An EU FTA depends on free movement? Nonsense!

The following courtesy of my good colleague William Dartmouth, UKIP’s trade Spokesman:

Adrian Webster writes (Sunday Telegraph April 2nd) : “… No new trade deal (with the EU) comes without immigration quotas….”

Not so.

The EU has over 100 Trade Agreements. Of these, it is only the four EFTA countries – Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway whose specific and particular trade agreements require “freedom of movement”. Of these four, Liechtenstein has a derogation and Switzerland voted against “freedom of movement” in a referendum in 2014. So that leaves just two countries – Norway and Iceland – who have granted “freedom of movement” in return for a Trade Agreement with the EU.


None of the EU’s other trade agreements has freedom of movement — let alone immigration quotas.

Mr. Webster is in good company when he peddles this blatant falsehood. It has been restated on Bloomberg and – endlessly — on the BBC.

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12 Responses to An EU FTA depends on free movement? Nonsense!

  1. ps3person says:

    Thank you Roger….keeping the rest honest, and us informed

  2. KennieD says:

    There seems to be no end to the “fake news” from BBC, Sky news etc.
    They will not rest until the Blair creature (plus Clegg, Farron etc) have got their way and reversed the Referendum decision.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    AS TIME GOES BY ….. I am getting more to the opinion that the EU is getting muddled in its own mind, as to its power. Rather than a trading club, which seemed OK as a Common Market, with a security overlay of defence by all, to any one of its member states that was threatened, the EU now seems to want the power of God over all its members. Perhaps Nigel Farage could whisper to the unelected at the top, that the office of God is taken, and always was. A speech in Parliament is not required, as that only seems to excite the mass of MEPs, who then unite against the Bad Boy !
    When I was a teenager, I remember thinking that Communism was such a good, straightforward way of Government. My view changed when I realised that the spirit of man would have to change in order for the system to work. The Lenin and Marx plan came a cropper when someone had to lead, and he would need helpers, and all those at the top would require extra benefits !
    The EU seems to be on the same path of eventual destruction, that we all saw with the break up of the Soviet Union, so by all means let’s negotiate, because you never know, something might come of it, but our negotiators need to learn the word no, in all the EU languages. – Personally I would be happy to just shake hands and leave, as the club can only do Treaties. – Not Common Sense.

  4. vanorman2016 says:

    Can we just have a General Election soon to get rid of all the Remain MPs? We are being dragged into oblivion by the ones in Parliament, Lords and the EU. If these delays, lies and betrayals carry on much longer, the pot will boil over. We cannot be shackled and treated like dirt forever.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL ! So far, although slow to move, Maggie May is making the right noises, but give her a chance. At a General Election, it will be interesting to see how the old Parties all cope with being wrong about the EU. Not knowing the will of the people and only UKIP, not even in the House of Commons, got it right. Now that UKIP have stopped playing leapfrog, I rather hope they might bring some new ideas to the Commons.

  5. Shieldsman says:

    The EFTA Countries. Christopher Booker and Richard North at seem to believe that we could rejoin EFTA and then be granted the Liechtenstein derogation. Is that possible or is it a case that ‘pigs might fly’.
    Switzerland’s relationship with the EU is an exception to all the rules with its bi-lateral agreements. Being surrounded by EU member States it could hardly not be in Schengen. They have had a referendum and voted against “freedom of movement”. Their Government has watered it down, whereby all jobs have to be offered Swiss Citizens first. The EU Commissionaire does not like it but has accepted it so far.
    EU AIR TRANSPORT LIBERALISATION – DP201504 is an intresting document, I mention it because Switzerland is not in the EU, but is in the plus 2 of intra-EU15+2. Those airlines using the Seventh Freedom. The carriage of traffic between two foreign countries by an airline of a third country, which carriage is not linked with third and fourth Freedom traffic rights of the airline.

    We have a lot of ignorant journalists writing for the Independent and Guardian, repeating scare stories put out by Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary and his chief financial officer, Neil Sorahan. Sorahan added: “In the worst-case scenario there will be no flights in or out of the UK to Europe for a period, for all carriers.
    The only two airlines that could be affected on our leaving the EU are RyanAir and Easyjet who use the Seventh Freedom for some of their schedules. The majority of UK airlines operate under ICAO’s Internationally agreed Five Freedoms and in accordance with the UK’s long standing bi-lateral agreement with other World Countries. The EU cannot revoke them.

    • vanorman2016 says:

      Christopher Booker and Richard North are usually right, but not this time. The EU is, as someone said, like George Orwell’s, Animal Farm. They will do everything to keep the gravy train.

  6. Jane Davies says:

    I knew this would happen, how can anyone negotiate anything with a bunch of stupid idiots. Remember Jean-Claude Juncker recently issued a jaw-dropping threat to the United States, saying he could campaign to break up the country in revenge for Donald Trump’s supportive comments about Brexit.? This whole thing is going to descend into a Whitehall farce, Brian Rix must be chuckling his head off up there on his cloud.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Jane. Would Brian Rix keep his trousers on, pending Juncker and his mates losing theirs ? Thanks for that little reminder from ‘The Good Old Days’.

      • Jane Davies says:

        You are welcome Mike……the EU ‘leaders’ are behaving like a bunch of immature brats. The ideas they come up with are a comedy of errors but with the funny taken out.

  7. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Fake News gets Mrs Trump some pocket money…


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