JVS Show on migrant workers



Listen to my interview on BBC Three Counties JVS Show click here  about 49 minutes in.

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10 Responses to JVS Show on migrant workers

  1. Jane Davies says:

    A classic example of the gutter press whipping up the masses into a frenzy….hearing those headlines read out one after the other instead of the slow drip, which is how we usually get them, makes one think doesn’t it? We are all being manipulated.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Jane. It can only get worse if Murdoch gets his hands on Sky.

      • KennieD says:

        I find it hard to believe that Sky News could get any worse, especially with that Adam Boulting character. I’m surprised he hasn’t yet made a link between Syrian chemical weapons and Brexit.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    They make the drink and use a lot of our water. They package it and deliver. They take their profits, and have no interest in how their packaging is messing up the planet ! A change to this mindset has to be made. Nothing wrong with making money, but the addition of, ” And who gives a damn about the planet,” must end. I would have thought Coca Cola would have been up for that !

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Sorry for putting my views on plastic, single use bottles on the wrong page.
    I can only comment on first hand experience with Polish workers, who were more of my Son’s age than mine. I found them to be good workers, with the right attitude to their jobs. Both guys and galls were easy to get along with, and I came to enjoy the very friendly competition with them in the productivity area of work. This was in the realm of semi-skilled work. ( I retired a little too early from self employment, and had to get back to work for another two years, that became five years just for enjoyment of something different.).
    Here in the East Midlands, if British workers are prepared to throw themselves into working, then they have nothing to fear from migrant workers, but as I have said, I can only talk about the Poles. When I had to have a couple of operations in Northampton General Hospital, I came to value the Polish Nurses, and the specialist from Hungary. When my wife was taken by cancer, the Polish nurses went the many extra miles, for which I am eternally grateful.
    As for our tabloid press. It is possible that they don’t have my experience with migrant workers, but in any case, when they stopped reporting things correctly, and their opinion columns started to get the wrong end of things, I gave up on Newspapers. That is the best way to hit them where it hurts, just stop buying their papers. Do I miss not having a Daily or Local Evening paper ? I did for about ten days, that’s all. I would miss the blogs on the internet, with the vast array of good people all with differing views, and that’s for certain, but please when you come across a different point of view, or it is just plain wrong, try to be polite. It’s better to be nice than nasty !

    • Jane Davies says:

      Mike…I’m sorry about your wife, cancer takes so many before their time. Years ago when my first mother in law passed away I remember every detail of those last hours especially how the staff treated her and us so when I joined the NHS and worked in health care for more than twenty I was always aware, when dealing with a patient and the family, that those last days of a loved ones life are going to be imprinted in the brains of those left behind and I made sure everything was done with dignity and respect in mind. The fact that those who looked after your wife are remembered by you in a positive way means they were doing their job correctly. I’m glad about that and wish everyone could have the same experience.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Dear Jane. My wife worked in the Hospital for some years. In Med. Records and then in one of the units for appointments. When, through A.& E. she was found to have a cancer in her shoulder eating away at the joint, and entering the lymph gland, she was helping in the ward, in and out of bed with assistance to the other patience. She was ticked off, nicely, by a Doctor for doing that, but I had the chance to advise that Doctor that my wife’s true nature was still on the surface, and I was sure she would not exceed her care, into the nurses areas. In time it was necessary for her to be moved into a separate room, where we could all be a family together. Yes, there was dignity and respect, but there was also a genuine love for a much valued friend. It is not usual, unfortunately, to have nurses, with seniors, crying as they hugged our family. As I said, they went the many extra miles for my wife. I can only hope that happens to others.

  5. Roger, as always the arguments about immigration were limited to the economic issues of jobs and public services.

    What I didn’t hear raised in programme (unless I missed it) was any reference to our tendency to be social, tribal animals.

    The arrival of people from outside our community coming in at a rapid rate unsettles this inherent need to be part of a community.

    We feel the need to belong to a tribe, but when the tribe itself is no longer a coherent entity that we recognise, this disorientates us.

    Most people that appear on the media tend to be well travelled cosmopolitans who do not necessarily recognise this need to maintain a coherent and tight community.

    The “foreign voices on the train” problem needs to be taken seriously.

    This is not to do with anybody’s race or skin colour. This is to do with our sense of community.

    The BBC would have you think that such talk is “hatred”. When the opportunity comes along someone need to tell the BBC that a community is made up of People we call “us” and therefore there must be a “them”. This is not a negative concept as the BBC would have us believe but a positive indicator of a community that wants to keep its identity and coherence.

  6. vanorman2016 says:

    The BBC, as usual is heavily biased and if we don’t agree with their ideas we are racists. Actually the BBC is racist and either puppets or filled with hatred themselves. Too many migrants with no proper vetting is damaging to our country, to our people and our way of life. Do not equate common sense with racism. If there are so many jobs available that we must import illegal/legal workers to do the labour jobs like fruit picking, waiter/waitress, cleaning, road maintenance, dustbin pickup etc., then it is about time we checked our overburdened benefits system. We have too many of our own homegrown variety too willing to jump on the benefit scheme. They can fill these jobs. They want to eat, they can work and if they have children they must be accountable for them and their behaviour. Help, only for and when needed.

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