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£1.7 bn for the Brussels Begging Bowl

  £1.7 bn for the Brussels Begging Bowl It is an outrage that Brussels has ambushed the British Prime Minister with an unexpected demand for an extra £1.7 billion — based on their re-assessment of Britain’s economic growth.  And David … Continue reading

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Is David Cameron making a fool of himself?

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Can’t Pay: Won’t Pay

Is David Cameron making a fool of himself? He reacted to Brussels’ sudden demand for £1.7 billion (yes, that’s Billion with a “B”, not million with an “M”) with apoplectic outrage.  It was wrong.  It was unacceptable.  He absolutely refused … Continue reading

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Bob Neill’s EU Referendum Bill

Bob Neill clearly has the enthusiastic support of his Tory colleagues Business for Britain is a great think-tank and campaigning organisation.  Recently they’ve been writing to businesses asking them to sign up to support Bob Neill’s EU Referendum Bill.  This is the … Continue reading

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Business supports Britain’s EU membership …. …..doesn’t it?

Whenever we get into a debate about EU membership, the euro-luvvies will come up with the assertion that all of British business, and all the British businesses groups like the CBI and BCC, support EU membership.  Heads of large companies, especially … Continue reading

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Guest blog by Christopher Monckton on climate change

Science is not, repeat not, done by consensus. Head-counting scientists forms no part of the scientific method. The fallacy of argument from consensus (or, as the medieval schoolmen sneeringly called it, the argumentum ad populum) has no place in any rational argument. Nor … Continue reading

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Fire-walking: A key skill for EU Commissioners?

The first Slovenian nominee for EU Commissioner, was Aleka Bratusek. As a result of odd electoral circumstances, she had managed to nominate herself, despite her party having just been voted out of office – but that’s another story.  She gave … Continue reading

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