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….and maybe on June 12th?

The mood in Ireland is swinging against the Yes Campaign.  A recent poll of small businessmen in Ireland showed 74% against.  Ten thousand Irish farmers marched in Dublin against the Lisbon Treaty.  They are worried about Peter Mandelson’s world trade … Continue reading

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Politics Show – East Midlands

I was interviewed today (4th May) on the East Midlands part of The Politics Show. You can access the video of the show here. My bit is 53 minutes 50 seconds in. However you can access a podcast of what … Continue reading

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The Sophistry of Richard Corbett

During the parliament’s February Strasbourg session, we voted the Corbett report on the Lisbon Treaty (aka the Renamed EU Constitution).  There was an amendment that simply said “This house will recognise the outcome of the Irish Referendum” (which takes place … Continue reading

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An open letter to Ian Taylor MP

Dear Ian,   You write: The issue of a referendum on the Treaty has also been raised. I have made it clear whenever we have debated this issue in the House that I am strongly against the whole idea of … Continue reading

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Mass Lobby for a Referendum

The “I Want a Referendum” Campaign (backed by Open Europe) is planning a mass lobby of parliament early in the New Year.   If you are able to come down to Westminster on a week day, in either January or … Continue reading

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Referendum Protest

Taking the case for a referendum on the Renamed EU CONstitution to the chamber of the European Parliament, 12 December 2007.

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Dan Hannan and myself at the Pro Referendum Rally

Photo courtesy of Simon Richards – The Freedom Association

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Gordon Brown’s Great Betrayal

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is guilty of a Great Betrayal over his signing of the European “Reform Treaty”, which is no more than a re-named European Constitution.  The Prime Minister signed the Treaty in Lisbon last night, and it now … Continue reading

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Give us one, Gord!

When troubles come, they come not as single spies, but in battalions.  The Prime Minister has yet another problem.  The Knight of the Gnawed Nail has something new to chew on. Westminster’s European Scrutiny Committee, an influential cross-party committee of … Continue reading

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Supporting calls for a Referendum

  Supporting The Sun’s campaign for a referendum: Conservative MEPs demonstrate in the Hemicycle of the European parliament in Strasbourg, Sept 27th.   L to R; Chris Heaton-Harris, E Mids (part-picture); Den Dover, N West; Syed Kamall, London; Martin Callanan, … Continue reading

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The terminal cynicism of the EU élites

Two contrasting messages: in those EU countries where there is pressure for a referendum on the Renamed Constitution, politicians are saying “This treaty is quite different from the Constitution, and therefore there is no need for a referendum”.  We hear … Continue reading

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Referendum Campaign: avoid the “In-or-Out” trap

Ming Campbell has come up with a spiffing wheeze.  Never mind a referendum on the Renamed Constitution, he says, let’s resolve the EU question once and for all, and have a referendum on whether we should leave the EU altogether. … Continue reading

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How has it come to this

On Sept 10th, the BBC reported that the EU had decided that Britain could keep its traditional measures, pounds and ounces, inches and feet.  So far so good.  But how has it come to this, that Britain, until recently an … Continue reading

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Marching Orders from Berlin

I have written previously (Aug 22nd) about the rotund German Christian Democrat MEP Elmar Brok.  He is practically a caricature German, who somehow seems to be in leder-hosen even when wearing a suit.  And he has strong views about Europe, … Continue reading

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On Saturday October 27th, a cross-party demonstration will take place in Parliament Square at noon, followed by a Rally in the adjacent Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre.  Voting papers will be put into symbolic ballot boxes, and a range of speakers … Continue reading

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