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Cameron’s poverty of ambition

                                 At least the tie is the right colour, Dave One of the great weaknesses of Cameron’s position on his much-vaunted EU referendum has been … Continue reading

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The Human Rights Act

OK. I’m going to get into trouble for admitting it. But just once in a while, Prime Minister David Cameron gets it right. And he’s right to try to repeal the Human Rights Act. And let’s be clear. That’s not … Continue reading

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To stop the deaths, we must stop the boats

Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott is a plain speaking, clear thinking kind of guy.  He recently commented on the Mediterranean migrant crisis: “If you want to stop the deaths, stop the boats”.  At first sight, this seems like a callous … Continue reading

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Boris drops a brick

Writing in the Daily Telegraph (May 11th), Boris Johnson talks a good story about EU renegotiation and reform. (I think he’s entirely wrong about the potential for reform – but that’s another story.  The EU is beyond reform, and deserves to … Continue reading

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Regulatory uncertainty – A barrier to investment and growth

In recent years, in my work in the parliament, I’ve become more and more concerned about an issue that is scarcely if ever mentioned, either in the media, or indeed in Brussels (except by me — I mention it all … Continue reading

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Whom to believe?

Horrible grammar, but a good thought In the last few days we have seen a report from a respected German think-tank, the Bertelsmann Foundation, saying that Brexit (a UK exit from the EU) would do huge damage to the British … Continue reading

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Toxic Waste Gushes Forth!

<> Yesterday I had the pleasure and privilege of appearing for UKIP in the BBC’s special Daily Politics debate on Climate and Energy, chaired by Andrew Neil.  I was delighted to find myself pitched against Ed Davey, Secretary of State … Continue reading

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