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Energy Security: the Killer Directive

I have written extensively on energy issues.  But there is one particular problem that I have not mentioned, and that is the EU’s Large Combustion Plant Directive.  It was mentioned by Tim Boswell MP at a meeting of Conservatives in … Continue reading

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UK’s energy crisis — the storm is about to break

No matter how confident you are in your opinions, it’s always good when others come out of the woodwork to support your point of view.   I’ve been batting on for some time about the threat to Britain’s energy security … Continue reading

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No to a Windfall Tax

Labour Party voices, especially on the left and in the unions, are increasingly demanding a windfall tax on energy companies (and on banks and anyone else they can think of).  When criticising the government for failing to get its act … Continue reading

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Waiting till the lights go out

  John Constable, Policy Director at the Renewable Energy Foundation; Ruth Lea of Global Vision; Zehra Zaidi, Conservative SW euro-candidate, and myself at the Global Vision lunch in London Thursday June 26th. On Thursday 26th, Gordon Brown announced the government’s … Continue reading

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How has it come to this?

The news today (Jan 18th) is that the EU is about to impose a mandatory target for renewable energy on the UK, of 15% by 2020.  This is not just 15% of power generation, which would be difficult enough, but … Continue reading

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Energy: Good News and Bad News

Good news: Labour set to go ahead with new nuclear build programme.  David Cameron has said that when Labour get something right, we should have the courage to say so.  The government is right to press ahead with a new … Continue reading

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The nuclear threat facing Britain

                        Caroline Jackson MEP (SW) and myself in front of the Olkiluoto nuclear plant in Finland, Aug 30th Britain faces a nuclear threat.  But it’s not the threat of a nuclear … Continue reading

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