“We are not crashing out – we are breaking free”


On the JVS show on BBC Three Counties Radio

Click here for the show – about ten minutes in

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11 Responses to “We are not crashing out – we are breaking free”

  1. Ampers says:

    There used to be a broadcasting company in Britain revered around the world.

    Whatever happened to it?

    • vanorman2016 says:

      We no longer have the decent broadcasting company which was revered worldwide. Now we have the propaganda broadcasting company.

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      This happened to the BBC – 2001:
      “Greg Dyke, the director-general of the BBC, has condemned the corporation as ‘hideously white’ and said its race relations are as bad as those in some police forces”.


    • Jane Davies says:

      This is what happened to it………no surprise the BBC is still banging on about the “perils” of leaving.

      ‘The whole point of the licence fee is to protect the BBC’s political independence and impartiality by providing it with a source of funding that is outside the hands of governments and politicians. Thanks to this FoI response, we now learn that it has been going cap in hand to the EU for millions of pounds on the quiet over the last few years. Such outrageous flouting of the principles on which the BBC is based and funded will only promote cynicism about its political impartiality and lead to a loss of trust in the BBC’s independence.’

      At least this underhand funding will end soon then the licence fee payers must demand a clear out of all the biased staff from the top down.

      • Ex-expat Colin says:

        I suspect they’ll still get funded from the EU or anywhere else. My son just left BBC Worldwide having suffered the vast internal PC crap for 2 years. Now is internal mergers that on the surface are said to be for savings – alas, the voluminous crap still gets rolled out. Worldwide was a commercial money maker…gone! Can’t imagine many wanting to buy their junk. Think Farage called them a bunch of N. London lefties…yes, and the rest.

        The only counter to it at the moment is LBC (Leading Britains Conversation) and which Farage broadcasts on. 7pm daily from Brussels I think? LBC has its program host(s) problems though…sickly/juvenile stuff plus masses of adverts.

        Many of these people including the BBC appear to be deeply and physiologically wounded and have to have a platform to excessively spout about it. In the BBCs case directly at our expense!


  2. Dung says:

    What exactly are you planning to achieve by talking about 3 Counties Radio Roger? Last time I checked, it was not an influence on thinking outside a few villages. I do not think you help the UK or UKIP by your utterances these days 😦

    • mike5262015 says:

      I wish to counter the comment by Dung. Three Counties Radio covers Beds, Bucks, Herts and therefore the great sprawl of Milton Keynes. Some village that one ! We are also able to get it in Northampton. As well as that Roger, I personally enjoy your ‘utterances’ and trust we can look forward to much more. Thank you.

  3. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Don’t need products/goods/rules/directives funnelled to us by a collective of wasters in Brussels. Next lunch please!

    Unpicking the CFP (Fisheries) is going to be quite a business. So don’t go buying a trawler fleet just yet!

  4. mike5262015 says:

    May I have my BBC back ? It used to be called Auntie, because it did not set the Thames on fire, but the news was straight, and other people around the globe would check what their news media was saying, with the BBC World Service. I suppose that when your the best, there is only one direction open to you, and that is down. It seems that the BBC took a wrong turn at the start of the millennium, or at least that is when I noticed a change had taken place.

  5. mike5262015 says:

    Crashing out or breaking free, I don’t give a damn what its called, just so long as we are out !

  6. Dung says:


    Roger Helmer is a lovely man but he does not do his job as spokesman on energy and climate change, he would not say boo to a goose and we need far stronger attacks on government policy, not Roger’s parochial issues, sorry.

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