Energy policy speech

Speaking on energy policy and the vital importance of UKIP post-Brexit referendum in George Street, Westminster. The first part of the speech is above and continues below:


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4 Responses to Energy policy speech

  1. Robert Bryant says:


    Speaking as one who joined UKIP in 1995 and stood in three general elections for the party, I have this to say about the party leadership’s present performance – It is just not happening.

    Trump won by shouting what the electorate, not the MSM, wanted to hear – Build The Wall!!, Deport ALL the Illegals!! The DNC were delighted and thought this was the end of Trump and so the MSM were encouraged to repeat all Trump’s errors ad nauseam. The electorate lapped it up and he spent not a dime on TV advertising, on which Clinton spent $2bln given her by the Saudis.

    Nuttall is persisting with minutiae policies and getting no press and TV coverage. He should be shouting STOP THE MONEY GOING TO BRUSSELS NOW!!!! SEND BACK ALL THE ILLEGALS NOW!!!

    But he isn’t and so the media has nothing to frighten the public with, which the public who’d vote for us would lap up and repeat to their friends. Nuttall is finishing the job the damned Tory plants, Carswell, Evans, Reckless, Hamilton and Crowther started, and fainthearts James and Wolfe have connived with.

    Rob Bryant




  2. Dung says:

    You are for sure getting better Mr Helmer, I really thought that you made a great speech there. I just wish I could put the cherry on the cake by removing your belief that cutting CO2 emissions will help in any way at all.
    All the best sir.

  3. Katie says:

    For good ness sake Roger. We all know your thoughts on CO2 and emissions etc. What UKIP really needs now if for Nigel to come back and lead the party through what is turning out to be an electoral mess. We have no party to vote for. They are all trying to be all things to all people and it isn’t working. We are likely to see May losing the election and then we all know we will never leave the EU. Where is Nigel and what is he doing. What a time to walk out on the party!! Paul Nuttal just doesn’t do it for a lot of us. I have lost faith in UKIP totally. We never see them on the TV and I haven’t got a clue what your manifesto is. I haven’t had any updates by email for ages now. I am totally fed up with all politics at the moment and now I haven’t even got a decent UKIP party to vote for. If we leave the EU I will be dumbfounded!!

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