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BBC comes over all alarmist

Pursuing its campaign of climate alarmism, the BBC World Service today headlines the news of a receding Arctic ice-cap.  They say that melting is “nearly as bad as last year” — which I take it means that there is less … Continue reading

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What’s the worst way to cut CO2 emissions?

Put ten economists in a room, and they’ll come up with eleven different opinions.  But there’s one thing they’ll agree on, and that is that taxes (if we must have taxes) should be clear, fair, predictable, easy to understand, cheap … Continue reading

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Give with one hand, take away with the other

There is something deeply distasteful about the European parliament posing as the consumer’s friend, with new measures to clarify airline fares in advertising, while at the same time driving up ticket prices by bringing aviation within the infamous EU Emissions … Continue reading

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The EU’s Perverse Pesticides Policy

Just at a time when the world’s food supply is shifting into shortage, when food prices are rocketing and agricultural commodity prices sky-high, when the costs of farming inputs like diesel are shooting up, and when policymakers are creating new … Continue reading

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Our duty to the environment

I get occasional letters from constituents who make two points on the environment.  Given the universal scientific consensus on climate change, how can one realistically disagree?  And is it not my duty, as an elected politician, to promote the best … Continue reading

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A tale of two Johns: Redwood good, Gummer less good

After John Redwood’s excellent report on the economy, we move on to John Gummer’s “Quality of Life” report.  It threatens to undo all Redwood’s good work and tax reductions, by adding new “green” taxes.  Let’s leave aside the growing doubts on … Continue reading

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Climate Change and the Environment – a new Religion

I thought you would all appreciate reading this excellent article written by my constituent Edward Spalton:-   Whilst the BBC supported Al Gore’s 15 hour propaganda media hype for the “consensus” view of global warming, interspersed with pop music, it … Continue reading

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