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“We are screwing ourselves”

On Wednesday (Jan 18th) I attended a dinner-debate in the parliament, sponsored by Eurofer, the European Steel Federation, and entitled “EU ETS Revision: Unlocking low-carbon investments in the steel industry”.  It was a very well-attended event, with many MEPs as well … Continue reading

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Deutschland discombobulated

  A German confused:  On January 18th we had one of those tediously formal debates in Straz to review the results (such as they were) of the Dec 15th European Council meeting.  Not surprisingly, Brexit was on the agenda.  The … Continue reading

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Appearing on the JVS Show

Three Counties Radio On The JVS Show talking about Donald Trump and Brexit – about 16 minutes in

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International Leaders Summit

Delivering a keynote address at the second annual Jerusalem Leaders Summit, December 19, 2016 at the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem. Leaders from Europe, India, Israel and the United States affirmed the rule of law civilization based on shared values and principles, advancing … Continue reading

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MEPs don’t actually work, do they?

OK guys.  I know I shouldn’t do this.  I know that the anonymous hordes of internet trolls should be simply ignored.  They are unable to string two coherent thoughts together.  Most do little more than hurl generalised and obscene abuse … Continue reading

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“Ocean acidification”: vocabulary in the service of alarmism

I have recently been engaged in an absurd Twitter spat over ocean acidification, following my commendation of James Delingpole’s magnificent and forensic deconstruction of the scare. What does the phrase “ocean acidification” suggest to you?  I think to most people … Continue reading

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UKIP supports renewables (when they’re economically viable)

This photograph shows the aftermath of an anaerobic digester accident in Shropshire – both the damage to the installation and the massive leak of sludge I have written at length about the vast misallocation of resources involved in the dash … Continue reading

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