

    • vanorman2016 says:

      Excellent report. The climate change ones don’t want the truth. Wonder what’s in it for them to be so obnoxious in their denial?

  2. Kevan Chippindall-Higgin says:

    I have attended two of Philip’s lectures at successive conferences and have always come away enriched but slightly dissatisfied. Why dissatisified? Because, like today, time forced him to zip through a load of evocative looking slides that I dearly wanted him to deal with. He really needs half a day to do full justice to the subject and I suspect even them, he will only be scratching the surface. Can future conference organisers please give him the necessary time to do his slides justice.

    On another matter, I had previous engagements that prevented me from attending. I would happily have traveled from the UK to Brussels for the day, even though it is my least favourite place on earth. Imagine then my fury when everything was cancelled at very short notice making the trip impossible. That fury turned to joy when this stream was made available. Thank you for making this possible. I can now study the slides at leisure and use it to beat greenies round the head.

  3. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Very helpful and thanks.Saw Packhams face on one of the slide by slides…BBC artist?

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