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Barnier on Brexit: “Keep paying the subs”

Yesterday I attended a meeting at which Michel Barnier, the EU’s appointed Brexit negotiator, presented the current status from his point of view — and I had the opportunity to respond.  On the plus side, he was measured and reasonable, … Continue reading

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The Lessons of Lysenko – video

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The Lessons of Lysenko

Following the death of Fidel Castro, it’s perhaps a good time to think about the malign impacts of totalitarian government, and the damage that political agendas can do to science. I was recently discussing Lysenko with a friend (as you … Continue reading

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We have been subjected to a hostile, aggressive and discriminatory approach.

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The EU against Eurosceptics

The EU against Eurosceptics – please visit Facebook here to see my interview. The video was posted on November 24.  

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For years I’ve been writing about climate change – only to be told I’m a “climate change denier”.  On Twitter, I’m criticised daily for “stupidity and ignorance”, told that I ignore the science, asked how I as a non-specialist can … Continue reading

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Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe

The Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe (ADDE) is an alliance of political parties from a number of European countries, based on MEPs who are also members of our EFDD Group, but also national and regional parliamentarians from other … Continue reading

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