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Those local election results – Sunday Politics Show

You can see my interview with Tim Iredale, (above), on The Sunday Politics Show (Yorkshire and Lincolnshire by clicking this link, (about 44 minutes in).  

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Brussels doesn’t understand “Independence”

The guiding principles agreed by the EU 27 with regard to the Brexit negotiations include the extraordinary proposition that the rights of EU citizens in the post-Brexit UK should be adjudicated by the ECJ, whose writ would then, at least … Continue reading

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“Identity bilingualism”

My response to a letter I received from Russell Blair  Mr Blair invited me to publicise his ideas, which I am happy to do – Dear Russell, Thank you for your letter of February 28th, with attachments, which has … Continue reading

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Energy: What we should be doing post-Brexit

The EU has long been committed to “the fight against global warming”.  In this context it has created a series of measures, most of which increase energy costs for industry and for households.  The result has been to force millions … Continue reading

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Sunday Politics Show

See my appearance on The Sunday Politics Show East Midlands – click here – 45 minutes in.

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MEPs call for Trump to dump the Paris climate deal

  As UKIP’s Energy Spokesman, I have drafted an open letter, (see below), to President Donald Trump, and signed by twenty MEPs, from six countries and three political groups, calling for early implementation of his campaign pledge to pull the USA … Continue reading

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JVS Show on migrant workers

  Listen to my interview on BBC Three Counties JVS Show click here  about 49 minutes in.

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An EU FTA depends on free movement? Nonsense!

The following courtesy of my good colleague William Dartmouth, UKIP’s trade Spokesman: Adrian Webster writes (Sunday Telegraph April 2nd) : “… No new trade deal (with the EU) comes without immigration quotas….” Not so. The EU has over 100 Trade … Continue reading

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Climate fiction, facts, and BBC faith

By guest Blogger Alex Henney: On 12 January last year David Attenborough introduced a programme about the Great Barrier Reef (GBR). Its purpose was to scare viewers into believing “A new threat has begun to be recognised, climate change, we … Continue reading

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EU once again abandoning free markets in favour of central planning – Roger Helmer MEP

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The 12th International Conference on Climate Change

Scroll to 11.25 for my speech.

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Speech Heartland Washington March 23rd

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends and Colleagues, and greetings from the European parliament. You’ve just seen a speech I gave a couple of weeks back in the plenary session in Strasbourg. If you’re wondering why there were so few … Continue reading

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Glyphosate: the next steps

Guest Blog by UKIP Agriculture Spokesman Stuart Agnew MEP The recent findings of the ECHA are to be welcomed, but the path from here is far from smooth… I have received a lot of emails and letters about the possible ban … Continue reading

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Should the UK pay its Brexit ‘divorce bill’?

From my interview with Debating Europe – the full story and link is here

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“We are not crashing out – we are breaking free”

On the JVS show on BBC Three Counties Radio Click here for the show – about ten minutes in

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