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The extraordinary Brass Neck of Alan Johnson

There is a pattern emerging in policy-making in Britain.  We Conservatives propose a policy.  The Labour government ridicules and vilifies it.  They question our motives and our sanity.  Then, soon afterwards, they adopt essentially the same policy themselves, although often … Continue reading

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Could Jim Knight have a point?

Forgive me for returning to the subject of education, but it seems to be the flavour of the moment, what with the NUT Conference and all.  And poor Schools Minister Jim Knight has called down universal condemnation and outrage by … Continue reading

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Labour is destroying education in Britain

Labour’s schools policy, and especially its enthusiasm for allocating places by lottery, is based on an implicit assumption which is wholly false, and the result is that Labour’s social engineering threatens utterly to destroy the very “good schools” that they … Continue reading

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Bring back the polys!

A recent news report suggests that employers prefer graduates from other EU member-states, like Poland, to British graduates.  They find that despite the nominal class of the degree, the foreign graduates frequently have a better grasp of the subject than … Continue reading

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Education and social mobility

The Today programme has run a debate on social mobility, asking why after ten years of a Labour government, it is harder today for bright kids from poor backgrounds to succeed than it was decades ago.  Yet they’ve failed to … Continue reading

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Alan Johnson and Schools

Alan Johnson’s idea of sending individual teachers from private schools to state schools in the hope of raising standards is another typical piece of Labour tinkering and social engineering.  It will fail.   Good schools are more than individual teachers, … Continue reading

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