Roger Helmer MEP

Last year, voters in South Leicestershire backed Brexit by 60/40 on a strong turnout of 76%.  Yet most of the candidates for the General Election are against Brexit.  Just twelve months ago, the Tory was campaigning for Remain. The Lib Dems are trying to reverse the Brexit decision, while Labour can’t make their minds up.

I am the only committed Brexiteer on the ballot paper.  I have spent the last twenty years campaigning single-mindedly for the independence and self-determination of our country.  For the last eighteen years I have been privileged to serve you, the people of South Leicestershire and the wider East Midlands, as your number-one MEP.

The Prime Minister asks you to vote for her – but she’s not on the ballot paper.  If elected, I will support Theresa May on Brexit so long as she works honestly to deliver a swift and clean break.  But I will fight any signs of backsliding.  She is already going soft on the European Convention of Human Rights, which allows foreign terrorists and murderers to remain on our country.  She is talking about a long transition period, which looks like a fudge.  She is placing Remain-supporting Tory candidates in winnable seats.  She is repeating the old pledge on immigration which she failed to deliver as Home Secretary.

I will guarantee to hold Mrs. May’s kitten-heels to the fire, and to work tirelessly to deliver the Brexit that you, the people of South Leicestershire, voted for.  I will oppose mass immigration – which Mrs May promised but failed to curb.  I will call for a reduction in our grossly inflated Foreign Aid budget, with the money diverted to domestic priorities like the NHS.

The polls suggest we shall have a Tory government on June 9th.  Many – perhaps a majority – of Tory MPs will be Remainers at heart, like local MP Alberto Costa.  Indeed Theresa May herself is a recent Brexit convert who backed Remain only last year.  It is vital to have clear, strong voices in Westminster who will speak up for the Brexit that Britain voted for in the referendum.

Before my life in politics, I spent over thirty years as a manager in international businesses, much of it representing British businesses in the Far East.  I understand international trade, and I am keen to see our country seize the opportunities that Brexit offers.  Britain must be a great global trading nation, taking its proper place in the world economy – not an offshore province in a country called Europe.  We must be governed by people we have elected, and whom we can dismiss – not by remote and unaccountable bureaucrats in foreign capital cities.

If elected, I will be your strong voice in Westminster for a confident and independent Britain.

JUNE 8th: Vote for the Blaby Brexiteer.  VOTE BREXIT.  VOTE HELMER.



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  1. John Burnett says:

    And the very best of luck. It would be great to hear your voice in Parliament

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    THE BLABY BREXITEER. – I like that ! Blaby is close to Northampton North, but sorry to say, not close enough. I think Nigel Farage got it right, when he stated that Brexit was a success, but it would need UKIP as an Insurance to see it through.
    South Leicestershire are more fortunate than they know, and more power to you Roger in the coming election. Your place is in the Commons.
    Our MP is Michael Ellis, who was all for staying a member of the EU, until the referendum result, and when questioned on his stance, replied that the County had voted 58% to leave the EU, and his job was to uphold the people’s wishes. I can live with that !

  3. Jane Davies says:

    On the whole a good statement Roger…..except the bit about kitten heels, really? Did this comment get the approval of the women in your office?
    I know I would never vote for a former Remainer, I hope your constituents will feel the same.

    • davidbuckingham says:

      GREAT statement Roger – I’d definitely vote for you – you must have a real chance. I’m increasingly worried about Theresa Maybe re Independence and Economic Intervention – she hasn’t got the Hannan Vision at all.

      Jane shurely you’re not sherious bout the kitten-heels??? We have to stop this pc madness before we all… go mad.

    • rfhmep says:

      Thanks Jane. Theresa May has made much of wearing distinctive footwear — it’s become almost her trademark. As such, I think it’s perfectly legitimate to comment on it. Besides, we in UKIP have little time for political correctness. We don’t want to censor colourful language and resort to bland generalities just in case someone, somewhere might be offended.

  4. charles wardrop says:

    Great to see, hear you in Westminster.
    Lord (Nigel) Lawson of Blaby, always sensible politically, might be a supportive colleague?c

  5. Anne Palmer says:

    The very best of good wishes. Would love to read you in Hansard.

  6. Silamairin says:

    Vote for the Blaby Brexiteer. VOTE FOR INDEPENDENCE . VOTE HELMER.
    can we have done with the focus group word I want INDEPENDENCE nothing more nothing less . I don’t trust her Roger wish I could ,hope I’m wrong as you well know the EU way is a second referendum, a duff deal like Cameron got and bingo we lose .

  7. KennieD says:

    Best wishes Roger.
    But please, Roger, when you become an MP, please try to find time to continue these blogs.

  8. catalanbrian says:

    Poor deluded people. UKIP are history.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Hi there Brian !

    • charles wardrop says:

      As always, you remind us that if you did not exist, you will have to be invented, so which are you, a real or a useful, fake idi#t?

      • catalanbrian says:

        The only idiots on here are those that believe that UKIP can bring about the land of milk and honey. All the likes of UKIP and their supporters have done is to severely fuck up the UK, a nation that was once at peace with itself and is now fighting and squabbling over the scraps that are left.

      • catweazle666 says:

        Has anyone ever told you you’re a moron, Brian?

        Perhaps it escaped your attention that Nigel Farage and UKIP succeeded in doing precisely what they set out to do – force the Government into having a referendum on Great Britain’s membership of the European Union and then keep up the pressure so that the electiorate made the correct choice.

        It’a a pity it’s put a few cents on the price of your cappuccino, but that’s how it is, you win some, you lose some, right?

        Plus, I’m sure you will be desolated to know that my business with Europe is thriving, mostly as a result of the Referendum result.

        So stop snivelling and accept the fact that you are just a pathetic loser with not a chip but a whole fish supper on your shoulder, and your every post gives me a warm feeling to know that the likes of you have had their noses put out of joint and are doing their blood pressure no favours whatsoever with their intransigence.

      • catalanbrian says:

        What a sad, bitter and twisted creature you are. Only capable of making unpleasant remarks, which you seem to think are clever. They are not. And by the way, as I have mentioned to you before, we don’t do cappuccino here. That is Italy and the awful chain “coffee” shops in the UK, but why would you know that?

      • catweazle666 says:

        “What a sad, bitter and twisted creature you are. Only capable of making unpleasant remarks, which you seem to think are clever.”


        Says the most ignorant, thickest, nastiest, most unpleasant little troll on this or any other blog, who can’t make a post without an obscenity in it and has never posted anything that wasn’t an insult in his entire life.

        You can have no idea how gratifying your impotent rantings are, you pathetic little man!
        So keep hooting and screeching and waving your little arms and stamping your tiny feet, and I shall keep right on prodding you with my sharp stick and laughing at your inability to do anything but jabber your nonsense.

        Nor am I the only one laughing at you, I suspect!

    • charles wardrop says:

      My reply slipped, to below Mike Maunder’s comment, but the question was aimed at “C’Brian”.

  9. Nicola Goddall says:

    Good Luck Roger, your knowledge as a long serving MEP will be invaluable to help negotiations for Brexit to stay on track and not get diluted. Your knowledge in the business world will enhance the Government’s Global overview and help trade with the wider world. I do hope you get this very important opportunity to shine.

  10. Joseph Croft says:

    I am voting Tory this time around to hopefully keep Brexit on track , ________________________________________________________________________________ I voted UKIP in 2015 and they got 3.9 million votes and only 1 MP , yet SNP had under half the votes of UKIP and got 56 MPs so that was millions of UKIP votes wasted , so are you willing for your votes to not count , ________________________________________________________ The reason SNP got so many MPs in the House Of Commons is because of the ‘first past the post’ system. When looking at the stats, this equates to the SNP getting 5% of the UK vote and 56 seats, UKIP getting 12% of the UK vote and getting 1 seat. This sounds grossly unfair on paper and, perhaps in some respects it is.
    The alternative to this is ‘proportional representation’, where a party gets a percentage of seats based on their percentage of overall vote (e.g UKIP would now get 12% of 650 seats = 78 seatsson SNP got so many MPs in the House Of Commons is because of the ‘first past the post’ system. When looking at the stats, this equates to the SNP getting 5% of the UK vote and 56 seats, UKIP getting 12% of the UK vote and getting 1 seat. This sounds grossly unfair on paper and, perhaps in some respects it is.
    The alternative to this is ‘proportional representation’, where a party gets a percentage of seats based on their percentage of overall vote (e.g UKIP would now get 12% of 650 seats = 78 seats

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Yes Joseph, we can all do the maths, but how do you get those that have it made under the FPTP system, to want a change to PR, and total Democracy ? My local MP, a Tory and a very able constituency representative, Michael Ellis, has gone on record saying that FPTP almost always brings a clear majority Government. That is just nonsense, but how do we get a change to out vote system ?

    • Dung says:

      The reason the SNP got so many Westminster seats is that their constituencies are too small and not comparable to English constituencies: Cameron asleep at the wheel as usual. FPTP works great and I would hate to have PR but so many people will agree to a system just because it suits them ‘this year’.

    • Katie says:

      I’m voting Conservative too. Not really because I want to but because of the system I feel a UKIP vote will be wasted. We need a majority Conservative government to get Brexit through in any shape or form. Preferably complete Brexit. If we waste our votes then we may get a coalition and then we will never get out. The ramblings will go on forever and a day. Besides, UKIP don’t seem to have any coverage or as much clout without Nigel Farage at the helm. I’m not keen on Paul Nuttal. So think about it. You can vote UKIP again once we are out of the EU but if you do it this time you may just regret that fact that the Tories (who are our best bet out of all the parties) don’t get the majority they need.

  11. rfhmep says:

    Thanks Joseph. My appeal to Conservatives in this constituency: you can vote for a Tory MP whose pleas on residence rights for expats could have weakened the Prime Minister’s Brexit negotiating position. Or for a committed Brexiteer. I would never have risked unseating a genuine Leaver, but I’m happy and proud to stand against a Remainer, and to be the only Brexiteer on the ballot paper.

  12. Dung says:

    I wish you all the best in the election Roger and your statement was hard hitting (which is not always the case(sorry about that)) you must surely have a chance. I have been watching May carefully and can now say that I would never vote for her (so will be voting UKIP again) she has really let the veil slip and is now so obviously dangerous. In today’s DT Fraser Nelson’s leader article expressed all my worries about her tactics; vote for me so I can do exactly as I like for 5 years ears and NO I will not tell you what it is that I will do, trust me.

  13. Rosie says:

    Good to have a Professional Politician standing. Two votes from our household.

  14. borderside says:

    Well said Roger and I sicerely hope you make it to the House of Commons . I only wish that in East Leicester we had someone to take on that tub of lard , Keith Vaz ,aka Jim the washing machine salesman ! He has ruined this area of the city , but of course , with his Labour colleagues in the City Council and the coloured vote that has been installed in Leicester East over the past 25 years there is little chance of change within the foreseeable future , mores the pity . Costa even congratulated Vaz on his sideways move from one influential committee to another !

    • catalanbrian says:

      Clearly you are a racist and Mr Helmer would perhaps be wise to remove you from his list.

      • Jane Davies says:

        If this is a serious comment Brian, and not tongue in cheek, then what you are saying is one cannot call out a person if he/she is bad at their job and they get to carry on being crappy just because they have a different skin colour? That is ridiculous. To turn it around the other way if a white person was also bad at their job and they get sacked is that reverse racism?

        I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt in hoping you are being flippant.

      • catweazle666 says:

        “If this is a serious comment Brian, and not tongue in cheek”

        I’m afraid it’s neither Jane, and any inspection of CB’s comment record will reveal that flippancy is a thoroughly foreign concept to CB.

        It’s a deliberate attempt to insult borderside from a particularly egregious and thoroughly unpleasant troll who has had it in for UKIP, Roger and his supporters for some time now, as it is annoyed that its cappuccinos are now going to cost it a few cents more as a result of Brexit.

        Either poke it with a stick to get its blood pressure to rise to dangerous levels or ignore it completely, that will annoy it almost as well.

      • catalanbrian says:

        So “and the coloured vote that has been installed in Leicester East over the past 25 years” is not a racist statement? I was not at all defending Mr Vaz, a man for whom I do not carry a flag.

  15. catalanbrian says:

    More nonsense I see from the odious weasel, who still, despite being told many times does not know that Cappuccinos are not what we drink here in Catalunya. IN fact they are not what I drink anywhere, but why let the facts get in the way of a line that he thinks is clever? It is not.

    • KennieD says:

      you have absolutely no idea what some of these areas are like in UK as you have lived in Spain for some years. There are such areas in UK where an alien coloured population has deliberately been installed. Jack Straw, foreign minister in the govt of the Blair creature, admitted it had been their policy. They were not encouraged to assimilate, rather it cost councils and NHS a fortune having everything reprinted in several different languages. Schools were ordered to change their canteen menus and British history was dropped from the school curriculum.
      So it’s not all like you being on permanent holiday, popping down to the local Spar shop for your Heinz Baked beans and Liptons English breakfast tea bags.

      • catalanbrian says:

        I have every idea what is going on in the UK, but lets get a few facts straight shall we. There was on “order to change canteen menus, other than to order that the food on offer was healthy and balanced and not just chips and pasta (another evil foreign import). British history has not been dropped from the school curriculum. I am not on permanent holiday. I own and run a farm growing almonds and olives, which is very time confusing and hard work. I do not purchase Heinz Baked Beans and I would never consider using tea bags of any brand. I use leaf tea. Your statement about Jack Straw is untrue, and there has been no deliberate attempt to create areas of immigrant population. Yes immigrants do tend to congregate in certain areas but that is all about immigrants feeling safer amongst their own people. Just the same as many British people in Spain who live in ghettos of British people.

        So it would seem that I might have more idea as to what is happening in the UK than you do.

      • KennieD says:

        “I own and run a farm growing almonds and olives, which is very time confusing and hard work.”
        Yes, something has definitely confused you.
        The statement about Jack Straw is not just true, but was backed up by the Princess of Darkness, Mandelson.
        Yes, most Brits living in Spain have created “ghettos” but the Spanish people and police can still safely enter those areas, unlike some of the ghettos in UK.

      • catalanbrian says:

        Whoops – confusing! That’s what writing here clearly does to me. Consuming would be a better word. Give me the evidence that the government deliberately installed immigrant people in certain areas. I do not know of any area of the UK that is a no go area. People such as you, who clearly have no intention of mixing with “coloured” people may not like the idea of visiting certain places, but I have never found a problem.

      • KennieD says:

        “I do not know of any area of the UK that is a no go area”.
        Pop across to London sometime. I will be happy to direct you to some of those areas where Sharia law is the way of things. I will not accompany you of course.
        On your way, you may call into Paris where I can direct you to some banlieux where the police wont go, except in large numbers and fully armed.

      • catalanbrian says:

        I know London well and I have family living in Peckham, which I presume is one of your no go areas. I am also very well acquainted with a number of places where there is a large Muslim population, including Whitechapel, where I have often enjoyed a beer in a pub just off Brick Lane.

      • catweazle666 says:

        “So it would seem that I might have more idea as to what is happening in the UK than you do.”

        Making stuff up again Brian?

        You shouldn’t you know. Your mummy will be cross.

  16. catalanbrian says:

    Weaselman, you really are a despicable creature aren’t you? Clearly your mummy did not love you enough,which has left you so bitter and twisted.

    • catweazle666 says:

      Considering how all-confusingconsuming your little business peddling olives and almonds is, you certainly have a very considerable quantity of free time to indulge in insulting on the Internet.

  17. Edward says:

    Good luck, Roger.
    And good to fly the UKIP flag of common sense – needed more than ever.

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