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Cameron paints himself into a corner

Cameron’s contortions — and indeed the Conservative Party’s contortions — over the EU issue would be funny, if the matter weren’t so serious.  Beset by UKIP, Cameron knows he has to offer a tough line on Europe.  He’s declared his … Continue reading

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Contempt for Democracy, EU-style

The Irish government has published the results of opinion research, carried out by the polling company Millward Brown IMS, into the reasons for the recent Irish NO vote on the Lisbon Treaty (a.k.a. the European Constitution).  And guess what.  The … Continue reading

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Roof falls in on European parliament

On August 7th, the roof fell in — literally — at the European parliament in Strasbourg.  The vast space-age debating chamber, known as the “Hemicycle”, was commissioned in 1999, and seats 750 MEPs, plus staff and officials from the Commission … Continue reading

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Sarkozy admits the French would have voted NO to Lisbon

With his boundless energy and boyish enthusiasm, diminutive French President Nicolas Sarkozy is reminiscent of Zebedee, the spring-loaded character from The Magic Roundabout (“Byoing!” said Zebedee).  But it can lead him into trouble.  Sarkozy made no attempt to hide his … Continue reading

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We all have rights in the EU…except the tobacco industry

The EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights comes with the Lisbon Treaty, that Brussels plans to bludgeon through in the teeth public resistance and an Irish NO vote.  It includes the following items:   Article 11, Freedom of expression and information.  … Continue reading

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Ramping up the Lunacy

I saw a headline on the BBC News web-site, “Brown faces Climate Bill Revolt”, and for one glorious moment I thought that perhaps the Labour Party had had an outbreak of sanity.  But it was not to be.  It seems … Continue reading

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EU plans higher air fares

The European Commission plans to include the aviation industry in its Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) from 2012, piling new costs on airlines already struggling to cope with exceptional prices for fuel.  Airlines will be allocated a limited carbon allowance based … Continue reading

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Galileo Explanation of Vote

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Fundamentally flawed!

I was recently asked to review the web-site of a Euro candidate (not a candidate in my region) and, at a quick glance, it read as being a bit middle-of-the-road regarding the EU.  To paraphrase, the EU has great potential … Continue reading

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Speech during the Treaty of Lisbon plenary debate

Below is a copy of my speech I made during the  Treaty of Lisbon plenary debate. For those of you who want to watch my performance, you can see the video at the bottom of this post. Roger Helmer (NI). … Continue reading

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Friends of Europe

Yesterday I found myself (somewhat to my astonishment) dining with “The Friends of Europe” in the Bibliothèque Solvay, an impressive building across the park from the Brussels parliament building.  I am happy to regard myself as a Friend of Europe, … Continue reading

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Another day, another boondoggle

I never cease to be amazed by the number of ways in which the European institutions spend tax-payers money to buy the loyalty or acquiescence of well-placed local politicians and bureaucrats.  I have many times voted against the budget line … Continue reading

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Just what we need — advice from the Germans!

Elmar Brok is a rotund German Christian Democrat MEP, who holds a distinguished position in the European Peoples’ Party — the parliamentary group with which British Conservatives (myself excluded) are still uneasily associated.  On August 20th, Elmar offered some advice … Continue reading

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