“You are the Gravediggers of European Democracy”.

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23 Responses to “You are the Gravediggers of European Democracy”.

  1. Chris says:

    Bravo Roger. Hopefully, in the near future, the British people will be giving the EU the two fingered salute, as the country heads off to a better place.

    Vote Ukip.

  2. Avellana says:

    Your best yet Roger. I am saddened, concerned by the growing acceleration of this process but not astonished. People will start to react when pensions and savings are stolen from them. The very people that made their own sacrifices to protect their families and dependents by saving and not taking out loans. Shame on them.

  3. Roger, keep saying it. It must be a very lonely road. But do not give up! You are right. They are wrong. And they are not elected or accountable and that is the trouble. It is like being ruled by a Labour /Communist government for ever.

    • DougS says:

      I second that Mike.

      It is a lonely business but I hope and believe that by keep telling it ‘like it is’ it will eventually resonate with the majority of UK voters and eventually, with European voters.

      Well done Roger.

      • Little Churchill says:

        I third it!! I have said on many posts on media sites that UKIP have been fighting this battle for years with little recognition or appreciation, but their efforts are at long last starting to bear fruit and not just in the UK either. The Italian elections, the new Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany) party, many more anti-EU groups setting up and this saga with Cyprus – it is showing the EU for all that UKIP have been saying for years!

        Please don’t just post on here amongst friends – get onto the media sites to educate people and rally the troops!! (The Express, Telegraph, DMail, Independent, The Sun, Daily Mirror etc). Despite, like the UKIP guys, getting all the name-calling etc, I have noticed people now repeating my posts and facts along with previous pro-EU people now very pro UKIP – it does work and the more of us out there doing it, the better! I have also found that UKIP supporters are far more knowledgable and better read than the usual LibLabCon voter!

      • David says:

        I like Rogers items too, but as you can see in the last few seconds, der fuhrer shultz & poodle rumskin just put heads down, lookin for some sand!

  4. B Hough says:

    Well said Roger, I would like to see a true comparison between Germany and the rest of us financially.
    A pity we don`t manufacture wind turbines and have our own industries, we have a motor industry, so they tell us! But after paying British workers their wages the vast profits go to the countries of the owners.
    We are forced to observe climate change rules, but of course buy our turbines and grid connecting cable from other countries, could someone confirm which? this insisted on by our own climate change lobby.
    Sometimes I wonder where their allegences lie.

  5. Joseph Croft says:

    i love your speeches Roger , you seem to be the only one who speaks common sense ,

  6. Jane Davies says:

    Great stuff Roger, my husband wondered why I was clapping the computer! Do not waver from your task (as if you would) We must leave this sinking ship asap before it disappears under the sea of red tape.

    • Little Churchill says:

      I agree and I have to say, it is quite inefectious watching these guys and like you, I am prompted to give a similiar appreciative response – sad as that may sound, but I think we have been without a voice for so long, it just feels so good to have someone saying what we would like to!

      An interesting admission, the cracks are starting to show and hopefully with their latest Cyprus trick completely exposing them, the EU will get their boots on!
      Eurozone finance ministers admit being in a mess – Europe – World – The Independent

  7. Gary Rickard says:


  8. matthu says:

    It is a pity we so seldom hear a speech like that in our own House of Commons!

  9. Bill says:

    What a speech GO GET EM ROGER!! The biggest bank heist in history Ronnie Biggs was a total plonker compared to Angela!. News for you Angie cowering in your Berlin bunker


    Its a zombie that hasnt the wit to stiffen!!

    And for British people who imagine were completely safe and UK banks wonrt ever be in the same boat to borrow a lottery phrase


  10. Bill says:

    The plot thickens Li Keqiang the primer of China is arriving in Moscow tomorrow Friday 22nd March at the same time that the Cyprus delegation are seeking funds wherever they can raise them outside of the EU. There is reason to believe that gas deposits may form a big part of discussions

  11. Little Churchill says:

    BRILLIANT! Well said Sir and might I add, this was said on behalf of more people than you will ever realise. UKIP are the only hope of us saving our once beloved UK, our quirky traditions, dry sense of humour and all the things that make us who we are – which in turn makes others want to do business with us and want to visit us (and return to their own homes!). I am so proud and extremely grateful that there are still some decent, honest politicians who still hold our country and its people so dear, it leaves me with a little glimmer of hope that the 3-in-1 party will get kicked out sooner rather than later and we can become a proud nation once again, in control of our own destiny.

  12. Go, Roger, go

    Stirring stuff.

    No wonder people of all political persuasions are supporting UKIP.

  13. To everyone who has commented — many thanks. Your encouragement is really appreciated. Here in Brux, we’re regarded as outcasts, so it’s good to know we have such support at home.

    • Little Churchill says:

      You’re very welcome Roger, glad you get to see our support and appreciation, but as you know, as your supporters, we have been regarded as outcasts here at home too! (Along with fruitcakes, nutters, sheeple, uneducated etc!)

      But, all that is changing thank goodness! You need to rally support and get some of the really knowledgeable UKIP members onto the UK newspaper sites to dispell many of the myths that are being spread by the usual suspects, many of us are doing our best, but don’t have the indepth knowledge of you guys!

      I know that I am not alone in noticing that Cameron is turning to UKIP policies, the latest, being back to basics nursing! You guys have made so much happen, not bad for a bunch of fruitcakes!! : )

  14. Little Churchill says:

    Roger – Just another thought that I have posted on another site…. Do you remember the film ‘Trading Places’ with Eddie Murphy & Dan Ackroyd, with the two brothers “Duke & Duke” who demolished Dan Ackroyd for a $1 bet?

    Do you think as 2 posh boys who have never had real jobs or experience of ‘real life’, Cameron and Osborne have had a £1 bet to see how long they can get away with it before being rumbled?

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