Those local election results – Sunday Politics Show


You can see my interview with Tim Iredale, (above), on The Sunday Politics Show (Yorkshire and Lincolnshire by clicking this link, (about 44 minutes in).


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9 Responses to Those local election results – Sunday Politics Show

  1. RobtheFox says:

    But not available outside the UK.

  2. Rosie says:

    Thank goodness someone who tells it as it is. Refreshing to, at last, hear someone recognizing immigration as a major contribution to the NHS problem and not just repeating “it’s the old people”. Well done, Roger.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Well done Roger. When a subject covers fact, and is then passed through the filter of common sense, it should not be a surprise if honesty is what comes out.
    Slipping from subject a little, have you been made aware of ” Hateful UKIP,” ? For a few years now I have been interested in 38 Degree’s web site. My Tory MP called it a moaners mailbox, so it has to have some good to it. 38 asked all its member contacts as to what it should pursue on the run up to the G Election. When it came to reading the result, it was full of bile with action, against UKIP and many 38s, not even supporters of UKIP, were fast to criticise, to a point of 38 wishing they had never been so stupid. With all the foolish words used in conjunction with our Party, like Racist and Fascist, plus Hateful, I would suggest people read the immigration policy, available today, which is just common sense. If they persist, then Australia is stuck with the same nasty description. It is time for people to take back control of their own minds, rather than to let the media control it !

    • Jane Davies says:

      Yes I too had that survey from 38 degrees. So much for them being politically independent,  they got my opinion in no uncertain terms!

      I do feel that UKIP has lost a lot of momentum though, the current leader has found Nigel a hard act to follow and he is sometimes hard to listen to, a strong regional accent does not always work for everyone. I love regional accents, they are part of our make up as a nation but sometimes they can be a disadvantage when the speaker needs to appeal to the whole country.

      I hope that doesn’t offend…….just my opinion.

      • MIKE MAUNDER says:

        No Jane, it does not offend at all. One thing that Mr. Paul Nuttall has got right, is the ‘cabinet’ for UKIP’s future, going into this General Election. Mr. Nigel Farage was so very natural, and most people liked him. Those that did not like him, to a point of hate, need to take back control of their own minds, from the cancer of the media’s bilge.

      • catweazle666 says:

        “they got my opinion in no uncertain terms!”
        Mine too Jane!

      • RobtheFox says:

        To be fair to 38 degrees the topic regarding Ukip was only one of a number of suggestions put forward for members to consider as part of an election campaign. I actually told them they should keep out of the election altogether and not be party political but possibly government critical after the election…rather different. I have now received their plan and it is twofold – 1. to encourage everybody to vote and, 2, ensure that candidates and subsequently elected MPs are aware of 38’s existence. I shall not support either objective and not only just because of their failure to back the frozen pensioner’s campaign for parity. Where does Ukip now stand on that issue?

      • KennieD says:

        I agree entirely, Jane. It is not at all offensive.
        As for 38 degrees, I blocked them a while back. They always claimed to be neutral, but to me, they always seemed a shade ‘libdem’.

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