The Blaston Hounds Show, Slawston, Leics

Blaston Hound Show: June 27th. A view of the judging, seen across my sponsorship banner

This annual fixture, associated with the Blaston Agricultural Show, took place on Sunday, on a brilliant June day with clear blue skies and sunshine.  Indeed it was so hot that the paving in the middle of the show ring needed to be sprayed with a watering-can periodically to keep it cool.

The show brought together packs of hounds from hunts across the East Midlands, and from further afield — Essex, Suffolk and Cheshire.  There were thirteen hunts in all represented, and there was a range of  classes from “Single Unentered Dog Hound” through to Class 8: “Best Bitch Hound from classes 5, 6 and 7”.

One of the entries in the “Best Stallion Hound” class was Drifter, from the Southwold (that’s Southwold Lincs, not Southwold Suffolk), pictured below in a relaxed moment with the Huntsman.  He (the Huntsman, not Drifter) mentioned in passing that the Hunt had been out in Cleethorpes during the General Election, leafleting for my good friend Martin Vickers, formerly Edward Leigh’s Agent in Gainsborough, and now, of course, MP for Cleethorpes.  That’s a pattern that was repeated across the country as the hunts came out to work for the Party.  All they expect in return is the repeal of the unworkable and hated Hunting Act.  We have an obligation to deliver.

With Stallion Hound Drifter, from the Southwold, and the Huntsman.

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