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“The smuggest, most supercilious man I know”

In Brussels, I am accustomed to being in a minority — although I am finding that in some circles, like the European Energy Forum and the Industry Committee, a refreshing draught of common sense is creeping in at the margins.  … Continue reading

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Strasbourg Diary – that was the week that was

Here is a piece I was asked to do for the the EU Spectator which you might like to see. Strasbourg Diary – January 12 to 15: Monday. I leave the house around 11:30 to catch the 13:40 flight from … Continue reading

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Shale gas: a huge opportunity for Britain

Recently a number of people have written to UKIP raising concerns about shale gas.  I have replied in the following terms: Thank you for writing to us about shale gas.  I can well understand your concerns, given the torrent of … Continue reading

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Electric vehicles: running on night-time solar power?

I attended a breakfast briefing on biofuels in Brussels on Tuesday morning, January 27th.  I was fascinated by a presentation from the pony-tailed Dr. Chris Malins of the International Institute for Clean Transportation – a lobby group.  He clearly knows … Continue reading

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Energy: No answers from the Commissioner

<> Some time ago I was able to address a question on energy prices to Miguel Arias Cañete, described as “Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy”.  His only response was to suggest the completion of a single EU energy market, … Continue reading

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Economic Suicide postponed…and UKIP saves the day!

A typical EU Parliament Committee meeting Just a couple of days ago I wrote about the disaster of European energy policy, which is creating “an Industrial Massacre in Europe” (former Commissioner Antonio Tajani).  It is driving jobs and investment and … Continue reading

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Bad Press Day

Looking at the Sunday papers on January 25th (Burns Night — and also Greek Election Day), I decided it wasn’t perhaps the best news day for UKIP.  The defection of Amjad Bashir to the Tories a few months ahead of … Continue reading

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EU Energy Policy is Industrial Suicide

The EU Emissions Trading System (ETS)  was introduced in 2005 as a “Cap & Trade” scheme to reduce emissions.  The theory was that the right to emit CO2 would be traded, and therefore permits would go where they were most … Continue reading

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Woking debate

With Chairman Ms. Ruth Breddal and Lib-Dem opponent Mr. Philip Goldenberg On Saturday, I was in Christ Church, Jubilee Square, Woking, for a debate organised by Woking Debates.  The motion was “In or Out of the EU?”.  Woking Debates seems … Continue reading

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Well done that Lady!

One of the nastier aspects of modern life is the internet trolling that seems to follow anyone with a minor public profile, or a marginally controversial opinion.  All of us in politics get it from time to time, and it’s … Continue reading

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Inequality or poverty?

In a blatant political intervention ahead of the General Election, the Church of England has published a paper on the economy, “On Rock or Sand?”, which carries clear echoes of its “Faith in the City” thirty years ago — described … Continue reading

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Salmond’s energy impasse exposed

I’ve always had a high regard for Alex Salmond as a political operator – though I disagree with just about all of his policies.  But he’s seen so many set-backs recently that one has to feel a grudging sympathy for … Continue reading

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Don’t be fooled as UK calls for ‘light touch’ on EU climate goals – guest blog

Guest Blog by Iain McKie, UKIP Parliamentary Candidate 2015 Isle of Wight The UK and Czech Republic have suggested that they might depart from the standard formula on reducing greenhouse Gas Emissions, and use a ‘light touch‘ in order to reach their … Continue reading

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Back to the Future – (with Sir Edward Garnier)

  On January 11th, on the BBC’s East Midlands Sunday Politics show, Conservative MP Sir Edward Garnier faced off against UKIP’s Paul Oakden (the BBC had wanted an MEP, but both Margot and I had prior commitments).  Starts about 48 … Continue reading

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Cameron’s EU game-plan

It’s becoming clearer that Cameron knows he can’t achieve any significant outcome from his much vaunted “renegotiation” of our EU terms.  The fact that he’s floated an earlier referendum date of 2016 (in an attempt to recover voters lost to … Continue reading

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