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European media

Last night I attended a dinner-debate organised by the EPA.  Not (as you might think) the US Environmental Protection Agency, but the European Parliamentarians Association,  which has a rather splendid art nouveau mansion in the Allée de la Robertsau.  The topic … Continue reading

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Simplistic Soundbites: Single Market

New growth? Pull the other one (as my old mother used to say) The Remain Campaign makes much of the Single Market.  It is vital for the UK’s trade that we remain in the Single Market.  They still claim that … Continue reading

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Does the EU deserve Market Economy Status?

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Simplistic soundbites: Scotland

The “Remain” proposition is so straightforward and obvious.  Even if there is a majority across Britain for Brexit, there will clearly not be a majority in Scotland.  The Scots, who have an historical affinity with the continent, will feel that … Continue reading

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Climate of Fear

It’s now clear that the “IN” Campaign will rely primarily on fear as a motivator.  Brexit is a leap into the unknown, they say, which will leave Britain “isolated and marginalised”.  Our economy, our trade, our jobs, our security will … Continue reading

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Matters of Faith

The Reverend Peter Mullen is a distinguished member of the Clergy, and for many years has been Chaplain of the Freedom Association.  He casts an acerbic and unforgiving eye on the follies of modern Anglicanism.  He has given me his … Continue reading

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UKIP Myths?

There’s a leaflet circulating in the East Midlands purporting to expose six “UKIP Myths”.  The biggest myth, of course, is that UKIP ever said any of the things they claim.  Let’s look at them one by one. Myth #1: “We … Continue reading

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