Daily Debrief April 19th

Brexit campaigns unite against ‘overbearing’ EU

I wrote yesterday of the impending sight that would warm the hearts of all Brexit campaigners. Well, last night it was to be seen in Stoke-on-Trent as Conservative Commons Leader Chris Grayling joined Nigel Farage on stage at a GO! rally in the heart of the Potteries. The Daily Mail reports that Brexit rivalry has now been put to one side and pro-leave forces have joined to drive home the message of why we should all be better off out.

We in UKIP know that without Nigel and the support of our determined membership, there would almost certainly be no referendum taking place in June. It’s right that the Brexit campaign should be truly cross-party and so let us give credit to Chris Grayling MP for recognising the crucial role that our leader and our party have played in getting Britain to this point, and for campaigning alongside us as we move to make 23rd June our Independence Day.

 ‘Merkel has great legs’ – Tory MP mocks Osborne over £4,300 ‘worse off’ claim

In yesterday’s debrief, my headline item was the firing of Osborne’s big (and bogus) bazooka – “Brexit will cost £4,300 per household”. As a neat addition to that story, Greg Heffer of the Express writes on the mocked up version of Treasury sums, produced and circulated by Conservative MP for Peterborough, Stewart Jackson.  The mock up – which was scribbled intentionally on the back of an envelope – had some great lines (‘Merkel has great legs’ among them) and was designed specifically to poke fun at the Chancellor. It has a serious point to it, though. Osborne is now in full attack mode on Brexit, using his position and self-proclaimed excellence in financial oversight to plant damaging and misleading headlines into the media about Britain post-EU. What he’s saying is just plain wrong, and we must face down his political posturing with the facts which I outlined in yesterday’s debrief.   

Costs of blackout emergency plan soar

As UKIP Energy Spokesman, I’ve repeatedly warned of the very real danger we face as a country due to our diminishing generating capacity. This government’s obsession with renewables, in large part driven by directives from Brussels, has left Britain at risk of a catastrophic nationwide blackout. In such an event, the government has what is called a ‘black start’ plan, which is designed to restore power in the event of such an outage. The Telegraph reports that the cost of ‘black start’ has risen from £22.4 million to £34.7 million a year.

 This plan is dependent upon a number of coal-fired power stations being kept on stand-by, ready to be powered up to full capacity enabling the lights to come back on. The problem is that many of our perfectly good coal-fired power plants have been shut down due to the EU’s Large Combustion Plant Directive. Whereas in Germany, they have disregarded the LCPD and have refurbished more than 20 such plants, in the UK the few we have remaining are now running at a loss.  As outlined in the article, this is due to rising green taxes, cheap gas prices and the growth of renewables. Whilst cheaper gas prices should be supported, green taxes and failed renewable technologies such as windmills need to be shown the door in favour of sensible, proven and reliable power generation via gas, coal and nuclear. British taxpayers can’t keep paying for the Brussels obsession with green energy – and Brexit will mean we no longer have to.

 Polls suggest Remain has 10pt lead over Brexit

A number of papers run with the story today that the ‘Remainians’ now have a 10 point lead over the ‘BeLeavers’ in the latest poll. These reports are somewhat surprising given that many recent polls have suggested that the gap is rapidly closing as Team Brexit continues to make its case and provide the real truths (not the £9 million, tax payer funded propaganda truths of David Cameron) to the British public. Certainly the feeling I’m getting from campaigning on the streets is that if there is a gap, it has us in the lead!

The Independent carries a piece giving details of the poll, but also carrying an interesting interview with Lynton Crosby.

Mr Crosby makes two key observations.

Firstly that the remain side have been successful in planting the notion into the minds of voters that EU membership makes economic sense for Britain. We know that this is simply not the case and much of our literature over the coming weeks will be focused on why the EU makes Britain and British families poorer.

The positive news is that the more outrageous the claims from people like George Osborne become, the more Government propaganda that Downing Street tried to peddle, the more sceptical British voters will be of the case being made to them by the Remain side. We will continue to have faith and confidence in the public’s ability to see through the antics of Messrs Cameron and Osborne.

The second point he makes is that the Leave side haven’t managed to capitalise on voters’ concerns over immigration. Well, I have to tell you, Lynton, that UKIP have been here making that case for years, both in local and national elections.

Whilst others have shied away from talking about immigration, UKIP have driven the debate and are now widely accepted as the political party most trusted when it comes to talking about the current open door policies of Westminster, enshrined in EU legislation. We know that immigration, and in particular the attendant risk to our security, is the number one issue for voters in this referendum and we’ll be working with our Brexit partners to make sure that every voter understands why when they go to the ballot box on 23rd June.

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15 Responses to Daily Debrief April 19th

  1. Anyoldiron says:

    We will NEVER forget.

    So many gave their lives for us
    Fighting in two World Wars,
    Yet when “Peace” came at last
    We ask, “What was that war for”?
    Where is that peace we fought for?
    Did we pay to give it away
    To foreigners once more to govern us?
    Did the people ever have a say?

    We were asked once in 1975
    To remain in the then EEC,
    But what is it now in 2016
    It is nothing like we thought it would be.
    Our Common Law Constitution
    Ignored and deliberately cast aside,
    A new Flag and EU Anthem
    That no Brits can truly abide.

    Yet according to our Constitution,
    We must be free to govern our selves?
    To betray those that gave their lives for us
    Would be like living in a permanent Hell!
    We are forbidden to obey foreigners
    Our Constitution makes that quite clear,
    It is time for us to set ourselves FREE.
    By the REFERENDUM Governments fear.

    Before I die, I need to know WHY
    You each gave our country away?
    Why you signed that treacherous Treaty
    Without giving the people a say?
    Before I die, I need to know HOW
    You managed to deceive us so?
    All those who placed in YOU their trust
    How was it even THEY didn’t know?

    Before I die I need to know WHERE
    We will be able to trust again
    Our fellow man-all on the same side,
    Oh, how I need to know when?
    Before I die I need to know WHO
    Can look me straight in the eye?
    Yet betray once more with that manicured hand
    And for their own ends tell lie after lie?

    Before I die I need to know IF
    Our Country will once more be free?
    So many millions died for that end
    How could you ignore their plea?
    Before I die I would like to KNOW
    How you can sleep at night?
    For heavy the weight will lie on you
    That you didn’t learn wrong from right.

    Before YOU die I want YOU to know
    I’d rather have fought and lost.
    For to do what YOU between you have done
    You WILL come to know the true dreadful cost.
    Before you die I want you to know THAT
    Britannia will once again rule the waves,
    Never again will foreigners rule
    For the English and St George was saved.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Very well put Anyoldiron. I don’t have your skill with format, but I have a voice, and a questioning mind ! Can anyone tell me of any Nation that has suffered the actions of such a DISGUSTINGLY HUGE FIFTH COLUMN ? Or have trusted their Political Leaders to Govern the Nation, only to have them PUT SELF BEFORE NATION, with a total unanimity, that should blow them all away in the next General Election !
      Those M.Ps of the Left, Right and Centre, who have joined the call for our Sovereignty to be taken back, and COMMERCIAL SENSE TO BE FOLLOWED, should be rewarded with the thanks of their constituent voters, otherwise the House of Commons should be cleansed of THIS SELF SERVING RABBLE. If these M.Ps are unable to represent the people, what possible use are they ?
      Now this could be seen as a rant by ONE WHO WILL VOTE OUT OF THE E.U. and that would be correct, but the FACTS PUT AGAINST LIES, or a defeatist attitude by the gutless, makes me puke. ( You see what I mean Anyoldiron. No skill, just hope ! ).

      • Anyoldiron says:

        I remember very well indeed that truly GREAT Prime Minister that brought us through that last WAR,(1939-1945). We used to listen to everything, every Word he said on the “wireless” in those days. Sadly, “today’s” Politicians pay foreigners to Govern us-and I wonder-what if Winston Churchill had done the same as “todays” Politicians do today eh? I am old enough to remember everything from those days, and as we lived only half a mile from the Manchester Ship Canal, which was in regular use in those days-the bombing was mostly night after night-sleeping in our Cellar unless the bombing was so bad, we had to go into the Anderson Shelter. One thing about it, our School was fire Bombed and we went schrapnell hunting until wood sheds outside another School was found and we had to go there-spoil sports! As for your question above as one that used to vote Conservative-BUT NO LONGER I vote for those that want to be truly FREE. I just hope the REFERENDUM is done EXACTLY like a GENERAL ELECTION. when the booths close on a THURSDAY evening and the Counting begins and we know the answer the next day. YES! EXACTLY like a General Election. The Count MUST NOT BE HELD OVER UNTIL THE WEEK-END ETC.

  2. davidbuckingham says:

    To reiterate, the immigration distinction referred to by Ian Botham needs to be emphasised. EU membership means the UK is forced to discriminate against the rest of the world, the commonwealth, entrepreneurs, the skilled etc. in favour of EU passport holders. EU members have a privileged position, regardless of financial or other circumstances.
    This should be distinguished again clearly from political refugees. I don’t think the term refugee should apply to economic motivations – most people want to improve their circumstances but privileged right of entry due to geographical origin is inappropriate.
    The Remainders are also getting away too much with claiming we do have control of our borders without admitting that only refers to the right to check their EU passports. Shengen is a policy that eliminates passport control.

  3. Shieldsman says:

    We do not have a very bright PM and Chancellor, how did they get into this predicament? Cameron arranged for a Referendum (thought it was a vote winner), saying the EU is not working. Failed to make any changes and lied ‘I have reformed the EU’.
    The supposed Brussels deal is not a done deal the emergency welfare brake and the 1/28th of a red card have not gone before the EU Parliament.
    Graf Lambsdorff, a Vice-President of the European Parliament and an MEP with the liberal ALDE group said he would vote against it and was sure many in his group, as well as his colleagues in the EPP and S&D group would do the same.

    Cameron would like to forget all this and doesn’t know anything about where the EU is headed, so he and BES won’t talk about that. If we stay in Cameron will be a little Jack Horner, ignored by Hollande and the eurozone group.

    Cameron is a Grandstander, so Charles Moore has it right there is one thing the EU is good at, it is providing career opportunities, summit meetings, conference circuits and pensions for administrative and political elites.

  4. Michael Gove joked about the Remainers trying to portray an independent UK as North Korea. However, one thing we already have in common with North Korea us that we are not democratic.

    As such, one thing we can shake off after Brexit is the shame of losing our democracy to a corrupt, failed organisation.

    NB We need to counter the ridiculous statements by the remainers. I have actually met a person who really thought that they will not be able to go on a foreign holiday after Brexit. It’s easy to make fun of such a person, but, people – like my friend – who are too young to remember an independent democratic UK have no reference point and so it is all too easy for Remain propaganda to take hold.

  5. Shieldsman says:

    I know you can read it for yourselves, but just have repeat Quentin Letts. I do not get many laughs these days and he does the trick.
    Let us be clear? Try this for size from his Treasury’s EU membership analysis, a 200-page Whitehall wail at the thought British voters might vote to leave the elite’s grand project.

    Annex 76 informs us: ‘In (IFDIijt) = alphaij + alpha Xijt + beta1EU2ijt + beta2EUmijt + beta3FTAt + epsilonijt.’
    Or as we say in Herefordshire ‘In = cowpats + EU collywobbles + Osborne resorting to frantic flannel because the public may finally have had its bellyful of Brussels’.
    Mr Osborne was making his big speech offering ‘facts and information’ about the EU, complete with a graph about trade ‘openness’.

    To make it he sloped off to a Government-funded science park ‘somewhere in the west of England’.Only in the final minutes before his speech was the actual address disclosed to an untrusted outside world.
    You can’t be too careful. There are people out there with minds of their own. The maniacs.

    My invitation to this chi-chi event having gone missing, I bring you an eye-witness account, assembled in the manner of one of those TV crime show re-enactments.A man answering the Chancellor’s description was seen entering the National Composites Centre near Bristol circa 10am.
    We cannot be entirely sure it was Mr Osborne but he had that faintly constipated gait and spoke in the metallic honk associated with our gauche finance minister. With him, three accomplices: Liz Truss, Amber Rudd and Stephen Crabb, ministers for Environment, Energy and Work & Pensions respectively. The National Composite Centre is where boffins develop high-tech aeronautical devices and lightweight materials. Lightweight materials? Did they mean Miss Truss?
    He burped back some indigestion and said, queasily, ‘it’s great to be here at the brilliant National Composites Centre and to be joined by my colleagues Liz, Stephen and Amber’.

    Miss Truss, gazing at the TV camera like a hungry spaniel, managed to claim Britain outside the EU would lose sovereignty. A novel argument, I think we can say. As she spoke she made various gestures with her left hand – a chopping motion and then another when she joined the tips of her thumb and forefinger, as though holding the tip of a medium-bore sausage. Perhaps she, too, was thinking of Boris.
    Miss Rudd, ferocious in librarian spectacles, said we were not Canada.

    Mr Osborne, realising the cameras were on him, did some open-mouthed nodding like Blakey from On The Buses. Mr Osborne repeated his belief that people must have ‘facts’ – hence HM Treasury’s compilation of these rock-solid, incontestable, true-as-Ronnie-Biggs claims. It talks of ‘dummy variables’ and ‘gravity model specification’ and ‘FDI inflows’ and ‘exogenous instruments’ and ‘Iteratively Weighted Least Squares which give a low weight to observations that generate high residuals’.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3546707/Mouth-open-nodded-like-Blakey-Buses-QUENTIN-LETTS-Osborne-s-big-speech.html#ixzz46HXgsrKr

  6. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Just sayin:

  7. Jane Davies says:

    Oxford Economics produced a report commissioned by the International Consortium of British Pensioners (ICBP) a couple of years ago regarding the savings made to the treasury by those state pensioners who retire overseas. Each pensioner, it concluded, saves the UK economy just under 4,000 pounds a year. There are approx. 1.1 million of them, so if you do the math this is a few million a year. But the then pensions minister Steve Webb, dismissed this report with a cavalier wave of his hand, in front of the scrutiny committee because it was deemed to be speculation, which it is not. It was based on the savings made by the expat seniors no longer having use of the NHS, free bus passes, WFA’s, and all the other freebies UK based seniors are entitled to so no speculation involved. But because the UK government victimises those who wish to retire to mainly Commonwealth Countries, where they illogically refuse to pay annual indexing, many are unable to do so, in many cases to join their children and grandchildren so therefore they are entitled to all the senior concessions and not saving the country anything. But retirees in other countries around the world are not victims of this freezing scandal so it is blatantly discriminatory. Yet when it suits Osborne, and therefore the rest of the crooks and liars that sit around the table at number 10, speculating on the so called cost to every family in the UK in 2030 this is trumpeted from the rooftops and is designed to mislead and instill fear. These vile people really do need to be exposed for what they are, self serving pathological liars and hypocrites.

  8. Andy Wilson says:

    I am actively campaigning and speaking to anyone who will listen about leaving the EU. The problem I am finding is that the “Stay in campaign ( withe help of the BBC and theTories) has much more powerful media access making there message seem to be the more sincere option.
    I do feel that as The BBC is run with taxpayers licence money they should take a neutral position in this process. Can anything be done to oversea some impartiality at the Beeb ?

  9. Roger Turner says:

    I know security is important ref cross border immigration, as you say, but I would ascribe equal importance to the cost and effect on all services of accommodating 300Kplus migrants.
    Construction of City of Coventry/Leicester EVERY YEAR.
    Has the Chancellor included those savings in his £4600

  10. Shieldsman says:

    Kendall Massey
    I have not heard that one before – they will not be able to go on a foreign holiday after Brexit.
    Its not surprising with one of Cameron’s dumbbelles – the Secretary of State for Education making stupid statements that any computer literate person could check out in two minutes(what are kids taught these days).
    She said Interrailing and ‘city hopping’ would become harder, more expensive and more dangerous if Britain was outside the EU.
    Youngsters travelling on a budget could be required to obtain visas, be blocked from free healthcare across the EU and face expensive travel costs, Ms Morgan warned.

    NHIC cards are issued by arrangement for countries not in the EU, the NHS advises Holiday insurance and in Italy and France I pay the same on the buses and trains as the locals.
    She really is a dimmie.

  11. J B says:

    Never forget, never again will we fail to be a Sovereign Nation. The referendum is the best way to celebrate Magna Carta.

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