COP21 climate agreement: An eye-watering amount of money for virtually no return

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5 Responses to COP21 climate agreement: An eye-watering amount of money for virtually no return

  1. Simon Blanchard says:

    With you 100% Roger. The sooner we get out of this Paris Agreement and all the other climate hoax treaties the better.

  2. vanorman2016 says:

    Agree. Get out of Paris Agreement. All Climate Changer a Fiasco. Decades ago my father told me that the earth changes on its own every so often – slowly in human terms. What is detrimental to the climate, the oceans/forests and the atmosphere is HUMANS. Plastic in the ocean. Forests demolished. Chemicals spared hither and thither. Plants genetically modified. Bombs set off in the oceans and dropped here and there at will. Of course all this is – Hey OK. Let’s blame Climate Change then more money for us, because it all boils down to MONEY.

  3. Frances Fox says:

    Yes I agree . Your Speech was very good Mr. Helmer as always. Thank you for all the good work you undertake.

    Am fed up with Brexit being called Soft or Hard and keep repeating on the Facebook that it is neither it is LEAVE THE EU TO CONTROL OUR OWN COUNTRY. Had dreaded that Vote Leave will be delayed but not so much as it has. As for Cameron making suggestions when he could have dealt with VOTE LEAVE when it won.

    I was sorry that Paul Nuttall resigned from Leadership as he was pretty good but not had enough time.


    Frances Fox
    UKIP Peterborough Branch.

    • KennieD says:

      What was that about Dodgy Dave Cameron. Has he been indulging in ‘schardenfreude’ (hope the spelling is ok) about Theresa May’s & tories’ recent problems. A lot could have been avoided if he had stuck to his promise of submitting Article 50 the day after the Referendum, instead of coming out to cry with his missus and resigning.
      I not also the MSM have wheeled out Osborne and Heseltine for their digs at Brexit and May.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    It is strange to find myself in agreement with the President of USA – Trump, as I can’t stand the guy at any price. Just consider how the planet went through ice ages, and warmed up, without any help from humans. I would not wish to say that is the green light for us to do anything that takes our fancy, and it’s OK to chuck any amount of rubbish into the atmosphere,- no, not at all, but how about just a little sense being used, rather than make up almost a new religion, that will bring low our hopes and endeavours for active trade and employment, whilst other nations just keep on with fouling the air. Their point of view, is that it was alright for us with our industrial revolution, to fill the air with rubbish, but now it’s their turn, and we cry foul ! That is understandable, though not a very adult argument. All I’m saying is that a wider view should be taken on the rise in temperatures and it would be good to check on items like solar flare activity etc., rather than jump to this hair shirt mentality that could bring us all down. How about planting useful trees instead of letting business cut them down for blinkered single interest ?

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