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Politics Show – East Midlands

I was interviewed today (4th May) on the East Midlands part of The Politics Show. You can access the video of the show here. My bit is 53 minutes 50 seconds in. However you can access a podcast of what … Continue reading

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Renamed EU Constitution: how do we stop it?

We’ve campaigned.  We’ve lobbied.  We’ve marched.  We’ve demonstrated (in December, you recall, I was fined £600 for demonstrating for a referendum in the Strasbourg parliament).  We’ve collected signatures on petitions.  We’ve printed leaflets.  There have been dozens of village referendums.  … Continue reading

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Poettering tells a Porkie

Today (Feb 20th) the European parliament in Strasbourg voted through the Corbett/de Vigo report, which endorses the Renamed European Constitution (a.k.a. The Lisbon Treaty) with great enthusiasm.  Of course we Conservatives voted against it, but it was passed by 525 … Continue reading

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Speech on the Renamed Constitution

 Below is a copy of the speech I gave today on the Renamed Constitution:- Today, the European project abandons any claim to democratic legitimacy.  Today we will vote through the Renamed Constitution, in an act that shows monstrous contempt for … Continue reading

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The Treaty is shorter than the Constitution. Isn’t it?

President Sarkozy of France promised the people a “Mini-Treaty”.  So of course the Treaty is shorter than the Constitution.  It’s only 287 pages, against the Constitution’s 349.   But check the word-count.  The Treaty has 76,250 words, whereas the Constitution … Continue reading

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What you need to know about the Renamed EU Constitution

Flying to Brussels this month, I sat next to an industrial psychologist on her way to Barcelona.  We fell into conversation, and she remarked that the Lisbon Treaty (a.k.a. the Renamed Constitution) was too difficult for the average punter to … Continue reading

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Downing Street Petition

A quick reminder of the Downing Street petition – don’t forget to sign at

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