“What matters is what works”

Campaigning in Northampton North, April 24th, with (L to R): Sally Smith; Roger Helmer MEP; A.N. Other; Linda Kirk; Charles Barwell; Candidate Michael Ellis; Thelma Matuk; Simon Mort; David Surtees; Lord Taylor of Holbeach CBE; Mike Hallam.

I think that was Tony Blair’s line.  But even he could be right occasionally – especially when he was stating the bloomin’ obvious!

As flights were cancelled to Straz this last week (they’re now saying that atmospheric concentrations of volcanic ash during the week were no more than 5% of a very conservative safety level – some estimates say 1%), I was able to spend some time door-knocking (photos at http://www.rogerhelmer.com/newphotoalbum7.asp).  Maybe I can share one or two lines that seem to work well on the doorstep – where I still found surprising numbers of “Undecideds”.

“Well I haven’t made my mind up – I’ll watch the next debate”
, or “I haven’t decided who to vote for yet, but it certainly won’t be L.abour” The response that works for me is: “On May 7th, we’re going to find that the Prime Minister is either Gordon Brown, possibly with Lib-Dem support, or else it’s David Cameron.  So if you really want change, you need to vote Conservative”.  That points up the futility of a Lib-Dem vote, without making a meal of it.

“I like the look of that Nick Clegg – I might vote Lib-Dem”.  I reply “Do you know what their immigration policy is?  No?  They want an amnesty for illegal immigrants”.  To which the voter usually replies: “Well I certainly don’t agree with that!”.

“Gordon Brown says that you Tories are going to take £6 billion out of the economy?”. Reply: “No.  Labour plan to take the money out of the economy, with their jobs tax.  We want to leave it in the pockets of workers and employers, where it will do some good”.

“I’m sick of all you politicians.  I think I might vote for the Green Party/UKIP/BNP/Independent etc etc”. Reply: “Well realistically it’s going to be Gordon Brown or David Cameron for PM (as above!).  So if you want to make a gesture, by all means vote Green (etc etc).  But if you want to make a difference, you’ll need to vote Conservative”.

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2 Responses to “What matters is what works”

  1. Cliff Williams says:

    Bravo to you for knocking on doors.
    If more leaders would be involved and active within their communities they would know what the populace wants.

    People want to be free, they want the right to defend themselves, their family and property. Sometimes that defense is from the yob and other times it is from the State. Empowering people only supports freedom.

    People care, they just don’t think their opinion matters anylonger.

  2. Roger Helmer says:

    Thanks Cliff. I’ve knocked on a lot of doors, and I haven’t had a “Mrs. Duffy moment” yet!

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