Al Gore: Green man denies greed

I just watched a Fox News video clip, featuring Marc Morano, a prominent American climate realist whom I met at the Heartland Conference in New York in March.  If you have any interest in the climate issue, it’s worth watching, at
The key points it makes:
In Washington, there are no fewer than four climate lobbyists for every Congressman
When Gore left his post as US Vice President, his personal wealth was around $2 million.  Today, after years of green campaigning, it’s around $100 million.
Fox news also reports that Gore has financial interests in a wide range of companies that stand to profit hugely from the proposed introduction of emissions trading in the USA.  That’s Cap’n’Trade (or as some of us know it, Cap’n’Tax).
Gore insists that he’s not motivated by greed, and neither Fox News, nor Marc Morano, nor I is suggesting that Gore is doing it for the money.  We recognise that he’s a convinced ideologue on climate.  But even so, it seems to be a nice little earner.

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3 Responses to Al Gore: Green man denies greed

  1. You may recall that recently Al Gore chickened out of testifying beside Lord Christopher Monckton, The Third Viscount of Brenchley. Gore made it clear to Waxman that if Monckton, a former adviser to Margaret Thatcher, showed up, he would not. Gore has been running from Monckton for a few years. Lord Monckton even once took out ads in national newspapers challenging Gore to a debate. Gore who wants no part of Monckton has been running ever since.

    After attending a presentation by Lord Monckton on global warming held on the Texas A&M campus last week, I can certainly understand why Gore is afraid of him. Follow this link to see the video of Monckton’s presentation:
    If you would like to view his complete written works on Global Warming, follow the link contained in the article found my site: The same article also contains a link to a recent radio interview Monckton did with Michael Savage. The information contained in these three sources will put you ahead of 99% of the people in the world on this subject.

    Founder & Publisher

  2. chris southern says:

    It’s the old follow the money trick.
    When somebody within a position of power or influence pushes an idea, just follow the money, you will then see if they believe it’s an idea that benefits the people or themselves.

    It’s what has brought politics and certain business upon it’s knees in the western world within the last centuary.
    Too many people are abusing their position to profit from the people via taxation, be it business or politics.

  3. Steve Calica says:

    True, there are four lobbyists for every Congressman. What you failed to notice is that most of them are working for fossil fuel, energy or automobile companies and are seeking to either derail climate legislation, water it down, or amend it so they benefit financially. Surely cause for celebration?

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