Only UKIP can address the causes of Britain’s challenges


John Longworth, Director General of the BCC

John Longworth, the Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has written to political leaders (including, I believe, Nigel Farage) asking them to avoid “tawdry politics” in the run-up to next May’s General Election.   He fears that careless talk and casual commitments could damage business confidence — indeed the 2015 election is widely regarded as the most open for decades, and this in itself has created uncertainty amongst BCC members.

I was particularly struck by one of Mr. Longworth’s phrases: “You must focus on the causes, not the symptoms, of the challenges that face our United Kingdom”Few would disagree, though the problem as always is that different political parties have very different analyses of the causes of problems.  Was the recent financial crisis caused by excessive lending and the irresponsibility of bankers?  By loose monetary policy from central banks?  By the disaster of the €uro currency?  (All of the above, probably — but different politicians would emphasise different angles).

But fair enough, Mr. Longworth.  Let’s look at some of the key problems facing British industry — and facing your members, Sir.  Most would agree that they suffer from over-regulation.  But of course the source of most (not all) of that is Brussels, and as we know, there is little or nothing that British governments can do to prevent it.  The only way to address it is to get Britain out of the EU, and only one party, UKIP, has a practical policy to do that.

Then there are energy prices, which are “creating an industrial massacre in Europe”.  Not just my opinion — but that of out-going EU Commissioner for Industry Antonio Tajani.  I was astonished that when asked to illustrate Tony Blair’s influence in Europe, former Commission Chairman Jose Manuel Barroso said “Without Tony Blair, we wouldn’t have got the EU’s Climate & Energy Package” (BBC World at One Dec 29th).  Another black mark on the Blair escutcheon, because it’s that very package (as usual, gold-plated in the UK) which is creating the disaster of competitiveness that energy-intensive industries face in the UK (and the EU).  And again, only UKIP has a policy response.

The old parties all want to stay in the EU, and are therefore stuck with the EU’s hugely damaging energy policy.

Then there’s immigration.  Now Mr. Longworth’s members may well be benefiting from wage compression driven by mass immigration.  But they also suffer from the pressures on housing and house prices, on schools and healthcare and hospitals, and — yes — on road traffic and infrastructure, which are adding to business costs and damaging their workers’ quality of life.  And surely no one can support the current immigration policy which discriminates in favour of unskilled Eastern Europeans and against highly qualified Commonwealth citizens.

And again, only UKIP has a policy response.  The powers that be in Brussels have spoken with total clarity: Britain may not challenge the EU’s fundamental principle of Free Movement of people.  Until we leave the EU, we cannot adopt a rational immigration policy.

So perhaps Mr. Longworth has done UKIP — and Britain — a favour.  Yes.  Let’s look at the underlying causes of the challenges we face.  And let’s vote for a party that has practical, workable policies to address those causes.

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9 Responses to Only UKIP can address the causes of Britain’s challenges

  1. Ex-expat Colin says:

    No worry…the wide mouths will let rip (per usual) followed by the MSM. Not interested really, just hope loads of common sense was delivered over Xmas….doubt it!

    I suppose (in response to the above comic strip report) all parties have their regulators and most of them are ex legal trade….whatever?

    No winter warming money to the southern states quite soon…oh dear.

  2. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Breitbart London is reporting this now:

    The video referred to is here: (dismal idiots again)

  3. Anne says:

    I wish you would make quite clear to John Longworth, Director General of the BCC, that people my age went through a World War to prevent foreigners Governing this Country and had they not, many alive TODAY might never have been born. Many more may have died in concentration camps, for before that war was ended, young people were taken from their partly bombed schools to the pictures, but not to see Disney Films-but the opening of Belsen and other Concentration Camps, to watch the opening of BELSEN and other Camps-so that we would never forget. I never have. This is not tawdry Politics this is the truth.

    As all three major Political Parties want to pay to remain in the EU apparently FOREVER, I see no point in voting or paying for any of those three major Political Parties that want the money yet want foreigners to Govern us, so in the coming General Election I suggest filling that House of Commons with the likes of UKIP that actually wants freedom from foreign rule and for British elected Politicians to Govern this Country by and through its very own Common Law Constitution-the only way this Country should be Governed. We betray all those that gave THEIR lives for our freeom to Govern ourselves if we do not get out of the EU..

  4. Roger – the debate is moving on. Most people know that the EU is a 20th century construct which has had its day.
    The problem is this: how do we get out?
    I do not see any answers on this thread.
    What do you think of Owen Paterson’s speech? What do you think of the Norway solution? Why is
    it better than the Swiss option?
    By facing up to these questions, you can get more popularity: without answers you just look like Alex Salmond – who lost.

    • Roger Helmer MEP says:

      Mike — the answers are clear, and you can’t criticise UKIP because you happen not to know the answers. Norway and Switzerland are small countries with a poor negotiating hand. As I have argued repeatedly, we are a major economy (somewhere between, for example, Canada and the USA in terms of size) and we are the EU’s largest customer, and largest net customer. We have a very strong hand indeed. We leave the EU, and negotiate a free trade agreement with it. We also grandfather existing free-trade deals agreed via the EU, while maintaining the option to renegotiate as and when.

  5. Ex-expat Colin says:

    If anyone had seen the performance of the Home Sec (May) and Yvette Cooper some weeks ago (HoC) regarding the EAW and related you may not be surprised at David Davis coming up with this piece. It was an appalling piece of game playing at our expense (multiple expense at that).

    Think he means we are sharply being slapped backwards and down. Nothings going to change in his lifetime and certainly not mine.
    David Davis MP delivers lecture on Parliament and Liberty

  6. Anne says:

    Just one little Cross FOR UKIP.

    Just one little cross, that is all that it takes,
    To change this great country of ours.
    Just one little cross that I will make one day,
    For a history to read down the years.
    Just one little cross for those that say,
    They will earn the money we pay,
    For they will govern this Country of ours
    And take back, what others gave away.

    One little cross we have over the years,
    Placed by names of those parties known well,
    But long gone is the hope, the faith, the trust,
    For they took us down the path to Hell.
    Just one little cross for those that dare
    The truth to speak loud and clear,
    We know what we see, is what we will get,
    So there is nothing now left to fear.

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