My Plenary Speech Sept 10th 2013

Mr. President,

The European Council is at least seeking to exercise some budgetary restraint.  Meantime we in this House call on our voters for austerity, while we ourselves practise extravagance.

€200 million to commute to Strasbourg.  €150 million for Mr. Poettering’s “European House of History” (or was it “House of Horrors”?)

And now we read that we’re spending €6 million on a pre-election propaganda campaign.

Mr. President, I’ve seen the commercial.  We say we want to listen to the people.

So let me tell you what my four million constituents in the British East Midlands are saying.

They say they’ve had enough of the European Union.  That they’re sick to death of paying for it.  They’re sick to death of its petty rule-making and interference.  They believe it does more harm than good.  The believe they would be Better Off Out.

Colleagues, as Oliver Cromwell famously remarked, “You have sat here too long for any good you may be doing.  In the name of God, GO!”

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9 Responses to My Plenary Speech Sept 10th 2013

  1. Me_Again says:

    Excellent Roger, sincerely hope there’s more than two or three in the chamber to listen.

  2. Thanks Me_Again. There were about twenty, I guess. Far more will see it on the web than in the Hemicycle.

    • Me_Again says:

      More than poor Dan Hannan seems to have when he does his thing. I know it isn’t quite what people imagine, he did explain a few times why the chamber always seemed empty but I forget now. I prefer your style -less Shakespeare and more bullets than gas- but I guess people like Dan [presume a university classics grad] like to throw in a bit of their classical education.

  3. Jane Davies says:

    Well said Roger, is there a video of your speech? I would like to send it to all on my email list and whoever else I think needs to hear the truth!

  4. David says:

    I love it Roger, great piece.

  5. David says:

    Fortunately there are more and more saying same in Yorkshire too.

  6. ogga1 says:

    Very well put Roger, wonder what Barroso thinks on that.

    • Me_Again says:

      Barosso thinks? Good Lord I wonder what he’d be like then if he didn’t?
      Did you see/hear that drivel that he came out with yesterday? Man’s got to be desperate if he thinks not having the EU is going to cause us all to jump into trenches with tin hats. What a total Maoist moron.

  7. Richard111 says:

    Well, Barroso had the full support of BBC Radio4 this morning to have a good rant at UKIP. 🙂
    Check playback at around 07:20 am this morning on the BBC website.

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