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Gordon Brown: Ignorant and prejudiced

On May 25th, we had Gordon Brown in the European parliament making “the positive case for Britain to stay in the EU”.  Most of the audience consisted of EU/Labour supporters who wanted us to Remain.  But in the second row … Continue reading

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A deliberate policy to drive up energy prices

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Daily Debrief May 26th

Only 28 days – four weeks – to Independence Day! Shock revelation: Steve Hilton says Cameron is a closet Brexiteer Steve Hilton is one of Cameron’s closest political friends, and has worked with him for years.  In a shock announcement … Continue reading

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VOTE LEAVE TO KEEP THE LIGHTS ON By James H. Bush industry-leaflet-rev-1 By 2023 British power station generating capacity will only be 33.5 GW if we remain in the EU, 40% lower than peak demand and less than half British … Continue reading

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Speech at the All Party Climate Change Group at the House of Commons, May 24th 2016

APPCCG Climate/Brexit Debate House of Commons, May 24th “Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen. I’m very happy to be here at this debate today, and I thank the All Party Group for their invitation. I’d like to start by addressing two … Continue reading

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Daily Debrief May 25th

29 days to Independence Day! Migrant crisis returns Under a headline “Is this why Cameron is dodging TV debates?”, the Mail reports that the migrant crisis is back with a vengeance, after Italian authorities picked up 2600 migrants in one … Continue reading

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Daily Debrief May 24th

30 days to Independence Day! Cameron/Osborne doomathon provokes a fierce back-lash Yesterday’s papers featured the Treasury report on Brexit and the hysterical claims of Cameron and Osborne about the consequences of Brexit – a recession, house prices slashed, food prices … Continue reading

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