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Eye-watering energy prices a direct result of climate alarmism

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HS2 “Just a Trophy Project”

I recently attended a lunch debate with a very serious senior executive from the logistics and transportation business.  As I’m not an expert in that area, I decided to ask him a fairly simple-minded question. I said: “The UK government … Continue reading

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Knee-jerk leftism from The Ecologist

The Ecologist magazine (not a publication I read often, so hat-tip to Google alerts) has just attempted a mendacious and malicious hatchet job on UKIP and UKIP’s energy policy, and it focuses its criticism on my association with ALEC the American … Continue reading

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Open letter to Rt Hon John Bercow MP

Dear Rt Hon John Bercow MP, Climate Meeting: House of Commons: Nov 5th On Wednesday November 5th I travelled from Brussels to London, where I had been invited to speak at a meeting on climate and energy issues which was … Continue reading

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European Parliament demands additional spending while nations face economic crisis

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EU greenhouse market mechanism is a dog’s breakfast

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Grudging imitation from Sir John Major

Dateline: Nov 17th: Sir John Major, former Tory Prime Minister, has launched a rather jaundiced attack on UKIP ahead of the Rochester by-election.  He says that UKIP is “profoundly un-British in every way“.  We are “anti-politics, anti-foreigner, anti-immigrant, anti-aid (he … Continue reading

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High tax rates are counterproductive

Recently, and most unusually, I felt moved to disagree with commentator Fraser Nelson (whom I usually find very much on target).  So it is a pleasure to come back with thoroughly positive comment on his most recent column First of all, … Continue reading

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A remarkable Wednesday

Last Wednesday in Brussels our EFDD group hosted not one but two political celebrities, in committee room 1E2. At 11:00 a.m. we had the leader of the Italian Five Star Movement (the second largest delegation in our group).  Beppe Grillo, … Continue reading

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Guest Blog – Nina Parsons

EDS & CCI are a hidden illness, Cervical Cranio Instability (a complication from the EDS and falling down a flight of stairs) is a cruel disease that involves the neck not being able to support the head, when this happens … Continue reading

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Let’s be clear about HS2

I’ve written before about HS2, though not for some time.  I still find people who don’t understand the basic problem with the scheme. The argument in favour seems to be: other countries have high speed rail, so we must have … Continue reading

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Roger Harrabin’s new normal

This morning I awoke to the joyous tones of BBC Environment Correspondent Roger Harrabin on BBC Radio 4, expounding the new consensus on climate change. At last (he told us) the alarmists and the sceptics are edging to the middle ground, … Continue reading

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