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Roger Helmer – BBC Newsnight

Watch my interview with Evan Davis on BBC Newsnight – “So the question for any Ukip supporter who has a reasonable issue here is: would you rather this money, which is British taxpayers’ money, was given to one of the German … Continue reading

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So what would Enoch Powell do?

And indeed why does it matter? I was not very surprised when the Telegraph came up on Dec 13th with a story that twenty years ago, Nigel Farage had invited (or “begged”, as they span it) Enoch Powell to endorse … Continue reading

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ETS: A Dog’s Breakfast

Amber Rudd MP I received today a letter from Amber Rudd MP, who appears to be “Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change”.  As energy prices are through the roof, and blackouts are threatened for the winter, … Continue reading

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Europe and You

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Precaution, or Proportionality?

Suppose I offered you a product that contained 66 chemicals, most with slightly sinister and technical names like “Ethyl-3-methylbutanoate”.  Suppose I added that these 66 chemicals included twenty-nine that were classified as hazardous; one as toxic; five damaging to health … Continue reading

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Viking Invasion at Bicker Fen

Unspoilt? The Church at the heart of Bicker village Back in January 2013, I wrote about the problems of residents at Bicker Fen in Lincolnshire, in the Boston constituency. Their beautiful, mysterious fenland landscape had been invaded by the curse … Continue reading

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Nutcracker in rehearsal

With the English National Ballet’s Alina Cojocaru at Markova House Now and again I manage to write a blog post on a non-political subject – typically the ballet, a keen interest of mine.  And I get readers complaining that they visit … Continue reading

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