Climate Change: The books keep coming!

Back in October 2009, I blogged about John Etherington’s book “The Wind Farm Scam, foreword by Christopher Booker, blurb by David Bellamy.  It’s an excellent dissection of the folly of wind power, and I strongly recommend it.

It seems that the publisher, Stacey International, is planning a whole series of books on similar themes, under the rubric “Independent Minds”.  I haven’t read them all in detail, but I’ve eye-balled several, and they’re impressive.  There’s “Climate: The Great Delusion”, by Christian Gerondeau, foreword by Nigel Lawson (of the Global Warming Policy Foundation), with a “Sceptical Note” from no less a figure than Valerie Giscard D’Estaing.  Gerondeau is an important figure in French science and engineering circles, and a former advisor to Prime Minister Chaban-Delmas.

Then there’s “Climate: The Counter Consensus” by Professor Robert M. Carter of the James Cook University, Queensland.  I’ve been in touch with Bob carter for several years, and met him a couple of times.  He has an extraordinary capacity to present well-researched and referenced science in a way that the layman can understand.  I’m looking forward to reading it.

“The Hockey Stick Illusion”, by A.W. Montford, which blows apart one of the greatest errors in the history of science, is also in the Independent Minds series.  I reviewed it in my blog on March 5th.  It is compulsory (and compulsive) reading, especially in the context of the CRU leaked e-mails scandal.

Coming soon are “Chasing rainbows” by Tim Worstall, focusing on the economics of climate and our response to it.  And then “When will the lights go out?” by Derek Birkett, a former Grid Control Engineer, who is rightly concerned that the combination of increased demand, lower capacity and lunatic climate policies (courtesy of, inter alia, Chris Huhne and Tim Yeo) will lead to major black-outs, with serious economic consequences, before very long.

This is a series worth keeping an eye on.  They are publishing some excellent stuff.  See

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3 Responses to Climate Change: The books keep coming!

  1. John Wilkin says:

    No mention of Tim Yeo’s own offering which he got to plug on Con Home yesterday 🙂

  2. Thanks John — Matthew Sinclair on ConHome has given Yeo a well-deserved roasting! Tom Stacey of publishers Stacey International has been in touch to say that it was a speech he heard me give at a Global Vision lunch a couple of years back that prompted his “Independent Minds” series. I was overwhelmed and humbled to hear it.

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