Daily Debrief May 2nd

Brexit damages friendships

The Prime Minister has come and out and said the Brexit campaign has damaged his friendship with Boris Johnson!

According to reports in The Guardian David Cameron said their bond had been dented. He said it was “frustrating” that Johnson – and another close ally, justice secretary Michael Gove – had chosen to campaign for Brexit.

All very heartfelt until the interview tackles Brexit and border controls. According to Mr Cameron, it is a myth Brexit would improve border controls! I beg to differ Prime Minister – it’s a myth that border controls are working at present.

The Liz Truss and Ed Miliband Show

Meanwhile in The Daily TelegraphLiz Truss has been branded a hypocrite
after she joined forces with Ed Miliband to warn that a Brexit would threaten the world’s plants and animals. The Environment Secretary said a Brexit would leave “our global habitat… starved of investment, bereft of protections and denied the leadership it needs”.

What nonsense – last year the Tory the Cabinet was saying Mr Miliband himself was a threat – to national security nonetheless! It’s time for the Remainians to make their minds up.

Meddling Malcolm Turnbull

Now The Prime Minister of Australia is at. it! Malcom Turnbull says he would welcome the UK staying in the EU in The Daily Express. Although his rhetoric is not as strong and threatening as that of President Obama a couple of weeks ago, it is still unwelcome.
We don’t need your advice Mr Turnbull, the British people can make their own minds up. They made that clear enough to President Obama.

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Daily Debrief May 1st

Two polls show its neck and neck

Political focus deviates only slightly away from Brexit this week as we prepared for local, regional and PCC elections which are being held on Thursday. Of course we’re hoping that the fervent campaign for Brexit will help UKIP, as the only political party in Britain who are wholesome in their collective support for Brexit.

Reuters reports on two polls that have been published today in the Sun and the Observer.

The Sun poll, conducted by ICM has the Brexiteers at 46% whilst the remainians sit three points behind on 43%. The Observer poll on the other hand gives the campaign to remain a one point lead. There is so much still to fight for; still to campaign for and we need to do all we can to win over the large percentage of undecideds who will ultimately decide whether Britain is to take back control of her own destiny.

For the sake of our children and our grandchildren, let us make sure we do.

“The British public feels they’re being sold a line – and many millions of us don’t like it”.

Another fabulous opinion piece has been written by Liam Halligan in the Telegraph  who tears shreds into the establishments efforts to con voters into believing that Brexit would be catastrophic to our economy and trade.

I’ve written plenty about the positive impact that President Obama’s intervention had for those of us campaigning for Brexit, especially in relation to the “back of the queue” line on trade.

Halligan points out that the EU and the US currently have no bilateral trade agreement and yet through the WTO still trade successfully and have done for decades. There is no doubt that Britain would be ideally placed to prosper in the same way whatever the opinion of the soon to be Former President.

He also mentions the assertions from Project Fear that Brexit would kill trade between the EU and the UK. As we’ve been saying for years, the recognition that they sell us £60 billion more in goods and services than we sell them proves that they need us and we should never forget that.

Brexit would mean a better deal for farmers

The Express carries an interview with Tory MP and Farming Minister George Eustice, who runs through the ways in which British farmers would benefit from Brexit.

The staggering line from the piece is “the UK currently gives the EU £6 billion a year towards the CAP, but only £3bn gets back to UK farmers. That’s a calculation that should make any British farmer join our calls for Brexit. It’s clearly having an impact given the poll of British farmers carried out by the Express on Friday, which shows two thirds of them backing our campaign.

Eustice also says “ I wrestle with insane European legislation on a daily basis and it would be far better if we took back control and designed our own policy”. Never could a truer word have been written.

If you want to know more about  how our exiting the EU would help British farmers then I’d encourage you to visit the website of our excellent Agriculture Spokesman, Stuart Agnew. As a farmer himself, he’s suffered first hand as a result of European legislation and red tape and has been making these arguments for years.

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Daily Debrief April 29th

Professor Patrick Minford
In my debrief yesterday I wrote about the ‘Economists for Brexit’ and their argument Britain would be better off out of the EU.
Today’s Daily Mail carries more on this story. The Mail reports that every worker in the UK would be £40 a week better off a decade after Brexit and the economy would be four per cent bigger than if the UK stayed in the EU. – those findings are a direct challenge to George Osborne’s claims the economy would be 6.2 per cent smaller by 2030 if Britain votes to leave in the referendum on June 23.
One of the reports authors is Professor Patrick Minford who branded the Treasury’s analysis of the impact of Brexit as “a totally misleading piece of propaganda.”
Exactly, Sir Patrick – I couldn’t agree with you more.
Boris again
The Independent’s Mary Dejevsky asks whether Boris Johnson has blown his chances of becoming Prime Minister by backing Brexit in a report today. 
Boris believes in the Leave campaign and I applauded him at the time for joining the campaign to leave the EU – let’s see what happens in the Tory party – and indeed all the main parties – once the referendum dust has settled.
Quickie divorce
EU chiefs want a quickie divorce if the UK votes to leave on June 23 – The Daily Express reports.

This is somewhat of a blow to the Remainians who were banking on a long drawn-out divorce! Meanwhile, if you needed any more evidence of some of the barmy EU rulings over the years, take a a look at the Express’s guide on the same page. You won’t know whether to laugh or cry.
John Major – remember him?
Former Prime Minister John Major has waded into the Brexit debate – Reuters is reporting.
He is warning our relationship with the United States would wither if we opt to the leave the European Union in a June 23 referendum, “Our relationship with America would wither,” Major told BBC radio. “America needs an ally inside the EU and it could no longer be us.”
This of course follows the cranking up of Operation Fear by President Barack Obama last week. He warned Britain would be “in the back of the queue” for a trade deal with the United States if it left the EU.
I have dealt with the Obama comments at length – as for Mr Major – read my open letter to him from a few weeks ago.
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Daily debrief April 28th

‘Economists for Brexit’ back campaign to leave EU

The group, Economists for Brexit,argue that leaving the EU would boost the UK economy by four per cent in 10 years. 
And a divorce from the EU would put the UK outside the EU’s customs union, which puts tariffs on imported goods – and by being free of those constraints, prices in the UK would fall by eight per cent.
The group also proposes a World Trade Organisation agreement with the EU, similar to that enjoyed by the US and China.

The BBC says the report’s authors include Professor Patrick Minford, a former adviser to Baroness Margaret Thatcher, and Gerard Lyons, a former chief economist at Standard Chartered Bank and now an adviser to the London Mayor, Boris Johnson, who is campaigning for Britain to leave the EU.

The economic arguments have so far been tilted towards the Remain camp with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) warning against leaving, as I mentioned in my piece yesterday – so today’s news is a welcome poke in the eye for the Project Fear!

Project Fear

And speaking of Project Fear – he has been a bit quiet in the past few days but now he’s back…

Our old friend Peter Mandelson – is back, warning of the ‘threat’ to Northern Ireland after Brexit. 

As a Europhile and former Commissioner…’he would say that wouldn’t he?’ (Apologies for the slight misquote to the late Mandy Rice Davies.)

Meanwhile in the FT – Project Fear is running wild with Philip Stephens setting out a grim but totally erroneous vision of Britain post-Brexit. He warns of

In a piece in which he divides the electorate into Remain (young) and Leave (old) he misses the point that the campaign to get out of the EU is backed by people of all ages. My experiences in the past few weeks clearly shows that. According to him the young will be most affected – it’s their future at stake! Nonsense! Once again I point you to my myth-busting blog of a few months ago, which dispels someone of the ‘Remainians’ fear tactics  

Desperate Dave sells out

The Daily Express carries the story of our Prime Minister ‘flogging off’ policies to bolster support for the EU. In today’s edition of ‘You (almost) couldn’t make it up, Mr Cameron is reported to  be scrapping parts of his Trade Union Bill and according to The Express it is because union bosses pledged to drum up support for the EU among memberships. There has been no comment from Downing Street but this clearly shows the fear the Remain camp has as momentum starts to gather behind Brexit.

Indeed, The Guardian – carries the story of the PM’s joining former TUC secretary Brendan Barber to issue a warning to Britain’s workers that breaking away from the European Union would pose a “triple threat,” to jobs, wages and prices. Let’s turn this round and suggest to British workers STAYING IN the EU would pose a “triple threat,” to jobs, wages and prices.”

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Daily debrief April 27th

First Obama, now former Mexican politician wades in

If being patronised and threatened – – by the President of the United States wasn’t enough – now we have a former Mexican politician entering the Brexit debate.

Angel Gurria is the general secretary of the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development, (OCED), — an economic think-tank which has said economic growth would be lower outside the EU as the UK could not negotiate a ‘sweeter’ deal on trade and investment. Mr Gurria told the BBC he had no doubt that the UK leaving the EU leaving would be a “bad decision” and expressed surprise we are even contemplating such a move.

Surprise Mr Gurria? At what exactly? That we would like to control our own borders, that we like to set up our own trade deals and fashion our own future? Surprised we would like to make our laws? Our leader Nigel Farage said “markets, not failed politicians,” decided trade. I couldn’t have put it better myself.

The OCED has joined Operation Fear I am afraid – saying Brexit is like a tax on the British people and would hit them hard in the pocket. Nonsense. Don’t be fooled by Operation Fear – let’s believe in Britain, we will have a more prosperous future outside the EU.

New poll puts Brexit backers in the lead

Meanwhile, despite Mr Obama’s best attempts a new poll has put Brexit backers into the lead, as The Daily Express reports hereAccording to The Express,  Mr Obama’s unwanted intervention may have even helped the Leave campaign – Jennifer Bottomley, of pollsters ICM, said Mr Obama’s remarks may even have strengthened the resolve of Brexit supporters to vote in the referendum on June 23. The result certainly suggests his call for the UK to stay in the EU failed to shift support towards the Remain camp, with 46 per cent of those quizzed want the UK to leave while 44 per cent want to stay. .

She is quoted as saying: “Interestingly, we do see a hardening of resolve among Leave supporters when it comes to turnout, with 80 per cent saying they are absolutely certain to vote, compared with 75 per cent who said the same in our first April poll, perhaps reflecting a sense of displeasure about Mr Obama’s comments.” 

Ted Cruz

An interesting piece in The Telegraph – Britain would be at the front of the queue for a trade deal with the US if we leave the EU. So says Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz – he said Obama’s intervention last week as a slap in  the face for British self-determination. Yes, Mt Cruz, it’s still stinging now!

Migrant figures

If we needed any more evidence leaving the EU – and regaining control of our borders – was essential, it is from this report in The Daily Mail.

The report states that the number of EU migrants living in the UK has been under-counted by 250,000 over the past five years, with net migration from inside the EU about 50,000 a year higher than official statistics admit. The Mail rightly says that crucially, migration from inside the EU – over which the Government has no control – is now higher than that from the rest of the world combined.

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Daily Debrief April 26th

Theresa May – Confused on facts, wrong on membership

One cabinet member that had been anticipated to join the campaign for Brexit was the Home Secretary, Theresa May. With that in mind it came as some surprise when she came out in favour of remaining in the EU, early on in the campaign. You might have thought that her Ministerial responsibilities at the Home office would have left her better informed on the numerous benefits and advantages that Brexit might bring in the protection of our citizens but sadly that hasn’t proven to be the case.

The news is now reporting on her first referendum speech, in which she has defended her position in support of the Remainians, whilst at the same time admitting that the EU doesn’t work. Another day, another bout of hypocrisy from Team Remain. The thrust of her speech though was focused on a call to quit the European Court of Human Rights, something which we can all pretty much agree on. The problem though is that she seems bizarrely oblivious to the fact that you can’t quite the ECHR as long as you’re a member of the EU. This confusion on her part has been reported by several papers, but I love the coverage in the Express, which writes on the mauling provided by Tory MP and Brexit Campaigner Jacob Rees-Mogg.

For the future protection of not only ourselves, but of our children and Grandchildren it’s vital that we take back control over who is and is not allowed to remain in this country. The only way of doing that is by quitting the EU and the ECHR, which protects the rights of foreign criminals against those of hard working, British tax payers. For an excellent reaction to the May speech, you can read the statement put out in response by our UKIP Deputy Chairman and Home Affairs Spokesman, Diane James, which sums up UKIP’s and my position perfectly.

 Obama intervention “counterproductive”

I’ve written a number of times over the last week on how I believed the comments made by Barack Obama during his fleeting visit to Britain would be met with distain and contempt by British voters. The idea that we would let a US President lecture us on the future of our nation when his own political shelf life has only a few months left to run was frankly absurd. Well the great news is that polling figures are starting to come which suggest that rather than boost support from Cameron and the Remainians, Obama may have actually given a helping hand to those of us fighting for Brexit.

A snap poll by Sky News reports the main reason for this may be the approach Obama took in offering his ‘advice’. Pre-visit polling suggests that most voters were open to hearing what he had to say, and most were seemingly happy to have their opinions swayed by the leader of our key ally. Sadly for the Prime Minister however, rather than give his opinion, President Obama decided to threaten and bully British voters into feeling that without the EU, we would be incapable of doing anything meaningful for ourselves; big mistake Mr President.

The response to Obama’s comments by the peoples of Britain only confirm what we already know to be true. We can do anything whilst stood on our own two feet and the more people might tell us we can’t, the more inclined the people of our country will be to prove them wrong.

Gove echoes UKIP migration warning

To my mind, of the many achievements that UKIP can claim over recent years, two really stand out.

Firstly, we managed to force the political establishment into giving us a referendum on our EU membership. We know, as do the majority of British voters that we wouldn’t even be having this referendum if it weren’t for Nigel Farage and UKIP.

Secondly, we’ve put the debate about immigration at the front and centre of British politics. For too long the establishment were overly reluctant to discuss an issue which will have massive, long term ramifications for people living in our country.

Clearly, the two issues are interconnected and immigration is now regularly polled as being the number one concern of British voters when considering Brexit. UKIP’s record on highlighting the long term risks associated with open door immigration is clear but what’s great to see is our pro-Brexit colleagues joining the choir. The BBC reports on a letter by Michael Gove in the Times warning of a migration “free for all” unless we vote to leave the EU. He isn’t wrong. Gove rightly points out that with five countries, including Turkey and Albania potentially looking to become new EU members in the not too distant future, we could be leaving ourselves open to millions of potential migrants in the coming years.

Downing Street are reported to have said that “the accession of more countries was years away”. Even if that were true, should we vote to remain on 23rd June then we’re locked in which means we won’t be able to do anything once those years have passed. The only way to avoid that, and to protect the security and available of our NHS and public services is to Vote Leave on 23rd June and make it our Independence Day.

Voters in Witney are split on Brexit

Nick Hallett of Breitbart has been to speak to voters in the Prime Minsters constituency of Witney on whether they support the efforts of their MP to keep Britain in the EU. What the report shows is a large chunk of undecided voters who are still waiting for more information to help them make up their mind.

It’s worrying but not surprising that despite the government spending £9 million pounds on a piece of one sided propaganda, purportedly to educate the British electorate on the “facts” of EU membership, voters in the Prime Minister’s own constituency still seem so unsure. Perhaps it’s because they’re far more savvy than Cameron gives them credit for and saw right through the tax payer funded leaflet he sent in recent weeks.

What is a fact is that this referendum is still there to be won or lost. There are countless voters who are still making their mind up and UKIP have the facts to convince them. I’ll be doing everything I can from now until 23rd June to help show those undecided voters why Britain would be so much better off out. I invite you to join me.

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Daily Debrief April 25th

As Obama leaves, should Le Pen be allowed to visit?

As we move on from one unhelpful intervention from a foreign political leader, the debate over whether we should welcome another now turns attention on Marie Le Pen, leader of the Front National in France.  The Mirror reportson the proposed visit to Britain by Le Pen, to campaign in favour of Britain leaving the EU. Chairman of Vote Leave Gisela Stuart MP, has reportedly lobbied the Home Secretary to ban Le Pen from entering the country. Nigel Farage has commented that whilst Le Pen joining the debate will do the Brexit campaign no favours, banning her from coming is not something we should be looking to do. 

The only thing that matters in this referendum are the views of the British people. I wrote earlier in the week about the various agenda’s that those from abroad are seeking to promote by campaigning on one side of this debate or the other. I have every faith, as should we all, that the people of our country will focus on their own interests, their own futures and as such will determine that the only choice in June is to Vote Leave.

Sturgeon speaks of Scotland’s desire to Leave (the UK, but not the EU)

It’s one of the more curious side stories of this referendum, that the SNP are using the possibility of Brexit to threaten a second vote north of the border on whether Scotland should separate itself from the rest of the UK. Having lost once, albeit narrowly, SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon has made it very clear that she will leap at any opportunity to bring about another vote on the break-up of Britain.  Curiously, in an article in the Scotsman Sturgeon comments on her “lifelong passionate support for independence”; it’s hypocrisy that President Obama would be proud of. She wants to turn her back on a 309 year, tried and tested, mutually beneficial union with England, Wales and Northern Ireland and yet believes that the EU offers a future of gold and honey.

The article raises the interesting point that whilst the majority of Scots would appear to be in favour of remaining in the EU, the possibility of Brexit only makes a very marginal difference in their voting intentions should they be faced with a second referendum on our own union. To the majority of voters north of the border it would seem that the importance of remaining part of Britain matters far more to them than membership of the European Union; common sense that Nicola Sturgeon should avail herself of.

The United Kingdom has proven that it works, whereas the European Union makes us poorer and less democratic and less free. Let us hope that we can move into the future as a unified nation, mutually independent from Brussels and its bureaucrats.

Owen Paterson warns of Britain becoming an EU colony

In a speech today, former Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Owen Paterson MP will warn that should Britain remain in the EU it will become no more than an EU colony, bossed around by Brussels. In his speech, which has been previewed by the Sun, Owen uses some powerful language to warn against exposing ourselves to the risks of remaining stuck to the EU.

The Remainians are so fond of calling Brexit a leap into the unknown, but Paterson argues that which we’ve been saying all along, the unknown would be missing this golden opportunity for freedom and independence and voting to stay in. Should that happen, the article makes it clear that we could “expect no mercy” from Brussels as it would move to swallow up Britain into a European superstate.

We should never allow Britain to become an offshore province of a country called Europe, and that’s a real risk were we to remain on June 23rd. Let’s follow Owen Paterson’s lead and make it clear to anybody and everybody that this is our one chance to avoid that future for our children and grandchildren. We must take it.

Cameron insiders confident he’ll remain, even if Britain votes to leave

I had never imagined that I might see a Conservative Prime Minister fighting “heart and soul” to remain a part of the European Union. I had never imagined that I might see a Conservative Prime Minster relying on a US President to help persuade the British people to give up on their own sovereignty and democracy; to become no more than a star on somebody else’s flag. Yet that’s what we seem to have in David Cameron. The Brexit debate carries with it the question of Cameron’s future; would a vote to leave signal the end for the Prime Minister?

Matthew d’Ancona of the Guardian writes an interesting piece, which suggests Cameron aides think he’s safe regardless of the outcome. So far, both Boris and Chris Grayling have publicly committed to supporting Cameron as Prime Minister post referendum whether Brexit happens or not but there is a growing consensus that his position may be untenable should we get our independence back on June 23rd. In that scenario, you can expect supporters like Johnson to rapidly manoeuvre themselves into a position of leadership contender.

Whilst I’m unconvinced about the future of David Cameron, the one thing of which I’m certain is that the future of UKIP is going to be incredibly strong after Brexit. Being a member of the party which is  responsible for Britain having this referendum in the first place makes me incredibly proud.

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