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USA & France: both wrong on tax

Hollande & Obama.  Happy.  Smiling.  Ignorant on tax. Forgive me for returning to a favourite hobby-horse, but it’s hugely frustrating — and sad — that two of the world’s great economies, the USA and France, don’t seem to understand the … Continue reading

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The Flat Tax Debate

Imagine that we had an income tax rate of 10% (wishful thinking!), and we reduced the rate to 5%.  Chances are tax revenues would fall by roughly half.  But what if we had a starting rate of 60% and reduced … Continue reading

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Raising revenue by lowering taxes

At Blackpool at Party Conference, we changed the terms of trade in the tax debate.  George Osborne announced the abolition of Inheritance Tax (well almost), and the Party was stunned by its own success.  Suddenly Labour and Alistair Darling were … Continue reading

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A tale of two Johns: Redwood good, Gummer less good

After John Redwood’s excellent report on the economy, we move on to John Gummer’s “Quality of Life” report.  It threatens to undo all Redwood’s good work and tax reductions, by adding new “green” taxes.  Let’s leave aside the growing doubts on … Continue reading

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Farmyard Flatulence — a postscript

Last month I reported on farcical attempts to reduce methane and CO2 emissions from livestock, which could put further pressure on our farmers.  Now I hear of a similar move in New Zealand, and the Kiwi farmers didn’t take it … Continue reading

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Read my lips: NO NEW TAXES!

I welcome much of Iain Duncan Smith’s paper on social breakdown, and especially his policy proposals on recognising and supporting marriage.  It is appalling that Gordon Brown says “we cannot recognise marriage in the tax system because it would be … Continue reading

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